On the Art of Rereading Books

I have been reading books since I was 3 years old. Over the years, my brain has become an index and depository of knowledge. I can’t count how many books I’ve read anymore.
Just like any bookworm, I have a tendency to reread my favorite books, usually once up to five times. The only exceptions would be my most favorite book on earth- The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, which I reread 8 times and my two volumes of Sherlock Holmes stories (I have lost count with that one.)
Each time I reread a book, even though I know what’s going to happen, is a new and different adventure in itself. You get to pay attention to details you haven’t noticed before, or you gain fresh new insights in characters that you deemed as uninteresting during the first read. It never gets old, dull and boring, and for me, if I think a certain book is worth a reread, and if it is worth a reread more than twice, well, for me, that’s a mark of a good book.
Note: There is a lesson to be learned here on reserving judgement on all characters until they are truly understood, which of course isn’t easy, but if that book is up for a reread, then pay attention to those characters that you have judged in your first read. I guarantee you that they (the characters) will amaze you.

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