The Adventures of Det. Kevin Ryan- Castle: At Close Range (Review)

“Castle” is one of the shows that I have religiously followed, as I enjoy watching crime procedurals, and I also enjoy watching Nathan Fillion, my dear Captain Malcolm Reynolds from Firefly, solving mysteries instead of captaining the Firefly. As much as I enjoy watching Fillion’s Richard Castle and Stana Katic’s brilliant Detective Kate Beckett solve mysteries every single episode, I also greatly enjoy it when the show writers veer away a for a little while from Castle and Beckett, and concentrate on the secondary characters, who honestly, don’t get much episodes in which they are in the spotlight. This time, it was time from Detective Kevin Ryan, played by Seamus Dever, to be in the spotlight once again. During the fifth season of “Castle”, the show writers, in a bid to show another dimension to Ryan’s character, came up with the episode entitled “Wild Rover”, in which Ryan went back in undercover as Fenton O’ Connell, a member of an Irish gang in the city, just like he did when he worked under Vice. However, this time, we got to see more of his family, and we got to to see him wondering more about his own future, and how it would affect his own family.

For a recap of the episode, check out my recap of the episode on Movie News Guide.  This episode was a welcome breather from having Castle and Beckett as leads, and what was impressive was that even if the focus was on Ryan, important aspects regarding Beckett’s story line weren’t sacrificed at all. Here, we see that Kate is obviously thinking more about her future, which is made clear after it was revealed that she was studying to take the Captain’s exam. Another big thing that happened for the couple, and particularly for Kate, was that the chairman of the State’s Party shook her hand and told her that her name and her work was known in Washington, which is a pretty big deal, because if one may recall, the time-traveler from the future, Simon Doyle (Joshua Gomez), in the episode “Time Will Tell”, in the sixth season, mentioned that Kate, if I recall correctly, would be come a Senator someday, and this just might be a nod to that. I don’t know about you, but I felt that that was a very important Kate moment.

Anyway, back to Ryan. Here, his older sister, Gwen (Heather Mazur), and his brother-in-law, Frank Kelly (David Conrad), an ex-cop and current owner of a private security company, were introduced, and the reason why Ryan ended up in the situation he was in was partly his own and Frank’s fault. As of late, Ryan has been moonlighting after hours in order to earn a little bit more for his baby daughter’s future, and the one-time security gig for a Congressman at a Charity Gala was a good deal, well, way much better than that gig in which he did security work for a club, which was why he came to work with glitter on him. (Again, correct me if I’m wrong with that one). I’m pretty sure that Frank’s offer to join him in his private security company was something to consider, given his options at the moment.

Another thing that I loved about this episode was that Ryan was really able to test out a Castle-esque theory with the man himself, who got out of bed to test out the theory with Ryan, at the hotel lobby where the gala had been, complete with cardboard target dummies and LASERS. (Because Castle will always go ALL OUT with everything).

This episode also gave Ryan the chance to make things right, as he does often blame himself for things that he can’t exactly fix, such as that time in which he blamed himself for not being fast enough to take out Jerry Tyson, the 3XK killer, so that he wouldn’t get his hands on Ryan’s gun. So, actually catching the perpetrator in the end was a big win for Ryan.

Also, we see here that Ryan will always stick to what he believes in- to uphold justice and the truth, as it was no easy thing for him to suspect his own brother-in-law of attempting to assassinate the congressman. However, once Frank was cleared, he brought him back home to his wife, Ryan’s sister, and he still supported him no matter what. I don’t think there really is a vengeful bone in Ryan’s body, and he is such a wonderful person…and character, for being that way.

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