The Kat’s Con Chronicles: Asia Pop Comic Con 2017

Every fan convention experience that I go to is always a different experience, and each con has different things that make those particular experiences unique. This time around, aside from the massive Hall N- the Netflix Interactive Exhibit, I went with my sister, my cousin, my niece and one of her friends. This also meant that I was helping chaperone my niece and her friend as they experienced their first ever con in cosplay.

I must admit that at the end of the day, I was really tired, but it was definitely worth it, and it was worth watching my niece and her friend take in everything at Asia Pop Comic Con, talk to other cosplayers, fangirl over cosplayers, taking a ton of pictures, and people asking to take pictures with them, and of course, showing them around the areas where they could get some merchandise.

It’s really different having to chaperone two young ones around a massive fan convention like this, but I loved seeing their faces light up with delight when they fangirled over things, and I was able to impart six conventions worth of advice to them.

This year, there were panels for Ray Fisher, Tyler Hoechlin and four cast members from “Stranger Things”. The girls and I really wanted to get into the “Stranger Things” panel that happened last Saturday, but we were not so lucky, as the main stage area got full really fast. The girls were understandably disappointed, as was I, but I quickly ushered them back down to the main area of the convention to look for merchandise- Funko pops, comic books and prints- to buy.

This year, Netflix had a huge booth called Hall N, where you line up of for an hour or so to enter the interactive exhibit. Inside was a reconstruction of the set of New York from “The Defenders”, and each little room was an experience from a particular Netflix show. They served chocolate milkshakes at a diner recreation of Pop Tates from “Riverdale”; the Byers home, the Upsdie Down, and the Hawkins National Laboratory from “Stranger Things”; a loading bay, a street sign and cut outs of the Defenders; and a Litchfield Penitentiary room from “Orange is the New Black”. Unfortunately, the Byers home and the Upside Down were closed, but we got to enjoy the other areas of the exhibit.

I was also supposed to go with two other friends of ours, but they unfortunately couldn’t make it. Unfortunately, one of those who couldn’t attend due to an emergency that came up was supposed to go as the Fourth Doctor to my Sarah Jane Smith. Because of this, I ended up wearing the scarf so that he could be there in spirit, and we ended up coming up with a head canon that after “Genesis of the Daleks”, somehow, Harry Sullivan and the Doctor got locked out of the TARDIS, and brought Sarah Jane to Riverdale, New York and Hawkins Indiana.

Sarah Jane Smith from "Genesis of the Daleks" Cosplay
Me as Sarah Jane Smith from “Genesis of the Daleks”
Sarah Jane & Iron Man
Sarah Jane Meets Iron Man
Sarah Jane Smith and Cyberman APCC2017
Sarah Jane Smith meets a (lady) Cyberman
At Pop Tate's
Hall N- At Pop Tate’s
Sarah Jane & Akame
Akame from “Akame ka Gii” and Sarah Jane sampling Pop Tate’s milkshakes
Sarah Jane Upside Down
Sarah Jane peering into the Upside Down
Sarah Jane in NYC
Sarah Jane wondering where the TARDIS brought her now
Sarah Jane Defenders
Sarah Jane meets the Defenders

Nonetheless, disappointments aside, we all had fun attending this year’s Asia Pop Comic Con, and I’m pretty sure that this is only the beginning for more exciting con adventures to come!

Until the next con!


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