Animation Break: The Hollow S1 (Spoilers!)

Western animated kids shows are sometimes hit or miss with me, but sometimes, there comes along a show that intriguing and just up my alley, that I can’t help but take note of it. And recently,  I couldn’t help but notice that Netflix has been churning out some pretty interesting animated offerings for kids. “The Hollow” is a great animated show geared towards tweens, with an interesting blend of science fiction and mystery that is reminiscent of “Lost”, and that keeps you riveted all the way until the end.

The entire  first season of “The Hollow” was released on June 8, 2018 on Netflix. It consisted of ten episodes of around twenty five minutes each. It was created by Vito Viscomi and was directed by Josh Mepham and Greg Sullivan.

The Hollow Poster
Image Source: The Hollow Facebook Page

The show centers around three teenagers named Adam (Adrian Petriw), Mira (Ashleigh Ball), and Kai (Connor Parnall), who wake up in a locked room with no memory of who they are, how they got there, and where they are. Teaming up together, they escape and embark on an epic adventure to find out who they are, and to find their way back home. The entire season shows them coming across strange creatures and lands, and enigmatic clues to everything happening around them.

The premise and the title sequence give off a wonderful mysterious vibe that is followed through throughout the entire series. Each new land that our main trio go through is a mystery in and of itself with its own mythologies, although they are connected as well to everything else.

The clues and hints scattered throughout the series were paced out well enough that the audience and our trio kept on second guessing themselves, and one clue always held more questions than answers, and it ended with a pretty neat plot twist in the end. However, although I did like the plot twist, I didn’t like how it was executed, which made it feel a little bit disappointing and flat to me.

The writing was consistent, with a mixture of slapstick humor, but I like the fact that even though you could tell that this was really written for a young audience in mind, that the humor and script wasn’t too outlandish or too kiddie to the point that it can’t be enjoyed by older audiences as well.

The journey that the main trio of characters went through was simple, but good, as they ended up discovering themselves and were able to come together to work effectively as a team.

Now, with that plot twist ending, if they do green light it for a second season, I do look forward to see how they will come together again as a team going forward, as there are also some questions that were left unanswered.

All in all, “The Hollow” is a good animated show geared towards children and tweens that will definitely introduce them to the concept of shows mired in mystery and science fiction in a great way, while still being a fun watch for older audiences.

Now, you know the drill, from here on out, there will be spoilers!

Spoiler Warning

One of the things that I really enjoyed with this show was the fact that it gave us that feeling of mystery and suspense right from the very beginning, and built on it all the way until the end, with the evenly scattered clues and hints regarding the truth about everything in the succeeding episodes. In this way, even if the show is geared towards a younger audience, it allowed both younger and older audiences to enjoy figuring out what is really happening to our main trio and to the world that they are in.

Aside from this, each new land that they went to was very different from each other, and yet, it still maintained its connection to the overarching mystery without forgetting about it at all.

The Hollow First Stage
The First Stage in The Hollow Image Source: The Hollow Facebook Page

As mentioned earlier, I did like the plot twist ending, but I didn’t like how it was executed, as the game show set and the acting didn’t seem to be on par with everything I was so impressed about with this series. However, there are still some intriguing and unanswered questions, which, if they do greenlight a second season, they can address, not only in the real world, but back in the game world as well.

With that ending, we still don’t know if the game code being corrupted was part of the entire game or if there was really something else going on, and I’d like to bet its the latter, because of the glitchy way Vanessa’s eye twitched after they came out of their respective game pods. I think that this show works better as an animated show over a live action, so I hope that they’d be able to go back into the game world, as their animated avatars, retaining all the knowledge that they have already, in order to get at the bottom of things.

The animation style was a bit jarring coming right after watching “The Dragon Prince”, as the animation style was more geometric and pointed, but it suited the show a lot. The voice actors of the animated versions of the characters were nothing short of stellar.

The Hollow Kai Mira Adam
Our Main Trio- Kai (Connor Parnall) Mira (Ashleigh Ball), Adam (Adrian Petriw) Image Source: The Hollow Facebook Page

I also really liked how Adam, Mira and Kai, went on their own little character journeys to discover who they were and what they were capable of doing; and later on, working effectively as a team. This is also why that I hope that if they do have a second season, that they don’t ignore this and just build upon that instead, and maybe even have Vanessa’s team not as antagonists this time around.

In the end, “The Hollow” was an entertaining watch for mystery science fiction fans of all ages, that intrigues and impresses all the way until the end.

Image Source: The Hollow Facebook Page



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