The Kpop Files: The Monthly Kpop Haul 1.4

With this post, I’m finally caught up with my Kpop hauls for both July and August on this blog, although, it will take a while for me to catch up with it on my IG, so wait a little bit, but it’ll definitely get there. 

I also forgot to talk a little bit about all the comebacks and debuts that I was excited for in July, and since this post is about my August haul, I’ll also talk about what I was excited for in August as well. 

For July, I was really excited about Gfriend’s comeback with the song “Fever” and their 7th Mini Album as it was my first summer comeback with them ever since I became a Buddy. I was also really excited for Verivery’s comeback with their song “Tag,Tag,Tag”, making it their third release since debut, and the first time I actually pre-ordered anything for them. I wasn’t disappointed in the comebacks of these two groups at all!

I also kind of got interested in KNK, and after listening to their discography, I looked forward to their comeback, “Sunset”, with their 4th EP “KNK S/S Collection”, which I really liked. July 2019 also saw the debut of CIX with “Movie Star”, which I liked more than I thought I would. 

For August, I really looked forward to Seventeen’s digital single “HIT”. That was a big deal for me as it was my first Seventeen comeback since becoming a Carat, and I absolutely LOVED it. I also ended up getting into Everglow as well, and while I loved “Bon Bon Chocolat” more, “Adios” was really good and I’m so happy that they got their first music show win.  The end of the month also saw Onewe coming back with their second single, “Regulus”, which I absolutely adored, and I am so ready for them to release their full album before the year ends. 

As September is ending in just a couple of days, I’ll be addressing how I liked the September comebacks that I was looking forward to and what I’m most looking forward to in October, even though some of them may have already happened by the time I post that particular post. 

Now, let’s get into my August haul. 

I got less stuff as compared to August, but they were all pretty significant ones to me as well.

1.Infinite’s 2nd Repackage Album “Be Back” (Pre-Loved)

Infinite’s 2nd Repackaged Album “Be Back”
The normal photobook & the special first press photobook in the “Be Back” album.
Hoya & Myung Soo’s HUGE photocards from the “Be Back” album.

I decided to get another Infinite related purchase with “Be Back”. This came with the special first press photobook as well, which had extra pictures of the behind the scenes of the “Back” MV. It also came with a Myung Soo and Hoya huge photocard thing. I knew before purchasing it that the Hoya one had a fold (you can’t see it in the picture as I hid it well), so I’ll probably get myself another one later on.  I got this one pre-loved, and I’m glad that I did as I was able to get a first press photobook as well. 

2. Gfriend’s 7th Mini Album “Fever Season” (All Versions)

All three versions of Gfriend’s 7th Mini Album, “Fever Season”.

These albums were the very first things I ever pre-ordered from a Philippine based online shop. I used Arasseonni, and I absolutely loved their service and the fact that they also include group specific freebies in your package! I also got two posters but none of the pre-order photocard stuff, which was fine. 

Gfriend’s 7th Mini Album, “Fever Season”, the “Yeol” version w/ an Eunha square clear frame card, the sticker set, and Yuju & Yerin’s photocards.

For the “Yeol” version, I got the stickers which were the same for all versions, Yuju’s and Yerin’s photocards, and an Eunha clear frame square card.

Gfriend’s 7th Mini Album, “Fever Season”, the “Dae” version w/ another Eunha square clear frame card, the sticker set, and Sowon & Umji’s photocards.

For the “Dae” version, I got Sowon’s and Umji’s photocards, and the same Eunha clear card frame square card I got in the “Yeol” version. 

Gfriend’s 7th Mini Album, “Fever Season”, the “Yeol” version w/ an Umji square clear frame card, the sticker set, and Yuju & Umji’s photocards.

For the “Ya” version , I got different versions of Umji’s and Yuju’s photocards, and an Umji clear frame square card. 

For this batch, I’ll be trading Umji’s, Sowon’s and Yerin’s photocards for SinB’s and whatever I don’t have of Yuju’s, and I’m going to trade my duplicate Eunha clear frame square card for SinB’s. For the clear frame square cards, I’m hoping to get a complete set, as that’s easier to complete than the photocards. 

3. Gfriend’s 7th Mini Album “Fever Season” Mwave Eunha Signed (Night Version)

My Eunha “Fever Season” Mwave signed album.

I also got myself a signed version from an online seller, random member signed, and I got Eunha’s signature on the “Ya” version. I pulled SinB’s and another different Yuju photocard, and Yuju’s clear frame square card. 

4. Golden Child’s Lee Jangjun “Gol-cha!” Photocards & “Miracle” Name Tag

Golden Child’s Lee Jangjun’s photocard & frame card from their 1st mini-album “Gol-cha!”, and his name patch from 2nd mini album “Miracle”.

After getting into and falling in love head over heels with Golden Child, I decided to collect them as well. As they are ten in the group, I allowed myself four biases (Lee Jangjun, Kim Donghyun, Hong Joochan & TAG), all of which I’m collecting.  Jangjun is my first bias, and I’m glad that I was able to find these right away online. I got his photocard & frame card from their 1st Mini Album “Gol-cha!”, and his name patch from the 2nd Mini Album “Miracle”. This was actually my first time buying photocards from someone, and I’m glad that they came in perfect condition. I got these off of a seller on Shopee. 

And that was all I got in the month of August! I’ll be posting my September haul soon, so please look forward to that as well, which also included my first Kpop concert related merch purchase that I ever made!

“Till the next haul! 


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