The Kat’s Cosplay Chronicles: Pinkie Pie

For Halloween of this year, I decided to go all out, and decided to cosplay as Twilight Sparkle from a new favorite show of mine, “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic”. This time around, for another costume party, I decided to go as Pinkie Pie (Andrea Libman),  from the same show.

I decided to go as Pinkie Pie as she is the second character that I can relate to the most, and as she is also one of my favorite characters in the series.

Twilight, for me, represents my more bookish, neurotic, quirky side, and I definitely can relate to her with her initial struggles with friendship. On the other hand, Pinkie represents my more outgoing, fun-loving side that just generally wants people to always have fun and to be happy.

The way I can relate to them is precisely why I felt that it would be easier to cosplay as them, as I believe that when you are starting to cosplay, it is easier to go as characters that you can personally relate to and have similar personality traits as you. One day, when I get better at this, I hope to one day be able to be a little bit daring and go as characters that I love that aren’t as me as these two are, but for now, babysteps.

And so, because of this, I would like to share with you how I came up with my costume for the one of the best bakers and party planners in all of Equestria, Pinkie Pie.


– A white plain t-shirt

-A pair of pink & white striped knee high socks

-A pink skirt (where the Cutie Mark would be located)

-Sneakers or Rubber Shoes

-A pink wig & wig cap

-Pony Ears



-Blue & Yellow felt

-Blue & Yellow thread

-Pinkie Pie’s Cutie Mark Template (I got mine here.)


-Print out a copy or two of Pinkie’s Cutie Mark

-If you can freehand and draw the outline of her balloons on the felt, then do so; but for me, I cut out each balloon from the Cutie Mark Template, and used it to trace the outline on blue and yellow felt paper. Afterwards, I cut them out. Remember to have two blue balloons and one yellow balloon.

-Lay out the three balloons on where you want to put the Cutie Mark, and pin them into place. For me, I put them on my pink skirt. Using blue thread for the blue balloons, and yellow for the yellow balloon, sew them into place. You can either use a darker colored blue or yellow if you want it to seem as if they have an outline on it, if you want to.

-For the balloon string, you can freehand them if you want to. I printed out another template and cut out the string portions so I could use it as some sort of stencil. You can use tailor’s chalk to mark it out, but I used an ordinary pencil.


-Taking your thread, sew over the marks you made to make the balloon strings. Remember that there are two yellow balloon strings (for the blue balloons), and one blue (for the yellow balloon).



Pony Ears:


-Pink felt (I used the same felt I used for my Twilight cosplay, so it was a little bit more pinkish lavender.)

-A Glue Gun or Fabric Glue

-Snap On Hair Clips


-I used this tutorial for the ears. For those of you who want the measurements I used for it, a kind soul put these measurements in the comment section:

From the base to the top of the ear:  2.5in; Sides connecting to the top: 1.8in ; Bottom: 3.5in; DIAGONALS connecting to bottom corners: 1.75in

-Follow everything in the tutorial. However, if you do not want to outline the ears, that’s okay, too.

-Just a note: I actually used fabric glue as I ran out of hot glue gun sticks, and I didn’t put an outline this time around.

Here’s how it looks like on my wig:

ears wig


Here’s how it looked like when I put the entire thing altogether. For my make up, I put my usual make-up on, with a little bit more of pink eye shadow. I then topped it off with these cute multi-colored gel glitter bracelets, as I thought that it was something that Pinkie would wear.

Here am I as Pinkie Pie!


The Kat as Pinkie Pie

The Kat Full Body Pinkie Pie

I do know that the pink wig isn’t the exact color as Pinkie’s in the show, but I think that it still does the trick.

This time around, I discovered that I can actually sew, even if it’s just basic, and that it actually comes out cleaner than using fabric glue. Because of this, I am looking forward to do some more sewing on my next cosplay outfit. I am also loving the fact that I am learning and discovering new sides and parts of myself that I didn’t think I had before.

Anyway, there you have it,  my Pinkie Pie outfit, which I will be using, along with my Twilight Sparkle outfit, in a convention or two next year!

I hope that you enjoyed this little guide, and hope that others might find this helpful when putting together their own Pinkie Pie outfit!

See you all again in another installment of The Kat’s Cosplay Chronicles next year!





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