TV Review: Clone Baby (Jdrama) (Spoilers!)

Clone Baby


Ichikawa Tomohiro ——- Masamune

Matsuzaka Tori ————- Hiro

I was initially surprised when I noticed the length of each episode- around 20-23 minutes each. By the time I finished watching the series, I noticed that I had ended up watching more than 3 episodes in one sitting. I decided to give it a try as a livejournal friend of mine pimped it out on her LJ, and although I really didn’t know the main actors well, I did fall for the fact that is was science fiction AND a psychological thriller. (It was also pretty mysterious as even Dramawiki didn’t provide a lot of information regarding the drama, as well.)

The story revolves around several teenagers all born on July 7th, that have strange asterisk birthmarks on their arms. It begins when Masamune, a teenager on his final high school year attempts to jump off a building as he can’t take the bullying that is done to him every day. All of a sudden, another teenager dressed in white, and wearing a necklace with an asterisk pendant tells him that Masamune jumping off will help him greatly. Then he tells the bewildered Masamune that life is a game of musical chairs, and that there is only one chair prepared for them. Soon afterwards, Masamune gets entangled in a series of mysterious events that reveal the truth about himself, and the others that he gets involved with in this deadly game of musical chairs.

This is a definite must watch, if you are the type who likes science fiction…and the way that Japan handles science fiction. The acting was okay…not great, but it wasn’t bad. I guess I have to watch more dramas starring these actors before I can make a good judgement on their acting skills. I’m not sure if they are relatively new…as I mostly follow actors who are in the same generation as ARASHI and Ikuta Toma.

There were some moments when I had to stifle my laughter at some effects, but overall, it was great. The plot kept me at the edge of my seat, and kept me begging for the next episode.

What I found really interesting was the whole metaphor of life being a game of musical chairs. It was pretty apt for them, as a rule in their game is that only ONE of them can stay standing.

Our daily lives can also be compared to a game of musical chairs. Throughout life, we try to like for who we truly are, what we are meant to do, but getting there is not easy. We will encounter many difficulties and maybe try out many different ‘chairs’ or things that may or may not help us find that ‘one chair’ that we are meant to sit on.

Overall Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥

Other dramas that you might enjoy: Long Love Letter (you just have to bear with special effects) and  Yasha

In other news, popular boyband Arashi has released the concert DVD of the Concert Stadium Tours they did last year. As an Arashi fan, I went ahead and ordered myself a copy of it as well. (I hear that there are some rumors that a Dome version might be released, as the concert DVD only said STADIUM.) Also, Arashi band member Aiba Masaki (My Girl) has a drama this season, called BARTENDER. Based on a manga series, this tells of a young man who decides to start fresh by becoming a bartender, and in the process he helps out his customers. I’m looking forward to seeing Aiba act again, as well as seeing his interaction with Kanjiya Shihori. I hope that there will be some romance out there for them as well, as I do want to see Aiba acting as a romantic lead.

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