Chicken…from Seoul, to San Francisco, to Manila, and finally to Alabang

Happy 2012!

I can’t believe how fast time flies, and I realize that it has been quite a time since I last updated or posted on this blog. Well, it’s a new year, and one of my major resolutions is to update this blog more often. I’m planning on writing about many different things, from food, to movie reviews, to book reviews, and I’m also planning to write about some of my own experiences. So look forward to that!

Alabang Town Center has undergone some major changes. It still looks the same, but there were new parts and wings added. The new parts that are on the outside are mostly still under construction, but the new wing INSIDE the mall has been open since December, and so far, more and more new stores and restaurants are being opened.

The first floor of the new wing has many new restaurants that I am eager to try. Some, such as Bulgogi Brothers and Banapple aren’t open yet, but there are three new interesting restaurants that are already open- Wee Nam Kee, a restaurant that specializes in Hainanese Chicken (and according to my dad, they have the BEST Hainanese Chicken);  Crisostomo, a restaurant specializing in Filipino cuisine, but adds a twist by naming their dishes after heroes of the Philippine Revolution, and Rizal and his works, particularly Noli Me Tangere; and Chicken Bon Chon, a sort of KFC- fast food type of restaurant that originated in Korea.  I have been looking for a good excuse to try out these restaurants as soon as I saw that they were open last week, so you could imagine how happy I was when my parents decided that we would all eat out for dinner in Chicken Bon Chon. (I had previously heard good stuff about Chicken Bon Chon from my college sister, so I was pretty excited to check it out.)

I didn’t expect there to be a long line. (For some odd reason, a lot of the places I’ve been going to has long lines…Happy Lemon in Megamall, Serenitea in Alabang, and now, Chicken Bon Chon.) There were people who opted to take out, but we were lucky enough to be able to get a table. The seven of us had different orders. I opted to try out Combo C- Drumstick/Thigh Mix and Match Combo. I decided to just get the drumsticks, one was spicy, and the other one was garlic. As a family, however, we ordered two Kimchi Coleslaws and Ginger Tofu Salad.

The chicken was really good. The chicken wasn’t too spicy, and the flavour of the garlic flavoured one was just alright. What really piqued my interest was the side dishes. The Kimchi Coleslaw was interesting, and surprisingly good. I’m not that fond of coleslaw, but I am fond of Kimchi, and the mayo and Kimchi combination was great. The Kimchi was not too spicy, but you could tell that it was Kimchi. The Ginger Tofu Salad had greens, carrots, ginger, fried tofu balls and salad dressing. This salad was really good. They made the ginger into thin crunchy strips, like the carrots, and it wasn’t that strong, which balanced out the flavour.

All in all, it is a pretty good restaurant to go too, and for me, it’s a great alternative to KFC. It may be a little bit fast food-y, but it’s fast food with a unique Asian twist!


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