How I Became a Fan of the Man Without Fear

By now, most of you have probably binged watched the second season of MARVEL and Netflix’s “Daredevil”, or probably still watching it as of the moment.

I myself have not seen it yet, but I’m planning to after Holy Week ends, and after watching “Batman v. Superman:Dawn of Justice”, but I have been excited about this ever since the minute they announced that there was going to be a second season of the show.

What got me really excited for it, aside from having all my favorite characters back,was that they added the Punisher and Elektra into the mix.

Initially, when it was first announced that MARVEL and Netflix would be partnering up to create a MARVEL superhero show, I was cautiously optimistic and excited, because even though I didn’t know that much about Daredevil, I knew that having the show on Netflix would allow it to do things that most television shows cannot do on broadcast and network television.

I, at the time, didn’t know so much about the character, and I decided to take some time to actually learn and read up on the character.

So, in honor of the recently released second season of MARVEL and Netflix’s “Daredevil”, I decided to share how I became a really big fan of “Daredevil”.

This is also the first among other posts that I will be putting up that illustrates how I became a fan of particular things that I still am a fan of until today.

First off, aside from Wikipedia, one site that I have come to love is Comic Vine, as it has a list of reading recommendations and recommendations on where to start reading about a particular character.

Aside from that, I also ended up going to “Daredevil” fan sites which also gave some insight into the essential stories I should read up on.

Please be aware that this isn’t a definitive list, and that I skipped over some stories in the interest of saving time. However, I do plan to pick up stories such as the “Death of Elektra” and “Daredevil: Yellow” sometime soon. Also, this was the order I read these stories.

Man Without Fear by Frank Miller

This is the definitive origin story of “Daredevil”, and the first season of the show seems to have drawn inspiration from Miller’s work, especially after seeing Charlie Cox donning that black ninja costume that Matt Murdock wore in this run.

Born Again by Frank Miller

Another excellent story by Miller. Here, you get somewhat introduced to Karen Page, and the animosity that the Kingpin has for Daredevil.

This is the story that introduced Karen Page to me, and showed me how many punches Matt can take, because Kingpin just really dealt him blow after blow, until you thought that there was no way for Matt to rise up from all of this.

Brian Michael Bendis’ and Alex Maleev’s run (2001-2006)

This run was a fantastic combination of good storylines, writing and fantastic art.

What I loved about this run is that it was gritty, grounded, and explored the very essence of the meaning of who and what Daredevil really is. They also never stopped pushing the envelope when it came to giving Matt things to worry about, such as him becoming Kingping for a while, and that harrowing trial in which Matt’s worst fears of being outed as Daredevil came true.

Also, it brought back things to a more crime noir flavour that really suits Daredevil.

Plus, they introduced the character of Milla Donovan.

I loved this run as the stories give a lot of insight into the character and his psyche.

From here, I skipped the whole “Shadowland” bit, and skipped around everything that happened in the “Secret Invasion” and skimmed through the “Dark Reign” period.

Mark Waid’s and later on, his run with Chris Samnee (2011-2015)

Under the pen of Mark Waid, “Daredevil” became a little bit more colourful, and Matt became a little bit happier, despite everything.

They brought Matt out of the darkness and into the light, and gave him the most stable girlfriend that he’s had ever since, the feisty lawyer Kirsten McDuffie.

This run was fantastic, both in writing and in the art, and readers were able to see a more “swashbuckling” Daredevil than before.

It did have its dark moments though, but there was plenty of humor to go around as well.

Also, seeing Matt in San Francisco was a pretty nice change for him and the readers.

All-New, All-Different MARVEL “Daredevil” by Charles Soule and Ron Garney

The current take on Daredevil has brought it back to its roots in New York, and is darker and more somber than Waid’s and Samnee’s run, and it is reflected in the tone, and the in the way Garney does the interiors.

In some way, the art style reminded me of the old way that comics used to be drawn.

However, the story is still compelling, and I’m very much interested in Daredevil’s new protégé, Blindspot.

As of the moment, I am a huge Daredevil fan, and I can’t wait to watch the second season, and read more stories and adventures of the Man Without Fear.

Again, this is not a definitive list of stories that you should read, but these are the ones that allowed me to understand who and what Daredevil really is.

What is your favorite Daredevil story or run? Let me know what you think in the comments below!


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