The Kpop Files: The Monthly Kpop Haul #1.2

As promised, here’s the second part of my very first ever Kpop haul, and this post finishes off everything that I got in the month of June 2019.

So, without further ado, let’s delve into what I got for the groups Infinite and Seventeen.

1. Infinite’s 1st Mini Album “First Invasion”

Infinite’s First Invasion-The Outside & The Booklet
Infinite’s FIrst Invasion-Booklet & CD

As soon as I saw this on one of the shelves in one of the shops at the Myeongdong Underground Shopping Center, I knew I had to have it, as I had a feeling that I would have a harder time getting it when I got back home. Although the photoshoot at times makes me scratch my head with the fashion/style they were going for, I’m so glad that I have this, as it was their first mini album, and was released in 2010.

2. Infinite’s 1st Single Album “Inspirit”

Infinite’s Inspirit-The Exterior
Infinite’s Inspirit-The Booklet & CD

I also got this one at the Myeongdong Underground Shopping Center. I really love the photoshoot in this photobook, over the one in “First Invasion”. This one was released in 2011, and I’m so glad I have it in my small Infinite collection already.

3. Infinite’s 4th Mini Album “New Challenge”

New Challenge and Postcard
Infinite’s New Challenge Photobook & CD

Again, another one I got from the Underground Shopping Center, but one of my favorite ones from among the albums I got this June. The blue of this album is just so pretty, and the photobook is probably my favorite among the Infinite albums I got this time around. For this album, I pulled Woo Hyun’s postcard.

4. Seventeen’s “17 Carat”

Seventeen’s 17 Carat w/the White Card Set

At the time I went to Seoul, I was already pretty deep into Seventeen, even though I was still new to them. They were a group that I fell for pretty fast. So, by the time our trip came around, I was a Carat, although a new one. So, when I saw their debut release on the shelves of the shopping center, I knew I had to get it. I am glad that I have this, but I am not fond of the origami style poster/lyrics sheet that they wrapped the cd in. I was happy that I got their white huge cards rather than the black ones as I preferred the concept they went for in the white cards over the black cards.

5. Seventeen’s “Love Letter Repackage”

Seventeen’s Love Letter Repackage

I absolutely love a lot of the songs in this album, and I love the concept they went for with this album, although it was a bit bulky. I like that the photobook felt like an old scrapbook, and even the photos inside evoke that. I also like that I can actually practice reading Korean with these albums in their “Thanks To’s” as well as with whatever they write inside the photobook. I pulled two different versions of The 8 for the photocards, and Dino’s polaroid. 

6. Seventeen’s 6th Mini Album”You Made My Dawn”- Before Dawn, Dawn & Eternal Sunshine Versions

Seventeen’s You Made My Dawn
Seventeen’s You Made My Dawn-Before Dawn
Seventeen’s You Made My Dawn-Dawn Version
Seventeen’s You Made My Dawn-Eternal Sunshine

I got this set at a pretty discounted price as they were selling this as a set at Music Korea. Each album had a different concept, and my favorite concept belonged to the Eternal Sunshine version as it felt very homey in a way.  From the Before Dawn version, I pulled one of Joshua’s and one of S.Coups’ photocards, Jeonghan’s lenticular, and The 8’s behind the scene card; from Dawn, I pulled one of DK’s and The 8’s photocards, Mingyu’s lenticular, and Vernon’s behind the scenes card; and from the Eternal Sunshine version, I pulled one of DK’s and Mingyu’s photocards, The 8’s lenticular, and DK’s behind the scene card. 

7. Seventeen’s 4th Mini Album “Al1”- Al1 Version 



I just HAD to get this album because not only do I love the songs in this album, but “Don’t Wanna Cry” was the first Seventeen song that was recommended to me by a fellow Carat who wanted me to get into Seventeen…and, well, it worked. I also love the photoshoot in this version of the album. From this version, I pulled a Wonwoo photocard, a Jeonghan CD plate, and a Vernon postcard.

Seventeen’s Al1-Al1 Version w/all my random stuff & pulls.

I really like the mix of random stuff that I got in my Seventeen albums as I was album to pull my Top 4 biases, collectively- Joshua, Wonwoo, DK and Vernon. Also, I actually pulled different versions of The 8 in all but one of my Seventeen albums, which I found to be a bit hilarious.

Tablo’s Pieces of You & Blonotes

Now, for my non-album Kpop hauls, I was actually able to snag English copies of Tablo of Epik High’s “Blonotes” and his short story collection, “Pieces of You”. I’m a huge fan of Epik High and especially of Tablo’s, so I’m glad that I got this last minute at the bookstore at the airport.

And that was my entire haul for June 2019!

Here’s what’s in store for my upcoming hauls:

July 2019

Gfriend’s 2nd Album “Time For Us”-Daybreak Version (SinB Signed)

Infinite’s Limited Edition 5th Mini Album “Reality”

Verivery’s 1st Mini Album “Veri-Us” (Official + DIY Versions)

Verivery’s 2nd Mini Album “Veri-Able” (Official + DIY Versions)

Infinite’s 3rd Album Top Seed

August 2019

Shipped/Waiting For…

Pre-Order Gfriend’s 7th Mini Album Fever Season-All Three Versions (Pre-Ordered!)


Shipped/Waiting for…

Mwave Griend Random Member Signed Fever Season Album- Yeol or Night Version 

And that was it for my haul post for June 2019, although I’m posting this in July. I’m hoping to make these haul posts a monthly thing, no matter how small my actual haul would be moving forward. I’ll also be reposting the list I put above in every Kpop haul post, but will update it per month.

I hope you all enjoyed these haul posts and look forward to more of these to come in the future!

Also, if you have any Kpop recommendations for me, feel free to recommend away in the comments below! (I’m currently also very much interested in getting to know KNK, Golden Child, Lovelyz, N. Flying, VIXX, Oh My Girl, EXO & WayV) 

2 thoughts on “The Kpop Files: The Monthly Kpop Haul #1.2

  1. I’m away from home till Sunday, otherwise I’d check which Infinite albums I have. Can’t remember at all, ha. I quite like KNK. The video for their latest single is rather smexy. 😉 I like the song too.

    I’d really like to get the latest releases by GOT7, A.C.E and ONEUS. We’ll see.

    1. I checked out KNK’s past stuff & I actually like their sound. Have you seen the Sunset M/V and their performance on M Countdown? The song’s sound is very different from what I’ve been hearing nowadays, and it does get stuck in your head.
      ACE & ONEUS are on my list of groups that I’m interested in, but not on my priority list as of the moment of groups to check out. Hope you get those albums soon! 😀

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