Updates: January 2018 Highlights & February 2018 Preview

This year, as I am in the habit of reviewing all the events, the things that I did, and all the things that I liked and disliked for each month as it goes by, I decided to do a version of that over here. In these update posts, I will be doing a rundown of everything that happened to me in the month with regards to entertainment, books, and pop-culture; and what I felt about it. Aside from that, I’ll also be giving a little bit of a sneak preview as to what I have planned for the next month, and if I ever do monthly giveaways, this is where I’ll be putting it as well. I’ll also be putting in links to the reviews that I’ve done for the month as well, so this can serve as a handy dandy cheat sheet for what I’ve done for the month.

And so, without further ado, let’s take a look at how January 2018 was like, and what’s in store for February 2018!





I only got to watch two movies this month, but I’m really glad that I was able to FINALLY see an entry to the 2017 Metro Manila Film Festival.

“Ang Larawan” was definitely a wonderful breath of fresh air, and a successful adaptation of a musical. You can check out my review over here.

“Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle” only came back in Philippine cinemas in January due to the Metro Manila Film Festival, but I’m glad that I caught it, as I had a lot of fun watching it, and it was a pleasant surprise. You can check out my review over here.





That’s two down in my 50 Book Challenge for the year!

“Ang Larawan: From Stage to Screen” is a definitive volume as it not only contains the original Nick Joaquin play the musical and movie was based on, it also includes the musical’s libretto, the film’s screenplay, extra notes and a study guide, and photos of the various stage productions and film stills. Check out my review of the play over here.

After many years, and because of an upcoming event my sister and I are hosting, I picked up “The Lord of the Rings” again, and started my re-read with “The Fellowship of the Ring”. This installment is arguably my favorite in the epic trilogy as it sets a lot of things up for the trilogy. I’m currently working on my review for that, so wait for it in February!

TV Shows 

Western TV







I started the year by doing a marathon of the second and third seasons of SyFy’s “12 Monkeys”, which I believe is the crowning jewel of SyFy at the moment. Sure, there’s “The Expanse”, but this new renaissance in SyFy’s fare really started with “12 Monkeys”. My review for Season 2 can be found here, and my review for Season 3 can be found here.

I also caught up with the second season of “Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency”, which was awesomely more insane than the first season. Unfortunately, it looks like the show is cancelled on BBC America, but here’s hoping that Netflix will pick it up as it deserves a third season to wrap things up. Check out my review here.

Speaking of Netflix, they also aired the scifi show “Travelers” there, of which the second season is already available for viewing. Although I don’t have a review for it up on this blog, I do recommend it as it talks about moral ethics at times, especially when it comes to time travel.

“The Good Place” continues to be hilarious and amazing at the same time; and DCTV is keeping me pretty busy as well. “The Flash” still has the capacity to make me cry, and Ralph Dibny/The Elongated Man (Hartley Sawyer) is the best new character they’ve added to the show in quite a long time. In “Supergirl”, I think that the whole Reign arc is pretty interesting, and I cannot wait to see what will happen when Sam Arias (Odette Annable) figures things out, as well as how everyone in the team will react to that as well. Either than that, DCTV does provide me with some good story lines, and sometimes a lot of filler and moments in which I’m wondering why exactly these things are happening. However, I am happy to see Michael Emerson and Kirk Avecedo back on my screen again.

“The Gifted” is quite an interesting take on the superhero genre as well, and it really does lend itself to be a little bit more timely given the political situation in the U.S. now.

I also FINALLY managed to watch Peter Capaldi’s swan song in “Twice Upon A Time”, of which my review can be found here, and I found myself silently crying afterwards as I’m still not ready to let the Twelfth Doctor go. However, I did like Jodie Whittaker’s first scene as the Thirteenth Doctor, and it made me excited to see what will happen with her helming the TARDIS.

Not pictured here is “Star Trek: Discovery”. There are definitely moments of brilliance in this show, however, there are also a lot of moments which I do not like, and sometimes I do wish that we have the usual exploring space thing instead.




I started off my Kdrama year with “Black” (review can be found here), which was a thrilling ride, all the way until the final two episodes of the series and the final ten minutes of the series. I liked that they were able to incorporate a lot of social commentary without it feeling shoehorned in, but they really messed up the ending.

“Prison Playbook/Wise Prison Life” was the second one I watched, and this offbeat, slice of life, black comedy about prison life was one that I loved a lot. It also introduced me to Jung Hae In, whose performance I did enjoy a lot of. This drama, created by the makers of the popular “Reply/Answer Me” series definitely outdid themselves here. My review on this is coming on Friday.

Finally, I capped it off with one of the first science fiction Kdramas ever, “Circle”. I have two episodes to go, and I’m loving and savoring every single moment of it so far.  Also, I’m glad that they were able to pull this off well, and got so many things right, as there was also a lot of potential for this to go all wrong.


Movies & Books



For February, I’m really looking forward to watching “Black Panther” (Feb. 16), “The Shape of Water” (Feb. 21), and a local film called “Buy Bust” (Feb. 28). The film, which is directed by Erik Matti (“On the Job”) and starring Anne Curtis, is a full on action thriller depicting a raid conducted by an anti-drug enforcement agency in the slums of Manila. The film hopes to be able lift the quality and level of action films in the Philippines.

Here’s a trailer of the upcoming movie.

                                        Video Source: BuyBust Movie YouTube

My sister and I will also be conducting a full “Lord of the Rings” marathon. I decided to re-read the entire trilogy again, and we’ll be hosting a screening in early February to watch a mix of extended and theatrical versions of the entire trilogy with some friends.




Aside from upcoming reviews of “Prison Playbook” and “Circle”, I’m going to be continuing my 2017 Kdrama Catch-Up Challenge by watching Lee Jong Suk’s and Bae Suzy’s 2017 hit drama, “While You Were Sleeping”. Aside from Lee Jong Suk, and the interesting premise, I decided to move it up on my “To Watch” list as a friend recommended that I watch it as I really loved Jung Hae In’s performance in “Prison Playbook”.

While You Were Sleeping
Image Credit: SBS Official Facebook
Jung Hae In, While You Were Sleeping
Image Credit: SBS Official Facebook

Aside from this, I am also looking forward to several 2018 Kdramas, including “Cross”, “Just Between Lovers”, “Doubtful Victory”, “Misty” and “Return”.




Image Credit: Rooster Teeth Official Facebook

Last but not least, as “RWBY” Vol. 5 is officially over, watch out for a collaborative review on it that I’m hoping to do with a friend.

So, that was my January, and that’s all I’m looking forward to and will be releasing in February! I hope that you guys will enjoy all that I have to offer for these two months!

If you have any suggestions or things you want me to cover, be it a book or a Kdrama, for the months of March, April and May, please don’t hesitate to suggest  by leaving a comment down below!

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