Why I Keep or Drop Certain Shows

Just recently, The Hollywood Reporter came out with an interesting article/discussion about when one should begin ditching a show.

This of course is quite relevant given the fact that the television landscape has changed so much and television fatigue or too much tv is real due to the fact that we are currently at the peak of the Golden Age of Television.

It got me thinking as well as to how I came up with my own criteria on whether I keep or ditch a show, especially as my job as an entertainment writer means that I have to keep tabs on a lot of shows.

Usually, when I begin watching a series, there are a few reasons why I decide to sample or begin to watch a show-I found the premise interesting, I like the actors, it was recommended to me or I’ve heard a lot about it from friends or critics online.

The last reason means that I end up having to catch up on that particular series, especially if it is currently airing or if it’s run has already finished. However, sometimes,  I end up watching something if it’s assigned to me for work.
Take note though, that there are some shows that I can drop in a heartbeat if it wasn’t work required, like Chicago Fire, SVU and Chicago PD.
Some of those that I’d gladly keep even if it’s not work required, but I do keep tabs on for work, include Hawaii Five-0 and Blindspot.
However, shows like The Blacklist are a little bit tougher to gauge, as my interest wanes ton and off, especially after they have the occasional interesting episode. Given a choice though, I’d rather catch up via recaps then watch the big episodes.
On the other hand, some shows that I began both for work and ended up continuing to watch for fun and for work are all the superhero shows currently airing, Stitchers and The 100.
Television Elephant
I usually end up sticking to particular shows because, either the premise intrigued me and it delivered in the long run, or if its part of one of my many fandoms, such as the comic book based shows.
There are also the shows that were recommend to me by those who know me pretty well, and I did end up loving it, such as Castle, Firefly, Battlestar Galactica and Doctor Who.
Sometimes, though, I take a stab in the dark and decide to try it out, only to love it, such as Poldark, Person of Interest, and Grantchester, but subconsciously, I tried them out because I know that their premises and their genres are ones that I do like.
However, there are also some shows that I would love to watch or continue watching but just fine have enough time to watch it such as Bloodline and Limitless. Most of these end up in my never ending pile of more things to watch in the future.
As a rule, I choose shows that appeal to me, and I give the the standard three to four episode test. If, by that time, the series has failed to capture my interest, and if people around me, or online, say that it isn’t worth watching, I’ll end up dropping it, or saving it for later.
In the end, in the ever growing landscape of television, it becomes hard to choose what to keep and what to ditch.
However, one has to remember that given the limited amount of television time someone working outside the entertainment industry has, it really comes down to what you think you won’t get tired or sick of after five or more seasons, and what genres you like.
Another thing that comes into play, I think, when it comes to this is one’s reason behind watching television.
For some, television time is their “me time”, or their time to relax and escape from the troubles that happened that day.
For others, like me, I watch, not just for work, but because I like discovering and seeing how creative people can get when it comes to telling a story.
I think that that also dictates the kinds of shows you watch.
This, in my case, can be perfectly illustrated by the fact that I’m not fond of sitcoms, and love serialized television shows, as the episodes for a particular season really tell the story of one chapter or story arc.
These, of course, are the factors that I do take note of when people ask me what I recommend they watch.
More often than not, my first few questions are- “What genres do you like?” and “Do you like serialized or episodic shows?”

How about you? What is your criteria for keeping or dropping a show? How many television shows do you watch regularly per season? Let me know in the comments below!

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