TV Review: My Secret Terrius (Spoilers!)

Sometimes, mashing up two genres together, combined with the right talents both acting and the creative department, can give us something new and refreshing. Rom-com meets spy thriller has definitely been done before both on the small and big screen alike, but “My Secret Terrius'”” script, self-awareness, adventures in babysitting, its great cast and characters that you end up getting invested in, made it a fun and enjoyable drama all the way through.

This MBC drama ran for thirty-two episodes from September 27 to November 15,2018 and took the Wednesday to Thursday slot. It was directed by Park Sang Hoon (“Radiant Office”) and Park Sang Woo;was written by Oh Ji Young (“Shopping King Louis”); and was produced by Kang Dae Sun.

Image Source: MBC

The drama follows Kim Bon (So Ji Sub), a former legendary NIS agent in hiding, who ends up entering the life of Go Ae Rin (Jung In Sun), a young mother of two precocious twins who also happens to be his next door neighbor after discovering that her late husband got caught in the crossfire of an uncompleted mission of his. Fun spy hijinks and babysitting adventures then ensued in this world where the actual spies aren’t as good as the neighborhood (parent) watch and where the villains are silly but not too campy.

Jung In Sun as Go Ae Rin Image Source: MBC

Jung In Sun is someone that I have been following for a while this year, from her in a supporting role in “Duel”, to being the heart in the ensemble “Laughter in Waikiki”, and finally, here, in a leading role. I’m also glad that she was able to hold her own as a lead here and played really off of So Ji Sub’s character. I can’t wait to watch her grow as an actress, although she is a great comedic actress as her comedic timing is impeccable.

So Ji Sub as Kim Bon Image Source: MBC

I cannot believe that I haven’t seen any drama featuring this veteran actor before, which, after watching this drama, definitely has to be rectified. He was able to pull off being the stoic mountain of a man with a gentle heart whose smiles are such a rare thing that it was a joy watching him melt and play around with Ae Rin’s twins.

Kim Bon and the twins Image Source: MBC

Kang Ki Young is someone I’ve been seeing a lot in supporting roles lately, and I can’t wait to see him get a leading role soon.

Kang Ki Young Image Source: MBC

Son Ho Jun was also new to me, but I can’t wait to watch him in other dramas as he was able to pull off being the lovable yet cowardly rogue he was here.

The script was able to develop our main characters and the supporting characters enough to get me emotionally invested in them to the point that I genuinely cared and got emotional over them. Of course, this only worked as they gave us such charming characters here.

The mystery/spy hijinks part of the drama was just enough to keep me satisfied. They also were able to end it in a way that things came full circle but also left things a little bit open ended, just in case. The romance angle was teased and progressed in an organic way, and all the spy hijinks were ridiculously fun. It also helped a lot that this drama knew exactly what it was and it played it up enough to make it fun and enjoyable- from the exaggerated product placements, to the fact that most of the actual spies weren’t as good as the local neighborhood watch.

“My Secret Terrius” was a delightful, fun romp with enough heart, laughter and mystery with filled with wonderful and fun characters enough to keep you engaged all the way until the end.

Now, you know the drill-from here on out, there will be spoilers!

As mentioned earlier, one of the things that made this drama stand out, aside from its characters, is the fact that it was very self-aware, and was able to pull it off in a way that worked within the story itself. It was also able to pull off having the main spies be incompetent without sacrificing the spy part of the show and without it being too campy or corny to watch, and was able to pull of ridiculous villains that served the story well without it going too overboard on its campiness. Treading that fine line and pulling it off is a feat indeed, so, for that, I salute Oh Ji Young for it, and I think that based on how much I enjoyed this, that I should go ahead an check out “Shopping King Louis”, which Oh Ji Young also wrote.

To be honest, I wasn’t sure how they were going to handle the whole romance angle part of it, but I’m glad that they were able to do it in an organic way that didn’t also disregard the existence too much of Ae Rin’s husband who died at the very beginning of the drama itself. I also love the fact that instead of giving us the usual kiss between the two main romantic leads, they decided to give the audience something else loaded with the humor that the show had, that encapsulated their relationship well, and gave them a nice push towards their own future together.

