The Kpop Files: The Monthly Kpop Haul #1.1

Aside from my love of tv & film, one of the reasons why I started this blog was to share my passion for my various fandoms with you all, as fandoms have been a huge part of my life, as once I get into a fandom, I hardly let them go. So, because of that, and because I’m delving deeper into being a collector in relation to my fandoms, I decided to launch a new segment on my blog- The Fandom Files. Here, I’ll be putting anything related to fandom, from fan meet ups, to conventions, to cosplay, and the various fandom related merchandise I have purchased. Last month, I went on a short but sweet family trip to Seoul, South Korea, so, what better way to launch this segment with my first ever Kpop haul.

Now, my journey with Kpop has been quite a rocky one. I started listening to Kpop a decade ago, in 2007, and I clearly remember watching the first two music videos of Girl’s Generation on YouTube. This was a milestone for me, as I was making the transition from Jpop to Kpop.

Aside from Girl’s Generation, I would listen to other acts as well, such as Big Bang, 2NE1 (my ultimate girl group), and Epik High (whom I still love to this day). However, as college and musical theater overtook my life, as well as the fact that not many people listened to Kpop around me, I stopped listening for a while.

A few years ago, I started listening to Kpop again thanks to me returning to the Kdrama scene. To be specific, it was Lee Junho of 2PM that got me back into it thanks to “Chief Kim”, and I consider him now as my ultimate bias. However, me returning full force into Kpop didn’t really happen late last year and early this year, with me returning to FT Island, and falling hard for Gfriend, Infinite, ONF, VeriVery, and Seventeen, and I’m pretty sure that this list is only going to get longer in the future.

That combined with me being a collector, and a recent trip to Seoul, led me to actually start my own Kpop & Photocard collection, thus my impetus for making a haul post. Right now, I’m only collecting FT Island, ONF, Infinite, Gfriend and Seventeen, but this list might grow in the future.

So without further ado, as my disclaimer was long, let’s get into my haul from the month of June, which is a combination of what I bought from YesAsia, and what I bought during our family trip to Korea. Also, this will only be the first part of my June 2019 haul post as this haul was pretty massive. This half will contain the Gfriend, FT Island and ONF things that I got.

1. FT Island’s 6th Mini Album “What If”

FT Island’s 6th Mini Album, “What If”, w/ a Minwhan photocard & Seung Hyun clear film strip

Despite everything, I am a proud Primadonna who will always stand by my four boys, and I decided that I’m still going to collect their albums, and just quickly skip Choi Jong Hoon’s pages and if I ever pull him, he’s staying in the album and not in my photocard collection. I got this one from a shop at the Myeongdong Underground Shopping Center. It’s a pretty album and I love all the tracks, so I’m glad that I have it. I pulled Minwhan’s photocard and Song Hyun’s clear film strip.

2. FT Island’s 6th Album “Where’s the Truth?”-Truth Version

FT Island’s 6th Album-“Where’s The Truth-Truth Version” w/ a Seung Hyun photocard.

After “I Will”, “Where’s the Truth?” just so happens to be one of my favorite studio album’s of theirs, as those two albums and “What If” really got me into them. I got the Truth Version (the red one), but hope to get the False Version (the white one), in the future. I got this one from Music Korea in Myeongdong. For my photocard, I pulled Song Hyun. Yes, I got him two times in two different albums, which means if I pull him again in another FT Island album, I just might start collecting him, although I do want to collect all four of them. (Hong Gi and Jae Jin are my biases.)

3. Gfriend’s 2nd Album “Time For Us” Limited Edition

Gfriend’s 2nd Album-“Time For Us-Limited Edition” w/Sowon’s paper mobile, photo frame & card set, Yerin & Eunha photocards.

My first ever Kpop purchase! I bought this from YesAsia, and I got it shipped to me via LBC right to my doorstep in less than a week. This album is really pretty and a favorite of mine. Interestingly enough, I pulled the three oldest members & the 2Jung Line. I got Sowon’s paper mobile, and for photocards I got Eunha & Yerin.

4. Gfriend’s Lightstick Ver. 2

Gfriend’s Lightstick Ver. 2-the Haneulbam Bong (Night Sky Lightstick)


This is one thing that I knew I had to get my hands on, especially as I’m seeing them in concert this August when they come to Manila. As soon as I saw this in one of the shops at the Myeongdong Underground Shopping Center, I just decided to get it, and I’m so happy that I did! I like this version over the first version, the Glass Marble Lightstick, and I can’t wait for me to use it during their concert! This is my first lightstick ever!

5. ONF’s 1st Mini Album “On/Off”

ONF’s 1st Mini Album-On/Off, w/the sticker set and a Wyatt photocard.

