TV Review: Natsu no Koi wa Nijiiro ni Kagayaku (Jdrama) (Spoilers!)

I apologize that I am only updating this blog now. Truth is, the past two months were really  busy for me as I was swamped with worked. I used to work at a local TV station for a certain magazine-news show that airs every Saturday night, but things didn’t work out so well. I have more free time on my hands now, and one of the things I promised myself to do is to update this blog. I’ll be writing more often, and maybe once in a while, post the occasional picture or two.

Anyhow, without further ado, let me introduce to you the first real review entry on this blog.

Natsu no Koi wa Nijiiro ni Kagayaku (Summer Romance Shines in Rainbow Color)

Aww, Love. (Rainbow)


Matsumoto Jun——-Kusunoki Taiga

Takeuchi Yuko——-  Kitamura Shiori

Sawamura Ikki——– Kusunoki Daiki

Kiritani Mirei———  Miyase Sakura

Kasahara Hideyuki— Ueno Keita

Nagayama Kenta—– Irabu Jou

Natsu no Koi wa Nijiiro ni Kagayaku (Summer Romance Shines in Rainbow Color), or more popularly known as Natsuniji, is a refreshing romantic comedy Japanese drama that is perfect if you are looking for something light to watch. It naturally gives off a very summer-y feel, but for me, I think it’s perfect for any season. This Japanese drama has a powerhouse cast, led by popular Arashi member and actor Matsumoto Jun (Hana Yori Dango, Gokusen, SMILE, Bambino, Kimi wa Petto), and veteran actress Takeuchi Yuko (Bara no nai Hanaya, PRIDE), and features familiar faces such as Sawamura Ikki, and newcomers such as Eita’s little brother, Nagayama Kento.

The story is about a struggling second-generation actor, Kusonoki Taiga (Matsumoto Jun), who is trying to find his place in the industry, and is trying to step out of his father’s shadow. Things become a little bit more complicated when he meets Shiori (Takeuchi Yuko), a beautiful woman, with a mysterious past.

What is interesting about this drama is that not only do you get to see the relationship of Taiga and Shiori, but you get to see how these two individuals grow, and try to solve their own personal issues. Taiga’s growth is the most marked as you see a definite change in his attitude towards life, his father and towards work.

The cinematography and the music of this drama is breathtaking, and the insert song of YUI grips at your heart at the right moments. Of course, Arashi’s Love Rainbow as the opening theme sets the ‘refreshing, summer romance feel’ right away.

I really liked this drama, because, personally I could relate to it. Having a degree in Theater Arts, I somewhat understand what Taiga was going through, especially when it came to the workshops and rehearsals.

One of his main problems was that he always uses his head in acting. It’s good to study the character, and do your homework (the history, the setting,etc.), but you must never forget to act with your heart. All that you studied, most often or not, just goes out the door when you are finally on stage.  It comes out more natural that way, and that is exactly what Taiga had to do.

Takeuchi is flawless as Shiori. What is interesting about her performance are the little nuances that she adds to her character, making it more original and interesting. I have seen her in another good drama, Bara nai no Hanaya, and she was able to make her characters different and distinct from each other.

Matsumoto’s and Takeuchi’s on-screen chemistry was great. You could see that connection that they had with each other, especially when it came to the more romantic scenes.

It’s a great that Taiga’s character was developed well, but there were some instances that things felt a little rushed, such as the resolution of the conflict with Umi (Shiori’s daughter) at the end. I also would have liked to have seen more of Shiori’s and her brother-in-law’s relationship, and the relationship between Sakura (another actress working at Taiga’s agency) and Irabou Jou, Taiga’s rival, to be more developed.

I also kept my eyes peeled for Matsumoto Jun’s fellow band member, Ninomiya Kazunari, who had a very small cameo in the last episode of the drama. (Arashi has a tradition that the band member who will have a drama for the next season will have a cameo appearance in the current drama.) If you’re a Nino fan, keep your eyes peeled out for him in the last episode!

Overall, it’s a good romantic-comedy that will make you cry, and warm your heart, a perfect recipe for a good romantic drama.

Overall Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥

Other dramas that you might enjoy: Hana Yori Dango, Bara no nai Hanaya, Love Shuffle

Ninomiya Kazunari’s GANTZ has already premiered in the US, and I hear that Matsuyama Kenichi and Ninomiya Kazunari both were there for a little Q&A for the audience. As GANTZ won’t be showing in my country, I’m just going to have to wait for the DVD. I’m probably going to try to read the manga, and watch the anime while waiting, just to ‘prepare’ for it. 😀

Nino and Matsuken in leather suits, action, guns, aliens, Hongo Kanata and Yoshitaka Yuriko.

It first got me at Nino and Matsuken in LEATHER SUITS. 😀

2 thoughts on “TV Review: Natsu no Koi wa Nijiiro ni Kagayaku (Jdrama) (Spoilers!)

  1. Kat-chan, so you have a wordpress as well 🙂 Me too! XD
    Anyways i love Natsuniji as well just re-watched the whole thing last week and aside from the good points that you pointed i think the story also says a lot about the entertainment industry, which i think, is kinda enlightening. Don’t you think they kinda being sarcastic about the TV dramas (with its silly titles and silly lines) and giving stage-play a better light?
    I love how the story and plot is very simple yet the way they tell the story is somewhat refreshing, light but touching, and funny too!

    1. Mol-chan! Yup, I got one last year, but never had the time to update.
      Your not the only person to point that out, that it’s also trying to say something about the entertainment industry. The auditions for the shows, the slasher movie that Sakura had to be in, the uncut scene of Taiga, the travel show, the variety show that Taiga appeared in as he was being featured as a second-generation actor…it does give us a window to the entertainment industry that we know little of. I think this another of the drama’s interesting points.
      I’m actually glad that they were able to highlight the stage-play, actually. I believe that having been in stage-plays is good training for an actor, especially if you are starting out. Everything is raw…there are no retakes and the like. 😀

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