I am also glad that Ae Rin’s twins, the Joon-Joon twins, weren’t as annoying as I thought they would be, and were able not only to be the ones to slowly make Kim Bon open up again to the world, but they also had fun parts within the plot itself, although minor. Although, to be completely honest, I’d watch an entire drama of So Ji Sub babysitting kids for more than sixteen hours after knowing how adorable it is.

The Joon-Joon twins Image Source: MBC

Aside from the main plot line with the fun and ridiculous spy hijinks (because, at a certain point, you know that you are not watching this show for that), this entire drama is founded on the relationships and the character journeys that our main characters went through.

The KIS Trio Image Source: MBC

Each of the main and secondary characters and their respective actors really played well off of each other, which made the relationships in this drama work- from the bromances, to the King Castle Information System (KIS), to Bon and the Joon-Joon twins, to Jin Young Tae (Son Ho Joon) and Ae Rin, all the way to the entire King’s Bag team.

Bon Image Source: MBC

It was fun watching Kim Bon open up to the world again thanks to Ae Rin and the twins, while being supported by both new and old friends. I cannot count anymore as to how many times I smiled throughout the show seeing Bon’s stoic character melting while allowing himself to just enjoy life while being around the twins. It was also great to see him warm up to Ae Rin, openly acknowledging how great she is and supporting her in what she does, and teaching her the things she needs to know in order to protect herself without having to rely on the noble idiocy trope and without making her character into a damsel in distress. He needed time to heal, and with everything now resolved, he can go back to being the twins babysitter, a great spy, and a great partner for Ae Rin.

Ae Rin smiling
Image Source: MBC

There were definitely some times wherein Ae Rin’s character got a little bit annoying to some as she kept overstepping her boundaries and didn’t really obey orders in her zeal to do a good job in the new yet shady jobs she took on. However, I think that that was also very much in line with her character as you can’t exactly box in someone who thrives when it comes to challenging situations like her. I love that her caring and nurturing nature as a mother and as a person was what was able to get Bon to truly open up again and trust others, and at the same time, it was nice seeing her get back and venture into the working world after several years of being a mother and a housewife.

I’m also glad that she was surrounded by wonderful friends who support her and her relationships no matter what, which is something that she needed in order for her to get through everything. I did love how much smarter and innovative she was at times, to the point that she outsmarted the actual spies here.

Son Ho Jun as Jin Yong Tae Image Source: MBC

It is no secret that I have a soft spot for rogues with hearts of gold, and Son Ho Jon’s Jin Yong Tae is no exception. Since he is a conman, he always existed in shades of grey, which made him a perfect double agent once he decided to finally do the right thing even if it didn’t benefit him in any way at all. However, he would have never swung over to the good guys if it weren’t for Ae Rin. I also love how he was able to portray a character that was morally ambiguous with a heart who is also nothing short of a big coward deep inside. I also love how they decided to wrap up his story arc, with him bravely and willingly sacrificing himself to catch the villains and with him ending up leading an ordinary and simple life under a different identity.

The King’s Bag Team- Yoo Ji Yun (Im Se Mi) and Ra Do Woo (Sung Joo) Image Source: MBC

I’m also glad that they didn’t make Im Se Mi’s Yoo Ji Yun be Ae Rin’s rival when it comes to liking Bon. Instead, she was supportive of them, especially as she saw that Ae Rin was helping him heal as well. At the same time, she was able to let go of her own crush on him, and finally pay attention Ra Do Woo (Sung Joo), who has been there for her no matter what.

Plot wise, I’m glad that everything was paid off in a satisfactory manner in the end; and that there were enough twists and turns that were predictable enough without it being underwhelming.

All in all, “My Secret Terrius” was a fun rom-com spy show with humor and heart that warms you up from the inside out.

Have you seen “My Secret Terrius”? What did you think about it? Let me know what you think in the comments below!

Image Source: MBC

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