The Monthly Kpop Haul 1.6

October was a pretty loaded month in terms of debuts and comebacks, but more than that, it seems like October 2019 and the first few days of November were not good to the industry at all. If you are a Kpop fan, I’m pretty sure you know what I’m talking about.

I honestly don’t know if I have any right to talk about that here, but it’s been hitting pretty hard. For me, I think this feeling started right after that sudden announcement of Laun leaving ONF, and then things have been happening one after the other, member departures (to be honest, I found Stray Kids’ Woojin’s departure pretty sketchy. Laun’s was, at first, but I think I saw somewhere on Twitter that people have been seeing him around and that he looks good and happy, so that’s a little bit of closure, for me, just a little bit. With The Boyz’s  Hwall, I am pretty sure we will still see him in the entertainment industry, he just needs to rest and recover well from his leg and health problems first), Sulli’s passing, and then now the whole issue with Monsta X just right after they came back. 

To be honest, I’m still processing a lot of these things, and I’m really hoping that the rest of the year will be kinder to Kpop, but more importantly, I do hope that the members who have left their respective groups are alright, and I wish them all the luck; I hope that the remaining members continue receiving the love and support they need so that they can be strong and continue on; I hope that Wonho and Shownu know that their fans still love them (I myself am not a fan, but still…) and that they and Monsta X stay strong also; and I hope that because of what happened to Sulli, that things do change for the better, and I hope that her friends and family are receiving the love and support they need as well during these trying times. To Kpop stans in general, October hasn’t been our month, but we can see this through together. If you need to rant, to talk to someone, my comments section is open to you as well as long as everyone is respectful of each other. 

EDIT: It has also come to my attention that some ATEEZ members are also dealing with health problems as well and I think Mingi wasn’t able to participate a lot in the promotions for their full album comeback. I hope ATINYs stay strong too! 😀 I also apologize if I’ve left out any other things that happened in October in the Kpop world, but I hope everyone, most especially the artists, stay strong. 😀 

Other things that happened in October that left an impact for me is that Infinite’s Woo Hyun has now enlisted, leaving L as the only member who hasn’t enlisted yet. (Remember he only left Woolim, not Infinite.) I think he’ll be enlisting sometime next year, and I have a feeling that his upcoming 2020 drama might be his last before enlisting. FT Island’s Lee Hong Gi also enlisted on September 30, and I can’t lie, during the first few days, when I saw pics of him smiling in the military and after reading his handwritten letter to us Primadonna’s, I got teary eyed, but I’m glad he’s doing well. Also, G-Dragon was just discharged from the military, and I cannot wait to see what he will do next. 

As for comebacks, in October, the ones I was really anticipating were ONF’s 4th Mini Album “Go Live”, AB6IX’s “Blind for Love”,  Stray Kids’ “Double Knot”, N.Flying’s “Good Bam”, and in a way, Day 6’s “Sweet Chaos”. I was waiting for “Go Live” and the title track “Why” for some months know, and I think Laun’s departure not only made the members have a stronger bond with each other, but us Fuses got stronger as well. The album didn’t disappoint, and I’m so proud of all of them. AB6IX’s comeback solidified me as a fan of theirs, as well as N.Flying’s and Day 6’s comebacks as well. “Double Knot” was my first comeback with them as a newly converted Stay (although I still haven’t gotten deep into them yet), and further solidified me as a fan. (I still have to check out VIXX’s Hyuk’s song though, I have no idea how I’m going to keep up with things now that I have so many groups I’m stanning.) 

As for November, I was really looking forward to Stray Kids’ full comeback and even pre-ordered the Limited Edition of “Cle: Levantar”, but I do understand why everything had to be pushed back. I am VERY much excited to see Golden Child’s comeback, which, is a WHOLE FULL ALBUM, and I’m over the moon as we are not only getting a Joochan and Y solo, but there are “unit songs”, which means every member is covered.  I’m also a very newly converted EXO-L, I love all their songs, but have yet to get super into them, so I’m excited for their upcoming comeback (and yes, I did get both versions of their upcoming album). I’m also a bit excited for CIX’s upcoming album, as this will show me if I really do like them. Also, I still have to check out The Boyz’s Japanese MV “Tattoo”, which I’ll talk about next time. 