I actually had my eye on ONF thanks to a review that The Bias List did (The Bias List is also how I found my way back to Kpop, and made the transition of getting back into groups more smoothly! Check out their blog!) on ONF’s “Complete”, but I knew that it was a group that would probably click with me, and I was right. I got this from Music Korea, and pulled everyone’s favorite rapper with a cave like voice, Wyatt, for my photocard. I know that there’s only version per member, so I’ll probably try to collect all of them in the future.

6. ONF’s 2nd Mini Album “You Complete Me”

ONF’s 2nd Mini Album-You Complete Me, w/ two Hyojin photocards & Laun’s polaroid.

It’s no surprise that I decided to get this album, as it contains the song that pulled me into ONF- “Complete”. I absolutely love this album, except for the slip case cover and the fact that the binding isn’t too great for the photobook. I pulled maknae Laun’s polaroid and I was over the moon to find out that I pulled two different photocards of my main bias in this group, Hyojin! (I know each member has six different cards, so I just might collect Hyojin’s cards in the future.) I also got this from Music Korea.

7. ONF’s 3rd Mini Album “We Must Love”

ONF’s 3rd Mini Album-We Must Love, w/ an ON team unit card, a group photo, E-Tion’s square card & Laun’s postcard.

It should be no surprise that I decided to just complete their entire discography as of now, especially as they don’t have limited edition versions yet or multiple versions (I’m looking at you, Seventeen.) I got this from Music Korea as well. I absolutely loved the concept that they did for packaging, although it’s a little bit flimsy. I really loved this photobook, which was compact yet had great photoshoots in it, and better binding than their previous album. This came with a lot of random stuff- I pulled Laun’s postcard (2nd time to pull him!), E-Tion’s square photocard (I was so happy as he’s my second bias), an On Team Polaroid and the group photo where most of them were doing heart signs.

And that’s it for the first part of my June 2019 Kpop haul! I will also be posting pictures of these individual items/albums up on Instagram & Facebook as well, if you want to take a closer look at them.

Look forward to the second part of this post which will be up soon and will have all the Infinite and Seventeen stuff I got in Korea.

I hope you enjoyed my very first haul post and the very first post for this segment of my blog! Stay tuned for the second part, which will come very soon!Β 


10 thoughts on “The Kpop Files: The Monthly Kpop Haul #1.1

  1. Ah, kpop albums, so colorful and full of ‘stuff’. That was a revelation as photobooks etc were a total novelty to me at the time I got into kpop, some 10 years ago. One my early purchases was actually FT Island’s ‘Jump Up’. πŸ™‚

    I think I went a bit nuts in the early days as I bought SO many albums I now have boxes of ’em. πŸ˜€ Ah well, I’m less free with my money these days. Haven’t bought anything in ages, though there are couple of recent releases I do kinda want in physical format as well. Whether I’ll ever get round to obtaining them is another matter.^^

    1. Wow! My first ever purchase of any kind of boygroup related merch was for a Jpop group, and those didn’t come w/all the random stuff they have in Kpop albums, plus it was harder to purchase and ship them to my country before, unlike now. That’s amazing that that was your first Kpop purchase.
      Hahaha, I’ve slowed down a bit already, it’s just that buying them in Korea was soo affordable. πŸ˜€
      I actually have a list of albums I do want to purchase, the problem is that it gets hijacked by comebacks and concerts. hahahaha.
      Just asking out of curiosity, which group’s albums do you have more of in your collection as of the moment?

      1. I know! I got a stack of albums both times I was in Seoul. Though that was several years ago, when I was still new to the whole kdrama/kpop experience. 😁

        There are several groups/performers that I have more than one album of. But without actually counting, I’d say I have the most albums by CN Blue. I was really into them starting from before their debut but as I haven’t really liked their recent style of songs, I haven’t been following them in a while. I even have their 2 first Japanese albums, which I think are not available anymore. Such a shame about Jong Hyun though, he should have known better. It’s so strange how all three FNC’s bands lost a member due to scandals. NFlying is still doing fine and FT Island has enough members to continue but I wonder what CN Blue is going to do with just three people in it.

      2. Ah yes, kdrama was the one the factors I got back into Kpop, aside from my ultimate bias, Junho, being a great actor, there were also the OSTs. I know, I hope that the other three can still continue though, such a shame indeed. I never pegged Jong Hoon as someone who would be capable of doing that, but then, you never really know. Right now, the most albums I have are Seventeen albums. I got into them pretty fast, and fell hard, also, they release SO MANY VERSIONS (WHY?!) THAT AS A FAN & A COLLECTOR I FEEL THE NEED TO HAVE THEM ALL. *cries*

      3. Kpop groups didn’t use to have several album versions when I stumbled upon the scene. It is a relatively new invention, I believe. Guess they started aligning with the jpop traditions in that. And got greedier, as several versions = more money to TPTB.

        I don’t really “stan” any groups as to me it’s the music that matters most. That said, there are groups I do follow enough to know stuff about the members, more than just their names and maybe positions.

