The Kpop Files: The Monthly Kpop Haul 1.5

With this post, I’ve finally caught in terms of haul posts. So, you’ll be seeing my October haul sometime in November. This month’s haul was a mix of new releases and some old ones. I also got my very first concert merch purchase shipped to me this month! 

As for the comebacks for the month of September, the one that I was most excited for was FT Island’s Korean comeback with their 7th Mini Album “Zapping”, which I pre-ordered and got myself a signed copy as well. This was an important comeback for the group as it was the first time they put out an album as four members and the last comeback before their military hiatus starting with Lee Hong Gi enlisting last September 30. I will miss FT Island as a group, but I will continue to support the individual activities of the members before they enlist themselves, and will wait for them to come back. Hopefully it won’t be too long of a wait. 

“Zapping” was a great album, and a great way to send them off to their hiatus. I can’t believe they’ve been doing music for over twelve years now! 

Another one I looked forward to was Seventeen’s comeback with their 3rd Album “An Ode” with the title song “Fear”. Although I do prefer “HIT” over “Fear”, I loved “Fear” as well. However, I didn’t think that Pledis would want to try to break my wallet by actually giving us FIVE different versions (each with a ton of random things inside), which made me just a bit stressed. However, I decided to pre-order one version before getting the rest, and I’m still waiting for it to arrive. 

I got a little bit into VIXX recently, which means I’ve only listened to their music, but because of that, I did look forward to their digital single “Parallel”, and I was not disappointed in it at all! 

I also got into Oneus, so I looked forward to their comeback on September 30 with their 3rd Mini Album, “Fly With Us”,  and the title track “LIT”. While I loved “Valkyrie” and “Twilight” more, I liked how “LIT” was able to showcase a brighter and more fun side of the boys. I also loved the entire album as well! 

For many multifandom fans, this October is going to be a pretty stressful month, what with Monsta X and Super Junior making comebacks, and with SuperM debuting as well. For me, the comeback that I was waiting for since August is ONF’s comeback, which just happened on October 7. They came back with their 4th Mini Album “Go Live”, and with the title track “Why”, which I was very excited for as MK actually co-composed it, U co-choreographed it, and Wyatt helped write some lyrics for it. It’s also a big milestone for the group as it will be the first time that they’ll be promoting a new album and song with just six members, and I’m glad that it didn’t disappoint at all.  

AB6IX made a comeback on that day with their 1st full album “6IXENSE” and the title track “Blind for Love”, which was great as well. I was actually waiting for this comeback to see if I would really stan them, and after this, I can say that I am a fan.

Stray Kids also released a digital single on October 9, “Double Knot”, which I highly enjoyed as well. And because of this, I actually just went and pre-ordered the limited edition of their upcoming “Cle: Levantar” mini album which will be released at the end of November.  

Yesterday, EXO released the Japanese single “Bird”, which was good, and is a big thing for me as I just recently started liking EXO’s music. 

Lovelyz’s Kei also made her solo debut, although I have yet to watch the MV and listen to her album. More on that in next month’s post! 

Others that are making comebacks that I’m keeping an eye out on include N.Flying,Day6 and We In The Zone. 

Now, let’s take a look at what I got in the month of September.

1.VeriVery’s 1st Single Album “Veri-Chill” (Official Version)

Verivery’s 1st Single Album “Veri-Chill” w/ a Minchan Wanted poster, Dongheon and Yongseung photocards and Hoyoung and Minchan clear cards.

So, despite the fact that it only had two actual tracks, I went and pre-ordered BOTH versions of Verivery’s “Veri-Chill” album. Also, somehow, I managed to get two clear cards and two photocards even though your only supposed to get one of each. I got Minchan’s Wanted poster, Minchan’s and Hoyoung’s clear cards, and Dongheon and Yongseung’s photocards. I was happy to get Yongseung’s photocard as he is my second bias in the group and I’ve never pulled him before. This album also came with a poster.

2. VeriVery’s 1st Single Album “Veri-Chill” (DIY Version)

Verivery’s “Veri-Chill” DIY Version with Minchan’s post card & Kangmin’s and Yeonho’s photocards.

Again, I managed to have two photocards in this album although it only supposedly should come with one. Minchan really loves me as I always pull him, and it was no exception for the DIY version of Veri-Chill as well. I pulled his post card and I got Yeonho’s and Kangmin’s photocards. This also came with a poster.