As for collection plans, a lot of stuff that I already paid for will be arriving in November, and I did slightly work on my Infinite photocard collection. I think the end of November moving into December will be mostly trades in terms of photocards due to album releases, seasons greetings, lightsticks I want to get, the upcoming Seventeen concert here next year, and it was just announced that L will be having a fanmeeting in January and all ticket holders will be able to avail of the hi-touch. He’s my third ultimate bias in all of Kpop, so I am just so excited for it. So, starting now, I’m on a very strict photocard ban. 

I really hope I stick to it! 

I apologize for the lengthy intro, so now, let’s get into the actual haul itself. 

1.Golden Child Photocard- TAG Goldenness Red Back 

I didn’t expect to work so much on my Golden Child collection, but I honestly didn’t mind. At first it was because I thought it would be really hard, but thankfully it’s not. Of course, not as easy as collecting Seventeen, but I’m glad that the Goldenness community here in my country is a lot. Anyway, this was a photocard I’ve been eyeing to get for a month now, as I do need to work on the photocards of my other Golden Child biases, and I’m so happy I have this. 


2.Golden Child Photocard-Donghyun Goldenness Black Back  

Among all the Golden Child members, I think finding Dong Hyun’s photocards is a little bit harder, so I got this one as soon as I saw it. This one arrived in great condition, and the seller also included a Dong Hyun uchiwa, making it my first Kpop related uchiwa ever. 

3. Golden Child 3rd Mini Album “Wish” (Version A & B)

Golden Child 3rd Mini Wish Version A
Golden Child 3rd Mini Album Wish Version B
Golden Child 3rd Mini Album Wish Version B

Ordered these from Cho Da Bi Trading, one of the bigger online local shops that I trust in my country. A little bit disappointed that there was one side in both that were a little bit dented, but I really can’t blame them as it is very big. I got Joochan’s white back in one and Jibeom’s orange back in the other. I also got Jibeom’s and Seungmin’s little booklet. I’ll be trading off Jibeom’s stuff and Seungmin’s for my biases later on. 

Golden Child Joochan & Jibeom WISH Photocards
Golden Child WISH Photocards Joochan’s White Back Photocard & Jibeom Orange Back Photocards
Golden Child WISH Book in Book Jibeom & Seungming

I also feel that I went the wrong route with my Golden Child collection, so I’ll be replacing them with brand new copies and selling the pre-loved ones I have; and in the case of “Wish”, I might get myself another copy maybe via YesAsia or when I actually go to Korea to avoid having a dent in it like this one. 

4. Verivery Photocards- Veri-Us (Yellow Back) & Hoyoung Veri-Chill Black Back

VeriVery Hoyoung Veri-Us Yellow Back
VeriVery Hoyoung Veri-Us Yellow Back
VeriVery Hoyoung Veri-Chill Black Back
VeriVery Hoyoung Veri-Chill Black Back

Finding Verivery photocards online are pretty rare for me, so when I saw someone selling and trading, I jumped at the opportunity right away. I still don’t know whether I’m going to collect all of the members yet, but I am focusing more on my top three, which is why I decided to get Hoyoung’s Veri-Us Yellow Back card and his Veri-Chill Black Back photocards. These came with really cute freebie fanmade stickers that are now in my binder as well. 

5. ONF’s 4th Mini Album “Go Live”

ONF 4th Mini Album Go Live CD +PB

This is the album I was really waiting for this month because of everything that happened with Laun leaving and all. I absolutely LOVE this album, especially as the members participated a lot in making this happen. I’m especially proud of MK as he co-composed “Why”, and I am so glad that they got to sing the song he made for their second anniversary, “Promise U”,during the showcase. I’m also glad that the boys are staying strong and are doing well, especially U, who also helped co-choreograph “Why”. Also, that MV! I did a lot for them during this comeback too, including streaming and voting for them on the pre-voting on M Countdown on the Mwave site. These boys deserve to be known more! Plus, all their songs are good, and I especially love that “Moscow Mosocow” is a bit different from their usual songs. 

L-R E-Tion’s Receipt,, Hyojin’s Photocard, E-Tion’s Photocard, Wyatt’s Photocard, ONF Group Card

For my pulls, I freaked out as I pulled BOTH my biases, Hyojin and E-Tion’s photocards! I also got E-Tion’s store receipt thing, Wyatt’s photocard, and a group photocard. (Anyone want to tell me what these mean in Morse code?)

