Have you Exercised?

Hello, everyone!
My younger sister has finally joined the wordpress family with her own blog. Her blog will contain posts mostly about fashion, fitness, health and lifestyle, and beauty- a complete contrast to mine, which are basically posts on my thoughts, original poems and fiction, and reviews on books and movies.
She is an expert at these topics, and I often go to her for advice on different things such as exercising, proper diet and nutrition, and good skin care or hair care regimens.
In the future, however, we are hoping that we will collaborate with each other- probably ‘guesting’ on each other’s blogs, or maybe doing a post or a vlog entry every once in a while together.
I hope that you visit her site and I hope you find her entries informative and enjoyable!
All my thanks,
The Asian Cafe

The . Make . Doer

Hello again!

I just realized how accusing my title is but don’t worry, I won’t be making you feel guilty! Anyway, in my home country, it’s been the beginning of what we call the rainy season but here in the US, it’s the beginning of the Summer months! It is hot over here but thinking of how cold and humid it must be back home just makes me realize how I sort of lucky (?) that it’s hot and dry over here. You know what they say! You’ll always like what you don’t have.

Sooo moving on to my post, I was thinking a lot lately about how everyone’s very fitness conscious now. How so much people have gotten into Yoga, Pilates, Blogilates, Running, etc. you name it, name everything, lately. Everyone knows how a healthy mind can’t be complete without that healthy body. But better said than done, right? I…

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One thought on “Have you Exercised?

  1. Thank you! I hope to help share my thoughts on things about beauty and style without forgetting to also polish the inside because the inside should be much more beautiful than the outside.

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