The Kpop Files: The Monthly Kpop Haul 1.3

The last two months have been pretty busy on all fronts, and before I knew it, it was already September, which meant that I missed out on posting my July and August Kpop Hauls. So, starting from now, I’ll be rectifying this by posting some catch up haul posts, and hopefully, after this, I won’t miss out on a month again. Also, if you’ve been following my blog’s IG, you’d be able to see the things that I got for each month in more detail, so go check that out as well, especially as I’ve been updating it as well. 

The last few buys however, have allowed me to figure out what I want to do with some of my collections moving forward. 

Now, without further ado, let’s take a look at all the K-pop related items I got in July 2019. 

1.Gfriend’s 2nd Full Album “Time for Us”-Daybreak (Signed by SinB)

Gfriend’s 2nd Full Album “Time For Us” Daybreak Version & SinB Signed w/Umji Clear Card, Yuju & SinB Photocards
Eunha/s “Time For Us” Photo Frame

Even before I went on my Seoul trip, I already was thinking of getting myself a signed version of a “Time for Us”. I got the “Daybreak” version from YesAsia, and it was signed by SinB, my second bias. For the random stuff, I got Eunha’s pop up frame card, Umji’s clear card, and was lucky enough to SinB’s and Yuju’s (my biases!) photocards. 

For Gfriend, for the random stuff, I’ll be concentrating more on collecting my main two biases, Yuju and SinB, but for larger stuff like the pop up frame card, I’ll be keeping whoever I get, although I will try to get Yuju’s and SinB’s as well. 

2. Gfriend’s 1st Full Album “LOL”-Lots of Love Version (All Member Signed) (Pre-Loved)

Gfriend 1st Album “LOL” Lots of Love Version, All Member Signed

I was extremely lucky to find a pre-loved all member signed version of Gfriend’s first full album, “LOL”, so when I found it, I decided to get it right away. I got the Lots of Laughter version, and although it did not come with a photocard, it came with three postcards that were included in the album, one sticker pack, Eunha’s letter and her paperdoll. I also have wrapped it in an acid free PVC sleeve in order to preserve it, and is now displayed on my desk. This one did not come with a photocard. 

For signed albums, my current priority is to get all member signed ones, especially for my ultimates. 

3. Infinite’s “Reality” LE (Pre-Loved)

Infinite’s “Reality” Limited Edition with my Hoya photocard & Hoya Real Date Event Card

One of the things I like about getting pre-loved items is that you end up striking a conversation with fellow K-pop fans, and at the same time, they know that their items are going to good homes. Such was the case for me with this one. I absolutely love the “Reality” limited edition version as the photobook that done in such a way that it looks like a coffee table book or a magazine. It is also currently the biggest thing in my collection so far, and it came with Hoya’s photocard and his Reality date event card. 

For Infinite, I’ve decided to try my best to collect all the members as much as I can, but my main priorities would be L/Myung Soo, Hoya and Sunggyu as they are my biases. 

4. Infinite’s 3rd Full Album “Top Seed” (Sungyeol Version)

Infinite’s 3rd Album “Top Seed”, w/the 3D Frame, Metallic Postcards, Sungyeol’s CD Plate & Photobook and Dong Woo’s photocard

One of the hardest things about “Top Seed” is that each one has a random member CD plate, and whoever you get for the CD plate, that’s whose photobook you’ll get. I pulled Sungyeol’s, which I didn’t mind at all, as he does look really good here, but I’ll probably also try to get a hold of a Myung Soo one in the future as Myung Soo is my bias. (Also, I did get a bit sad and affected when I learned that Myung Soo left Woolim, but I am so happy that he’s still part of Infinite, as stated in his personal statement about the matter, and it looks like he left on good terms with Woolim, which is good, especially for the future of Infinite itself. I’m also glad that more and more artists can leave their group’s agency without leaving the group itself, and for me, my litmus test will be 2PM’s Taecyeon as he’s in a different agency now but is still part of 2PM. If he can pull this off, I’m pretty sure that Infinite can too.)

I also pulled Dong Woo’s photocard for this album, which is one of my favorite Infinite album’s as well as it felt like a breath of (updated) fresh air to their discography, plus Myung Soo and Sungjong have solo songs here as well! 

5. VeriVery’s “Veri-Us” (Official Version)

Verivery’s 1st Mini Album Veri-Us w/ Minchan & Yeonho photocards and the green set of postcards

Jellyfish Entertainment’s VeriVery is one of the first few rookies this year that I paid attention to, and I have not regretted it ever since then. I think that they are rookies to watch out for, and are now getting to be known as a “dance” group, aside from their songs being really good and fun. The album itself is colorful, bright and fun! 

For this version, I got the green set of their postcards which had one group shot and individual shots; and pulled Min Chan’s and Yeonho’s photocards (Yeonho is my first bias!) 

For now, I’ll be collecting all of them, but Yeonho, Hoyoung and Yeonseung are my main priorities. 

6. VeriVery’s “Veri-Us” (DIY Version)

Verivery’s 1st Mini Album Veri-Us DIY Version w/ Minchan’s photocard & the polaroid set

One of the things that I liked about VeriVery is that not only are encouraged to help co-write the lyrics of their songs and co-compose their songs, but they also participate in making the second version of their albums, which are termed as the “DIY” versions. In the photobook of the DIY version of “Veri-Us”, there are photos that the members took themselves of each other, sort of like behind the scenes photos of the making of the entire official album, and the making of their own “DIY”  music video version of their title track for this album, “Ring Ring Ring” (the DIY music videos are directed & edited mostly by their very own Min Chan). Aside from this, there’s also a little interview portion in the photobook in which they talk about the group, the members, and the making of the album and songs. I pulled a different photocard of Min Chan’s for this version (Min Chan really liked me this time around); and it also came with a cute set of polaroid photos, which they themselves took, and are also in the DIY version photobook. 

And that was all that I got for the month of July! I’ll be posting better & more in depth photos on my blog’s Facebook account and IG once I finish up posting the June 2019 haul posts, and you will also get my August haul post soon as well, so you can look forward to that as well. 

(Also, as I now have SO MANY POSTERS, does anyone have any advice on how I can put them up without both destroying walls and the poster itself?)

‘Till the next haul! 





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