The Mystery That Is “Riverdale” (Trailer Reaction)

Ever since it was announced that the CW Network was creating a live action version of the beloved classic and iconic “Archie” comics, many fans have been curious as to how it would look like. Hopes then became high as the cast was announced, and as CW-DC TV golden boy Greg Berlanti was announced as one of its executive producers. Also, the fact that current Archie comics cheif creative officer, Roberto-Aguirre-Sacasa was on board, sort of made the fans feel that the show was in good hands. However, needless to say, with the latest trailer release, the fan reaction has been divided, with some fans looking forward to it, while others are not sure that this is the kind of live-action version of Archie that they wanted to see.

As for my part, I decided to catch up first on the updated version of Mark Waid’s “Archie” run, as I thoroughly enjoyed the first two issues that came out, and as I am a fan of his since his run on “Daredevil” last year, to see if what a fan comment on TV Line was right, that they are also taking some cues from Waid’s run.

As I read through the issues, devouring everything I could in one go, just as I used to devour Archie Digests or Archie Double Digests (with multiple re-reads when I was bored), I found myself getting drawn back into the world of Riverdale, and I found myself laughing, smiling, and occasionally getting a little emotional as events unfolded.

What I loved about Waid’s narrative is that he allowed us to return to a world that was familiar to us, but with a fresh, updated and more modern take, that did not take anything away from the true essence of who the characters are, and what Archie is at its core.

However, with the trailer, it seems as if Archie is not truly Archie anymore, and it somehow feels more like “Gossip Girl” meets “Pretty Little Liars”. True, they might have chosen a more scandalous, darker tone so that it could stand out, but still, I don’t think that it suits Archie at all. It may suit something like “Scooby Doo”, but not Archie.

Also, I cannot seem to get over the fact that Archie doesn’t seem like much of the adorable goofball we’ve gotten to know throughout the years, the fact that he will have an affair with a younger version of Miss Grundy, and that Mr. Andrews and Mrs. Lodge had a thing in the past.

I know that I may sound like any other comic book fan who is complaining about how their favorite characters are not treated the way they should be, but this time, it is something that is quite close to me, as I have been reading Archie ever since I was a pre-teen. I just wish that they could have gone a different route, and based on the comments that I have seen online, it looks like most of Archie fandom agrees with me.




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