“The Flash” Season 3.5 & Mid-Season Finale Review (MAJOR SPOILERS)

Starting from this point on, you will be seeing me post more about episodes that I really loved or enjoyed in a certain show that I like, and sometimes, while doing that, I’ll talk about what I thought about the current season as well. And sometimes, it might be on milestone episodes of a particular show, and in this case, we will be talking about the third season of “The Flash”, and it’s mid-season finale.

So, from here on out, if you do not want to be spoiled at all about “The Flash” Season 3, and the Mid-Season Finale, please, please, by all means, turn around now, because


Okay, now here we go.

“The Flash”, ever since it started airing, became my favorite superhero show, as each episode and each season got better and better. This season, albeit with a few episodes that missed the mark, is no exception to the rule, what with Flashpoint, Savitar, Tom Felton’s Julian Albert, the beginnings of Wally West’s (Keiynan Lonsdale)  Kid Flash, Cisco Ramone’s (Carlos Valdez) continuing journey to becoming Vibe, and the evolution of Caitlin Snow (Danielle Panabaker) as she struggles to keep her Killer Frost self in check.

This season, or at least the first half of the season, dealt with the consequences of Flashpoint, which affected the entire Ärrow-verse, and the new big bad- Savitar. Also, even though  the show always has a tinge of hope in it, it is becoming a lot darker now (well, at least compared to “Supergirl”), and even this season’s mid-season finale has a lingering feeling of fear and trepidation, especially about what lies ahead in the future for Team Flash.

The mid-season finale confirmed everyone’s suspicions, that Felton’s Julian Albert is indeed Doctor Alchemy. However, Team Flash only discovered this after an epic team-up between Earth Three’s Jay Garrick (John Wesley Shipp), and Barry Allen (Grant Gustin), in which Barry unmasked Doctor Alchemy, and in which Garrick got thrown around like a rag doll by Savitar.

Imprisoned in the pipeline, Barry questions Julian, who apparently has no clue that he is Doctor Alchemy. After realizing that Julian himself might not be aware of who he is, Barry reveals to Julian that he is the Flash in a bid to get Julian to trust him. It works, and Julian tells Barry that years ago, his dead sister began appearing to him in visions, telling him to look for the Philosopher’s Stone so that they can be together. So, Julian funded an expedition to India, where he found it in a stone box, which is later revealed to be Savitar’s prison. However, this is when he began losing time and blacking out. However, the only problem is that the same thing is happening to Cisco at Star Labs while he is examining the box, except that Savitar is using the image of the now late Dante to coerce him to open the box. So, Barry and Wally end up teaming up in order to fight Savitar. Thankfully, Caitlin manages to talk Cisco into closing the box, trapping Savitar in it once more.

Afterwards, they use Julian as a conduit to talk to Savitar, who reveals that he’s doing this as revenge against Barry, whose future self was the one who imprisoned him. He then tells the group that in the future, one of them “will betray” them, another “will fall, and one will suffer a fate much worse than death”.

Jay and Barry then imprison Savitar and the box in the speed force, but that  causes Barry to end up five months in the future, in which he witnesses Savitar killing Iris West (Candice Patton) right in front of his very eyes. Later, Barry realizes that that, and not Flashpoint, is why the byline in the newspaper article in the Time Vault had changed. Jay, however, advises him to live in the present, and Barry does so by presenting Iris with the apartment that they will be living in.

Meanwhile, at the West house, Wally gets his Kid Flash costume, and Julian attends the Christmas party, making him now a part of Team Flash.

It was a strong episode that was full of crazy, but ended  on a happy note, even though we all know that that will probably not last for long.

Also, I loved the cameo appearance of Mark Hamill as Earth Three’s Trickster, because more than the Trickster, he really reminded me of the Joker, a character whom he had done voice work for in the past.

Ever since the introduction of Wally West and Jesse Quick (Violett Beane) to the series, we all knew that we were going to get Flash Family stuff in the future, and it looks like those scenes and team ups are not far-off. And they can even do it with Earth Three’s Jay Garrick. This, I think, is a good thing, because I know that Savitar will definitely be back, and Barry will need all the speedster help he can get when that happens. Also, the way that Wally looked when they presented him his suit was priceless, and a rare beam of happiness now that the show is getting darker and darker.

Seeing Felton on the show was a wonderful surprise, as I haven’t really seen much of his work after his stint as Draco Malfoy in the “Harry Potter” franchise. However, I am glad that Julian is a little bit more of a complex character, who isn’t really a big villain this time around.

This season had a lot of fanservice for the West-Allen fans, and as I am one of them, I am glad that their relationship is moving along well.

However, I do hope that they will not kill Iris off, because I cannot see Barry with anyone but Iris. Hopefully, once Barry averts that crisis, the byline on the newspaper article in the Time Vault will change.

This season gave us a lot more character development for Cisco, and especially Caitlin, whom I feel hasn’t been getting much use lately. I am definitely interested in seeing whether she manages to keep Killer Frost in check or if she will end up fighting Cisco in those comic book-like costumes he saw when he “vibed” her at her request.

I am really not a big fan of the new Wells, though, and I hope that they will be giving him more to do  aside from what he’s currently doing now on the show, because if not, I do not see the point in keeping him any further.

As I am a sucker for prophecies and the like, so I am excited to begin speculating as to who Savitar is referring to, and I think that focusing on Caitlin and Cisco while it was being uttered might just be a red herring. However, we all know that Barry will do anything and everything in his power to stop Iris from dying, so if she doesn’t die, it means that someone else on the team will. (Plus, it is a truth universally known that the number of attempts on Iris’ life in the comics have been numerous, but in the end, she does get saved, and she ends up with Barry, no matter what).

In the meantime, we’ll be left to speculating all of these things until it returns on January 24, 2017.

All in all, I really liked the first half of season three, and I am glad that we did not have to do the whole “who is in the mask” thing that we were treated to last year.

Oh, I will be doing something similar for the “Arrow” Season 5 mid-season finale, but I’ll be posting that next week instead of this week, even though I so wanted to post it this week because that finale was full of shockers that I could never have predicted.

Did you like the first half of the third season of “The Flash”? Did you like the mid-season finale? Who do you think Savitar’s prophecy refers to? Let me know what you think in the comments below!



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