The Kat’s Con Chronicles: Asia Pop Comic Con 2018

Every year, I make it a point to attend at least one fan  convention. This year, so far, Asia Pop Comic Con is the only one I have attended as of late. This year, aside from the usual Hall M (Marvel) and Hall N (Netflix booth), they upped the ante by bringing in Hall D (Disney);  and celebrity guests such as Finn Jones from “Iron Fist”, Mike Colter from “Luke Cage”, Osric Chau from “Supernatural & Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency”, and Tye Sheridan from “Ready Player One”. However, unlike previous cons, this year’s con seemed smaller; and it was a very different experience for me as I decided  to go all out and made my own cosplay outfit for it.

As just mentioned, this year, I decided to go all out and make my own cosplay outfit. I decided to cosplay as Ruby Rose from “RWBY”, and it was just a happy coincidence that I chose to do this year as it is the show’s fifth anniversary. I wasn’t able to wear her contacts because I am not used to wearing contacts, and I didn’t have her beloved Crescent Rose, as making it would need more time especially as I’ve never made a big prop before. I do hope to make the Crescent Rose sometime soon as it does complete her ensemble. If you want to know how I made my outfit, check out this post, where I talked about how I made it. I also ended up realizing that I have a pattern when it comes to my cosplay at Asia Pop Comic Con (APCC), as I apparently do alternate Whovian and Non-Whovian characters for this particular con.

What was particularly interesting about going all out for this year’s APCC is the fact that some people called out my character’s name, asked me where Summer (Ruby’s mom) was, and actually took pictures with me. It was an amazing experience, something that I would love to happen again, and it made this year’s con experience pretty fulfilling and satisfying, even though I didn’t get to buy anything this year.

Other great cosplays that I saw around me included Iron Man, several Captain Marvels, an Ant-Man, a more Robert Downey, Jr. inspired Iron Man, characters from “My Hero Academia”, several Spider-Men and Deadpools in suits, two sets of Voltron paladins, and Batgirl. However, one of the best cosplays for the day was definitely this boy, who went as Elliot with E.T. in a basket, minus the bike.

I also had my annual obligatory photo with the 501st Legion, and had a picture with one of my favorite “Star Wars” characters of all time, Han Solo.

Because of last year’s experience of waiting for a long time and not being able to enter any of the halls where panels were happening, I decided not to just wander around the main floor instead, hoping to really take full advantage of the Netflix booth and the merchandise all around me.

The Netflix booth felt a little bit smaller this year, but having actual working arcade games from the ’80s in the “Stranger Things” part, such as Dig Dug, Ms. Pacman and Galaga was a great addition to the experience.

I did want to see Jose and the Pussycats perform  at Pop’s, especially as they were wearing the outfits from the comics, but missed them by a bit, unfortunately.


As Finn Jones and Mike Colter were at APCC, the booth focused mostly on “Iron Fist” and “Luke Cage”. We also saw a guy spray painting Luke Cage’s face to one of the booth’s walls. They also showed the trailer for the new cartoon series “Disenchantment”.

As usual, Hot Toys, Fully Booked, the Gaming Library, Perry in Disguise, Geek Universe, Fandom Feels, Big Boy Toys, Filbar’s, and the Filipino Superheroes booth were there as well.

I wasn’t able to buy anything this time around, but I think that’s mostly because I have been trying to be more frugal this year, and I was already thinking about what my next cosplay would be (plus the cost of it).

However, despite everything, it was definitely a fun experience, even though it seemed a little bit smaller as compared to previous years.

I had such a fun time, even though I was there only for a few hours tops, and I look forward to the next con in which I truly cosplay a character, and am looking forward to next year’s APCC as well!

Until the next con!




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