Welcome Back, Fall TV! Pt. 1 (Spoiler Heavy)

A new television season not just brings back old favorites, but new shows are also vying to make their mark in the hopes that they will get renewed for the next season. As a rule, when it comes to new television shows, I give it the three episode test. If, after three episodes, the show fails to capture me at all, then I drop it. With returning shows, I have dropped some shows off from my list, like the never ending “Chicago” shows, and “Law &  Order:SVU”, but I kept most of what I usually watch, all the way from “The Blacklist” to every superhero television show there is, all the way to the season three premiere to “Star Wars: Rebels”.
It’s TV o’ clock!
Also, before anything else……
Here is my impression of the new season so far (this will be updated):
New Shows:
The Good Place– I am not much of a comedy person, and I usually drop them after a season or three. However, the premise of this show is great, and I’d follow Kristen Bell anywhere. So far, this show makes me laugh, and I’m most probably hooked until it leaves the air.
Bull– I was pleasantly surprised by this show, which I found interesting. I think that there is a lot of potential for this show, and I’m excited over the fact that this role will be giving Michael Weatherly    More range when it comes to his acting. I’m honestly happy to see him in a role that is different from Tony DiNozzo.
Pitch– this show was not on my list at all. However, I decided to check it out as  some reviews said that it was good, and I liked it. I am not the biggest sports person, but the premise is good, and it has a lot of emotional hooks that will get you invested in this show. Plus, Mark-Paul Gossellar looks so different here compared to his time on Franklin & Bash, and his acting is good.
MacGyver– I didn’t know that George Eads was going to be in this one! That was a pleasant surprise. The first twelve minutes was engaging and action packed, but the story became a little bit predictable in the end. Also, for some reason, the camera work made me dizzy. This show has potential, and I hope it gets better from here. I think I set my expectations too high as I hoped that it would be better than “Hawaii Five-0”.
Notorious– Aside from the fact that two former USA stars (Piper Perabo and Daniel Sunjata) are here, a big reason of why I was interested in this show is because I used to work as a researcher for a news magazine program. It was stressful, but not as stressful as this. However, seeing all of that just gives me a rush, and the premise in itself is quite interesting.
Designated Survivor– I was not into “24”, so this is the very first time I am Seeing Keifer Sutherland in a tv show. (Now, I am convinced that I have to watch “24” sometime within the year or next.) Plus, I’m always happy to see Maggie Q in anything, and I wasn’t that annoyed at Italia Ricci this time around. The story is compelling, interesting and I’m a sucker for mysteries and conspiracy thrillers, so I loved this show from the very first minute.
Returning Shows:
Hawaii Five-0-What a season premiere! Not only did they pull off a near impossible cameo appearance, they pulled off a six minute or longer chase sequence with a stuntman who really does parkour. That was intense. I’m not too thrilled that Michelle Borth’s Catherine Rollins will be back for the 150th episode, but I hope that Steve will be okay, especially as he looked pretty uncomfortable while holding the area where his heart is. I hope that Danny and Steve keep the bickering to a minimum, and that they have more bonding moments. And Steve does need to relax a bit. Also, I cannot wait to discover who the big bad for the season will be.
Gotham– I am glad that they have found their footing last season, but all I am excited for is the Court of Owls. I am happy that they raised the stakes right away, and Jamie Chung’s Valerie Vale is refreshing, but I am not sure about James Gordon (Ben McKenzie), bounty hunter. However, I’ll still keep tuned.
Agents of SHIELD– woah. That was a good season premiere! It’s way darker, Ghost Rider or Robbie Reyes (Gabriel Luna) was awesome, and I hope that May (Ming Na-Wen) will be okay. Also, I don’t trust the new director, and I am strangely excited that they just incorporated the Life Model Decoy (LMD) concept into the show. (Anyone want to speculate with me about the scary ghost lady in the box?)
The Blacklist– after three whole seasons, why am I more invested now in Tom over Liz? I feel really bad for Tom (Ryan Eggold), Liz (Megan Boone), and Mr. Kaplan (Susan Blommaert), out of all the characters in the show. Also, bless Aram’s (Amir Arison) awesome little heart. I am glad it’s back, but I hope that we will get more answers  with regards to the actual mythology of the show.
Blindspot– Woah. Luke Mitchell traded his SHIELD in for a very interesting role on this show! I feel bad for Jane (Jaimie Alexander), but I am very interested to know what will happen as she is now torn between her actual family and the common good. Also, Edgar Reade (Rob Brown) has a past, and I’m suspicious of Nas Kamal (Archie Panjabi). I honestly couldn’t care less about Kurt Weller (Sullivan Stapleton) or Zapata (Audrey Esparza) at the moment, but I am excited to figure out who the mole in the FBI is!
NCIS– believe it or not, the new additions, especially Wilmer Valderama’s Nick Torres is the much needed breath of fresh air that the show needed. I still love Tony, but I am kind of excited to see this new team function as one.
Star Wars: Rebels: The third season premiere was great! It showed us exactly what was happening to each character, especially after that crazy second season finale. It showed a way darker Ezra (Taylor Gray), and I am honestly very scared and excited at the same time for his character. The Fourth Doctor, Tom Baker, portrayed an ancient Force sensitive creature called the Bendu, and his character reminds me a gentler Fourth Doctor. The Bendu even had something on which looked like a floppy hat, not unlike what Baker used to wear during his run as the Doctor.
Also, “Poldark”‘s second season is still awesome, as ever, and gets me in a roller coaster of emotions everytime! Am also in the last legs of “Warehouse 13”. I am kind of sad that I only have a few episodes left, but I am also excited as to what to watch next to fill in that warehouse shaped hole. Any suggestions?
Also not sure if I should catch up and return to “Madam Secretary”, what do you think?
How are you finding things so far? Any that you like or don’t? Let me know in the comments below!

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