The Kat’s Cosplay Chronicles: Finding Sarah Jane Smith (Asia Pop Comic Con 2017)

Attending fan conventions, for the past two years, has become sort of a staple in my life. So far, I’ve attended around seven fan conventions, and I have no plan of stopping anytime soon. It’s just wonderful to be in a place where you and other fellow fans can celebrate the things that you love, and there are less inhibitions when it comes to meeting different people, especially when you are in cosplay.

Cosplay is something that I knew that I wanted to do, but was kind of scared to dive right into it. So, like many others, I decided to “Disneybound” at my first two conventions, and decided to wear some actual outfits after that. I never really go all out with my outfits, and I try as much as possible to make sure that the items I wear are from my own closet, or can be used, somehow, in the future. However, maybe in the future, it might just change.

As seen through my TV Reviews of “Doctor Who”, I am a pretty big Whovian. So far, I’ve dressed up as a femme version of the Eleventh Doctor and as Osgood.

Osgood Cosplay
Me as Osgood

For this costume, everything I wore, all up to my asthma inhaler are either mine or something I found in the closets at home (and yes, I’m lucky that my father does love bowties). The only thing I bought for this particular costume were the glasses, which I found at a local department store (Metro Alabang).

This time around, for this year’s Asia Pop Comic Con, as I was making my way through the Fourth Doctor episodes, I decided to dress up as Sarah Jane Smith from “Genesis of the Daleks”.

Genesis Harry and Sarah

It’s not a very good image, but you can see that Sarah Jane Smith is wearing a blue skirt, red boots, a grayish looking top, a gray beanie, and a yellow raincoat top.

Here’s my version of the character and the costume.

Sarah Jane Smith from "Genesis of the Daleks" Cosplay
Me as Sarah Jane Smith from “Genesis of the Daleks”

I wasn’t able to make my hair like Sarah Jane’s because my hair is just really stubborn and can’t be curled, and I decided not to wear my gray beanie because I had a feeling that it would just fall off during the con.

Here, I’m wearing a yellow rain coat top that I got from a nearby department store (Metro Alabang), red boots that I bought from another local department store (SM Makati), a blue skirt that I found in one of our closets, and a green sweatshirt from my own closet that can’t be seen inside the raincoat top. I also decided to wear the Fourth Doctor’s scarf, which was bought from a local online store (Lazada), as my friend who was supposed to go with me as the Fourth Doctor couldn’t go due to a sudden emergency he had to attend to. So, I wore it so he could be there in spirit, in a way.

In this picture, I decided to look up as if Sarah Jane was wistfully waiting for the TARDIS to reappear in the sky.

My friend also decided to make this poster using that photo as a base, just for fun, and which I really loved.

Kitin Miranda Whovian

Here, he placed my real name, and stated that I’m a (proud) Whovian, referencing the “I’m Sarah Jane Smith, and I’m a journalist” line that Sarah Jane used to say.

Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed my attempt at cosplaying “Genesis of the Daleks” Sarah Jane Smith, and hopefully, I’ll have more blog posts under this particular category, especially as Halloween is just around the corner, and I’m beginning to plan and prep my cosplay costumes for next year.

So far, these plans include cosplaying as Twilight Sparkle from “My Little Pony”, Sakura Kinomoto from “Card Captor Sakura”, and Clara Oswald (Season 9 version) from “Doctor Who”.  However, the next post you’ll probably see me post under this category are my attempts to fix the wigs I have for Twilight Sparkle’s hair, and my attempts at making her ears and unicorn horn.

See you soon in the next post of “The Kat’s Cosplay Chronicles”, and let me know if you have any tips and suggestions for styling cosplay wigs as well, it will be much appreciated.




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