Third Time’s the Charm- A Relaunch of Sorts

In the three years or so that I have had this blog, my number one quandary had always been this- “When will I ever find time to write on my blog again? I’m just too busy!”

However, with all the changes that I have undergone the past year, granted that I know write for a living, this is now going to be one of the only spaces in which I will be able to just write, without having to worry how many articles I have to submit, as I’m getting paid for it. This will also help me get into the groove into just writing creatively, and freely.

Honestly, I’ve discovered that when you do write for a living, you end up wondering if you can ever write creatively again. However, I’m pretty sure that I still can, and hopefully, this will give met the exact kick or the right push that I need.

Over the last one and a half years, I have delved into different little projects, until it narrowed down to what I’m doing now. At one point, I was teaching academics and drama, tutoring, managing a fledgling theater company, helping produce and direct a classical fundraiser concert (December 2014) , and a writer. I also managed to co-write a play, and produce two plays in late 2013 and early 2014.

Today, I write for a living- I have probably one of the coolest jobs on earth- I write recaps of television shows for a website called Movie News Guide. (If any of you are interested in reading my recaps, I’ll be posting links of them here, and a link below or on my “about me” page will have the link.)

Aside from that, I am currently pursuing other things, such as studying online courses on Coursera and pursuing other creative projects, which include or may include writing poetry, plays and several novels which are currently on the back burner. Also, I may have a little podcast project that might or might not push through, but let’s see.

You see, I love telling stories, and discussing and talking about the things that I love, which is why I tell stories for a living, and why all my projects have to do with telling stories in various mediums.

With regards to this blog, I will primarily be going back to my original intention when I created it- reviewing movies and televisions. This is quite different from what I actually do, because in recapping, I can’t really give my own opinions on the episode that I’ve finished recapping. So, expect to see links to my recaps, and a commentary or review of sorts about the episode, and expect me to post something new around twice a week, with the exception of this week, as it is Holy Week. As for the television shows that I’ll be covering, I’ll be making a list and will be posting it on that old page of mine here that contained all the Asian Dramas I used to watch. Which means, if you, dear readers, whoever you are, want to hear me talk or review any television show that isn’t in my list yet, feel free to suggest away in the comments.

Aside from television reviews, I’ll also do the occasional movie review, book review, and if I end up watching a play or a ballet, I’ll review that here as well. I also might just end up free writing on this blog, as well, when the mood strikes me.

Also, you might also see snippets of things that I’m working on, whether it be a play, a poem, a short story, and I might even post my podcasts here if that project pushes through.

There are so many ways to tell stories, and I’m excited to share these with all of you!

I also might talk about my projects here as well, and if anyone is interested to join me, feel free to message or contact me through this site. I’m always interested in meeting other storytellers like myself.

For now, that’s all regarding the new “relaunch” of sorts (for the third time or so) of this humble space on the internet that has tolerated me for the past three years, and hopefully, I’ll be able to post something before Maundy Thursday rolls in.

See you all soon!

K.M., the bartender of The Asian Cafe

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