Movie Review: Asperger’s Are Us (Documentary)

For my fourth entry for my Autism in Film series for April’s Autism Acceptance Month, I have decided to shift gears and focus on a documentary that is quite special to me, personally. So, for my fourth entry for this series, let’s take a look at a real life group of four individuals with Asperger’s who became friends due to their similar sense of humor, and became a comedy troupe. Let’s dive into “Asperger’s Are Us”.

“Asperger’s Are Us” is a documentary on Netflix that was directed by Alex Lehman and was produced by Jay and Mark Duplass, and was released in 2016. The documentary follows the members of the comedy group “Asperger’s Are Us”, four friends and individuals with Asperger’s Syndrome, as they prepared for what they thought would be their final show. They did get back together and performed again after that, and only disbanded earlier this year. The group was composed of Noah Britton, Ethan Finlan, Jack Hanke and New Michael Ingemi.

Aspergers Are Us Boys
Jack Hanke, New Michael Ingemi, Ethan Finlan and Noah Britton Image Source: Official Asperger’s Are Us Documentary Facebook Page

The documentary followed their ups and downs as they prepared and  rehearsed for their show, interspersed with genuine interviews with the boys and their families as well. It was very unfiltered and genuine as there were no pretensions at all, and nothing was exaggerated or glorified for the sake of drama.

It was also interesting to get a sense of the group as a whole, and even though they sometimes had disagreements with each other, you can see that these boys are true and good friends with each other.

I also loved seeing how their families do support each and every one of them, and the relationship that was explored between New Michael and his father was a touching one.

I loved how it wasn’t too touchy feely or over dramatic,and that it definitely celebrated their shared special interest of performing comedy.

As I mentioned earlier, this documentary holds a special place in my heart. It was the first time I stumbled across a documentary  regarding aspies that wasn’t too touchy feely or trying too hard to be inspirational, and it was the first time in years that I allowed myself to watch something that dealt with Asperger’s and autism.

“Asperger’s Are Us” was a wonderful documentary that celebrates the talents of these four friends and comedians, and is definitely a very real and raw look at aspies, what they are capable of, the relationships they have with their family, and it shows you a different side that isn’t really shown very often, especially with documentaries that deal with this subject. All in all, it is a definite must watch for Autism Acceptance Month.

Have you seen the documentary “Asperger’s Are Us”? Have you been to any of their shows before they disbanded? Let me know in the comments below!

Image Source: Official Asperger’s Are Us Documentary Facebook Page

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