NexCon3- A Day Of Total Geekery

Ever since last year, I have been going to three major fan conventions that are held in my country- NexCon, ToyCon, and Asia Pop Comic Con.

Last year, I decided to “Disneybound” during NexCon and Asia Pop Comic Con.

I had a lot of fun going to those conventions last year, so this time around, I decided that it would be more fun if I cosplayed at all three conventions. (A more detailed account on how I’m preparing or prepared for it will be posted in a different post dedicated to that.)

This year’s NexCon 3 was held in Function Room 5, at the SMX Convention Center at SM Mall of Asia.

This time, I went on a Sunday, and dragged my younger brother along with me, who also helped me take some pictures while we were there.

I went dressed as a female version of the Eleventh Doctor, and I did have a prop sonic screwdriver with me, which my father helped me make. (Okay, it was a bit big, but no one seemed to mind).

The TARDIS and I

As I expected, there were not as much booths as ToyCon or Asia Pop Comic Con, and I was disappointed about the fact that no one was selling comics at the convention.

Last year, I managed to get a bunch of issues, near mint condition of “Ms. Marvel”, at ToyCon for a bargain price.

However, I did manage to buy some amazing things. I got a FUNKO POP keychain bobble head Daredevil, a FUNKO pop keychain Twelfth Doctor, and a small 500 Year Diary.

One of the best things of that conventions was the fact that someone dressed up as the Fourth Doctor handed me a sticker inviting me to join the Whovian Philippines Facebook page, and the fact that at that moment, the lady in the booth beside us mentioned to her friend that the “Doctors are in”.

Aside from that, my brother and I mostly sat down near the stage area and listened and watched the things that were going on.

I greatly enjoyed the “Robots, Rockets & Rayguns: The Science of Science Fiction” panel, in which the panelists talked all about the science behind science fiction. The topics and questions ranged from time travel, all the way to superhero powers and particle accelerators.

Robots, Rockets and Ray Guns
“Robots, Rockets and Ray Guns” Panel with TJ Dimacali, Pecier Deciderio and Ron Cruz

The Cosplay Rumble was also interesting, as several characters that I didn’t expect came up. These included Derek Zoolander, Danny Phantom and Enma Ai from “Hellgirl”.

The cosplay of Korra from “The Legend of Korra” was amazing, and so was the cosplay of the four Sang’gres from “Encantadia”.

Cosplay Rumble-Korra
Cosplay Rumble- Korra from “The Legend of Korra”
The Sang'gres
The Four Sang’gres from “Encantadia” (2006)

Speaking of “Encantadia”, the panel for the reboot of that Filipino show was amazing, as they showed us concept art, and told us how they were going to make this version better as compared to the 2006 show.

I have always liked “Encantadia”, and I’m excited about this as it will push the envelope with regards to the quality of special effects that local television and cinema has.


Also, aside from it being in the fantasy genre, I love how Filipino it is, as the whole mythology behind it- from the diwatas to the Adamya who look like dwendes (dwarves)- is very much rooted Philippine legends and myths.

Concept Art Ynang Reyna Cropped
“Encantadia” Concept Art for Marian Rivera as Ynang Reyna
Concept Art Hathoria Assassin Cropped
“Encantadia” Concept Art-Hathor Assassin

My only regret, however, is the fact that I was not able to play the Artemis simulation. I needed a team of six, and I was not able to drag enough friends to go with me to do that.

The Artemis simulation game is every Trekkie’s dream come true. It’s basically a bridge simulation in which a bridge crew tries their best to navigate the uncharted regions of space. They then go against other teams to see which team is the best.

It was literally a childhood dream come true, and I hope that I’ll be able to drag a team of my own if they have that again next year.

NexCon 3 was small, as it is expected to be, and it wasn’t as big as last year’s. However, I did enjoy myself, and so did my brother, which is saying a lot.

‘Til the next convention!






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