ONF Go Live Hyojin PC Morse Code
ONF Group Card Morse Code

However, I am disappointed that the photobook binding got  out, so I think I’ll get myself another copy as well. 

6.Infinite 2nd Repackaged Album “Be Back” All Member Signed 

Infinite 2nd Album Repackage Be Back All Member Signed

When it comes to ultimates, sometimes, I break my own rules, and it happened when I saw someone selling an OT7 signed copy of “Be Back”. As Infinite are one of my ultimates, I knew I had to get my hands on this and I’m glad it came to me in good condition.

7.ONF 2nd Mini Album “You Complete Me” All Member Signed 

ONF 2nd Mini Album You Complete Me All Member Signed

Me buying this OT7 signed copy of “You Complete Me”, yes Laun’s signature is on this one, made me realize that this is one of my ultimate rookie groups. I was disappointed that the slip cover was a bit dirty, so I switched it with my existing copy for now. Thank goodness the signatures were on the photobook and not the slip case! So, for me, the only signed copy of an ultimate group I’m missing as of right now is Seventeen, and maybe Golden Child. I’m actually thinking of getting myself another copy of this album (not signed), as the photobook binding in my first copy got out, and to get more photocards, as it is VERY hard to get ONF photocards here. 

8. Lee Jae Jin’s 1st Japanese Mini Album “Scene.27” (Regular Version)

Lee Jae Jin 1st Japanese Mini Album Scene.27

I honestly didn’t expect for this to come right away, so this was a pleasant surprise. I knew I was going to get this one because FT Island is one of my ultimates and Jae Jin is my second bias in the group. The album itself is great, and I’ve always liked the songs that Jae Jin composed for FT Island. I hope that he can release a Korean solo album as well before he enlists as he’s the next member to go after Hong Gi. 

And that was it for my October Kpop Haul! I hope that everyone in this community stays strong based on what’s been happening, and if you ever need to talk or rant about it, again, my comments section is always open. 

‘Till the next haul! 


13 thoughts on “The Monthly Kpop Haul 1.6

  1. It really was a hard month for kpoppies in all fandoms. And not gonna lie, I’m sort of glad I’m not a Stay or a Monbebe, especially since they’re going through a lot. I’m sending all my support though! I think November should be better. I loved ONF’s “Why” a lot, but I’m surprised you never mentioned ATEEZ’ first full length album. One of their members couldn’t promote due to injury (curse October’s bad luck 😡 ) but they truly did amazing. They (along with an absurd amount of super talented rookie groups) might not win anything at MAMA, but they’ve accomplished a lot and I’m extra proud.

    Thank you for coming to my TEATalk.

    1. I’m glad you loved ONF’s “Why”! After “Why”, I think my next favorite song would be “Moscow Moscow”. I thought Laun leaving was a shock, as a Fuse, and as a new Stay, Woojin’s departure and everything else that followed was not very fun at all. I apologize if I missed out on the ATEEZ one. Will edit it, I actually heard about it, but as they aren’t that much on my radar and it honestly slipped my mind. Thank you for refreshing my memory though. Heard great things about ATEEZ though, their music isn’t my cup of tea for now (tried to get into them, but it didn’t work for me at that moment.) It’s sad when such talented rookies and groups don’t get the right attention right away, but yeah, I feel the same way with the groups I stan, especially the ones that aren’t as big yet.

  2. I’m always excited to read your Kpop Haul post. Hahaha! I’m glad you bought Lee Jae Jin’s 1st Mini Album. He’s my second bias too although I love all of them. Who’s your first, by the way? I also heard about L’s upcoming fanmeeting in the Philippines ( I’m from the Pihlippines too ^^) and I felt sad that I’m not in the country and won’t be able to attend. I think he was great in Ruler master’s of mask and Angel’s last mission. I’m also excited about Bigbang’s comeback as Taeyang and Daesung will be discharged this year too. It’s somehow compensated to the sadness due to the negative things that’s happening in the Kpop world right now. Anyway, I haven’t checked Golden Child yet but I’ll make sure to stalk them soon. And I’m curious, what do you think of N Flying’s Good Bum? 🙂