3. Seventeen Ode To You Concert Merch- Shirt (Joshua)

Joshua Ode To You Shirt

When Pledis put out photos of the “Ode To You” concert merch, I knew that I was definitely going to get Joshua’s version of the Ode To You shirt. I didn’t expect it to be soooo big though! So, my plan for this is that I’ll probably modify it a little so that it can fit me better. I’m excited to wear this when I go to their concert when they come here to Manila in February 2020! 

4.Golden Child’s 1st Single Album “Goldenness” (Red & Black Versions) (Pre-Loved)

Goldenness Red Version with a Bomin photocard, and Jangjun’s ticket.

I wasn’t kidding when I said that I had fallen head over heels for Golden Child, as I managed to get a bunch of Golden Child albums including the Red & Black versions of their 1st Single Album, “Goldenness”.  Also, as much as I love each and every one of them, I have decided to only collect the random items of my four biases- Jangjun, Joochan, Donghyun, and TAG. For the red version, I got Bomin’s photocard and Jangjun’s ticket.

Goldenness Red Version with a Jibeom photocard, and Y’s ticket.

For the black version, I got Jibeom’s photocard and Y’s ticket. 

5. Golden Child’s 2nd Mini Album “Miracle” (Version B) (Pre-Loved)

Golden Child’s 2nd Mini Album “Miracle” Version B w/the CD, Seung Min’s name patch, Jang Jun’s ID and TAG’s photocard

I also got myself a pre-loved version of version B of Golden Child’s 2nd Mini Album, “Miracle”. It came with Jang Jun’s student ID, Seung Min’s name patch and TAG’s photocard. 

And that’s all I got for the month of September!

‘Till the next haul! 

4 thoughts on “The Kpop Files: The Monthly Kpop Haul 1.5

  1. I’m so happy to find your blog 😀 I’m a huge FT Island fan!!! I wanted to pre-order Zapping but I hesitated because I’m not sure about the quality of the songs. I’d rather hear the songs first and see if I like them before buying but now I totally regret it. I should have known that FT Island will never release a bad album. I already ordered the album but I missed the perks of the pre-order like limited edition poster. I’ll miss Hongki ( I still believe that he has the best voice in kpop) and I’m not looking forward to the other boys’ military service but I’ll wait for their return. I hope I’ll see them live someday. I suggest you check Nflying too. ^^

    1. Thank you for the kind words! I actually got myself two copies- one all member signed because I just couldn’t not have that, and the other is just a normal copy. As in, the moment pre-orders dropped, I went crazy! Zapping was amazing & I did get a bit emotional in the last song. So far, I had to say goodbye to 2PM’s Junho this year and Hongki too, and I actually felt sad about it. Same, I think Hongki’s voice is SOOO unique and amazing. One of my fave singers in Kpop. And yes, FT Island is THAT group that I’d actually go to Korea to actually watch them live. It must be amazing, based on their concert DVDs. I REALLY like N.Flying and I’m looking forward to their comeback! I don’t have a bias among them yet, but I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to point on out soon!

      1. I remember when Taecyeon went for his military service, I wrote a goodbye poem. xD I understand how you felt. Junho is my bias wrecker and I think he’s the funniest member of 2PM and is a good singer. I love his solo music especially Ice Cream. He’s a good actor too.

        When Nflying had their concert in the Philippines, I was there for vacation. I was planning to watch but hesitated because I wasn’t a fan back then and is only interested because they are in the same management as CNBLUE and FTisland. A friend convinced me that I would just waste my time and money if I go to concert of a group that I’m not a fan of. I kinda regret it now. Hahaha! I totally love them now. I’m excited for their comeback on the 15th of October. I hope you can share your thoughts about their new MV here in your blog ^^

      2. I really like Junho as he was the one that got me back into kpop after a long hiatus from it and I actually got to know him as an Actor first. I really do Love his canvas album & I do Love How hardworking he Is. I’m going to be sad as well when Infinite’s L enters the military as he Is another big bias of mine, but it’ll also be a bit happy as it would mean that I wont’t have to wait too long for an Infinite comeback. Aside from N.flying was in my country and Day6 Will be here as well, but yeah, As much as I Want to Go, I decided against it as I’m Not too into them yet. My rule for myself Is to Go only after I get into them. I a.m very excited for the N.flying comeback and I definitely Will talk about it in next month’s haul post so you can look forward to that.

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