        You never got into 2pm then, just Junho? He’s a pretty good actor and seems to be getting progressively better as time goes by. My kind of “idol” actor. ☺ I do have a soft spot for 2pm but it’s GOT7 that is my fave jypent group.^^ They have so many songs I just love.

      4. Oh, I did get into 2PM because of Junho, and I do enjoy some of their music. Their live concerts though are pretty amazing. However, my problem w/JYP groups is that there are some songs that I like, and some that I don’t, and as I discovered other groups, 2PM got a bit lower on the list in terms of favorite groups, but I still do love them and have a soft spot for them. That’s why I couldn’t get into GOT7 as well. However, it seems like Woolim is more my taste, as I love Infinite, and Lovelyz & Golden Child’s music appeal to me, although I have yet to get fully into them. Yes, Junho gets better and better every time, and I can’t wait to see what he’ll do next when he comes back from his mandatory public service. For me its really about the music, and the group’s personality and the individual members themselves come second, but that’s the formula for me to completely a stan a group.

      5. Ah yes, I can understand that. There are groups that have only couple of songs to my liking as well. It all comes down to what kind of music appeals to you.
        Btw Infinite is one of my fave groups as well. I missed their debut because of CN Blue but fell totally in live with BTD, I was obsessed with that song and the choreo. πŸ˜„ I’ve liked their releases ever since. Even the debut song is awesome. I do have couple of their albums too.
        I’ve never been into girl groups. Not because of the gender, I just prefer male voices. Besides I find most of the GG concepts kinda iffy. One likes what one likes, as simple as that. πŸ˜‰

      6. True that! Yay, another fellow Inspirit! BTD is an amazing song. For Infinite, the songs I go most nuts over are Paradise, Man in Love, Last Romeo, and Bad. The intro of Bad leading into the main song is just sooo good, and I love absolutely everything about that song. Infinite has never disappointed me yet, and neither has FT Island. And totally understand re liking boy groups more than girl groups. It seems that for every 4-5 boy groups I end up discovering & stanning, there’s just one girl group per year that I like. As of the moment, Gfriend is the only girl group I’m stanning, but that might change as I’ll be giving Lovelyz a proper chance this year. πŸ˜€ And yes, sometimes I’m iffy with girl group concepts as well, but when one hits my sweet spot, then you know I’ll be stanning that group. hehehe.

  2. 2PM, FT Island, Infinite?? Omg! ^^ I think I found my favorite blogger. 2ne1 is my ultimate girl group too! Hahaha! Your monthly Kpop haul is seriously giving me good vibes. It’s hard to collect Ft island’s albums now as most of them are already out of stock. Their What if album is next on my list and I’m looking for a reliable online store to order. I have two old Ft Island albums I bought as second hand from a Facebook marketplace ( yeah, I’m that desperate). Unfortunately, the photo cards were missing. But I really want to collect their old albums, especially the ones with my favorite songs on it. I’m not at all affected with Jonghoon’s departure ( he wasn’t my bias anyway) and I won’t stop supporting the group just because of his scandal. I still have his postcards from my Five treasure box album and I’m not planning to throw them. I just hope I won’t get him in my future photo cards though. Hahaha!

    Cnblue and 2PM were my first group to stan. Taecyeon is my bias ^^ But like you, I don’t like some of their songs so it’s hard to buy an album if you only like the title track or maybe one Bside and don’t like the rest of the songs. I think it’s JYP’s thing. Most of the album from JYP’s groups,I usually only like to the main track. Except maybe for ITZY’s mini album where I like all the songs. But JYP groups usually have adorable members who are good in variety shows and it’s hard to ignore them.

    With Infinite, I only know one member ( Myungsoo/L) but they have a Japanese song that I’m so in love with and consider as one of my favorites. Do you know their Japanese song, Dilemma?

    1. Thank you for the kind words & I’m glad that you are enjoying my haul posts! I’m an old kpop fan, but just started collecting now. Same w/your thoughts on the whole FT Island situation earlier this year, I’m definitely never going to stop loving this group. I’m a bit worried about getting Jonghoon in the older ones, but like you, I’ll just probably leave it in the album if I pull him. But YES, FT Island is a hard one to collect, especially photocard wise.. *cries*.
      2NE1 deserved more. Have you seen Dara’s and Bom’s collab on Dara’s channel? They did a duet version of Lonely! All the feels! Speaking of 2PM, they kept on popping up on my playlist and I forgot how much I loved some of the songs on their Gentleman’s Game & No. 5 albums. But yeah. I never got into Twice & GOT7 and ITZY isn’t my thing at all. However, I do love Day6 very much and for some odd reason, I really do like Stray Kids a lot more than I thought I would. L is my bias in Infinite! AND YES DILEMMA IS AN AMAZING SONG. You might like one of their songs, “Bad”, as well, if you liked Dilemma. πŸ˜€

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