    1. Thank you for the kind words and for looking forward to these haul posts! 😀 I was so happy when I got it, and I actually teared up when I watched the “Love Like the Films” MV. I hope you’ll look forward to my haul post next month, as that will have both my regular version of FT Island’s “Zapping”, and an all member signed on. My bias is Hong Gi, and I’m so glad he looks happy and cheerful in the military. He’s my second ultimate bias in Kpop as well. L is my third, and I literally cried with happiness when I learned that all the ticket holders regardless of price would be able to participate in the Hi-Touch event. Don’t worry, I’ll give you a blow by blow account of the event in the post I’m planning to put up about it after it happens. And hey, cool, a fellow Filipino! Maybe one day we could meet up! Hahahaha. I still have to watch Angel’s Last Mission, but I was quite impressed with him in Miss Hammurabi. Re Big Bang, I hope so! So exciting! I guess its no secret that I stan Woolim artists (yes, I also do like Lovelyz) by now hahaha. I love Golden Child’s camaraderie with each other, the fact that they are in sync with each other despite being ten in the group, and the fact that they have never disappointed me in terms of the right bright pop sounds that I need. They have a comeback coming up which I am so excited for, as it’s a full album and it’s on Nov. 18! They’ve changed their concept to reflect a more mature side of them, but it looks like I’m going to love it as it was composed by BLSSD, whose compositions in Infinite’s work I’ve liked as well. They are a likeable bunch, and I think they deserve a lot more love especially from international fans. I really loved N.Flying’s Good Bam! I thought it was perfectly N.Flying, fun, and smooth, in a way? I really like N.Flying’s vibe, and I’m really planning on really stanning them soon. 😀 Sorry if I didn’t get to expound on it in my actual post as I thought it was getting to be too long already. hahahaha. 😀

  3. If I bought kpop albums at the rate you do, I’d be bankrupt in no time at all. 😀 But I guess these albums are quite a bit cheaper over there than here, at the far reaches of northern Europe.

    I don’t really buy physical albums any more, unless it’s one I really, really, REALLY want, ha. In fact, I’m currently trying to figure out what to do with some I already own but don’t want to keep. Not sure there is a market for such goods in these parts, otherwise I might perhaps sell them. Or just give them away.

    1. It is a lot, but I’d like to think it isn’t too much yet. Hahaha. I’ll have to have more stricter buying rules for myself in the future. Well, I think if you really set aside funds for it, I think most people with a regular paying job over where I come from can afford an album or two, especialy if you get it via Group Order or actual local online stores that you trust.
      Maybe you could give some of them to anyone you know whose a fan of that particular group, or put it up for sale on either a Kpop worldwide facebook marketplace group or a Kpop facebook marketplace group in your country, or you could also put it up on Ebay. 😀

      1. When I first got into kpop about 10 yts ago, it was relatively affordable ship albums albums here. They were cheaper than now and we didn’t have that hefty tax that’s now slapped on anything that costs more than 22€.

      2. Yikes. Taxes are not fun. 😦 Over here there are a lot of group order handlers, facebook marketplace groups and local online shops as Kpop got really big in the last few years, very unlike how it was before when I first got into Kpop around the same time you did. There are none of those where you are from?

      3. I don’t know where half of my post went. I did write more han that and corrected the typos too. 😂

        I’m not really into the kpop fandom, being way older than your regular fan. 😉 So I’m not that well in the know about where to get your stuff in these parts. There’s one, yes just one online shop that sells kpop in where I live. I haven’t looked into the other European coutries yet. What I do know, it’ll probably cost more than buying from e.g YeasAsia. Go figure. Not sure how I feel about fb groups though. Hmmmm… Would you be intersted in a donation? 😁

      4. I know, I had one comment a while ago be like that too. Weird. And wow, that’s something. I’ve also bought from YesAsia before, but not so often anymore. I’ve gotten some stuff (albums, photocards) from Facebook marketplaces and two really big online store selling platforms in my country, and so far, 99% of my transactions have been smooth and great. 😀 Hmmm, depends on what the donation means and entails? hahahahaha

      5. Well, inspired by you I went through my kpop ‘collection’. Gosh, I found albums I didn’t even remember I owned *I have a Phantom album? Who the heck are Big Mama? Oh, Sung Si Kyng… figures, I was heavily into ballad groups/soloists at one point*. 😀

        Most of my stuff seems to be from the earlier days of my kpop obsession, as I more or less stopped investing in physical albums at some point. Apart from those groups/artists I was more into, or if the album was one I REALLY loved and wanted a physical copy of. E.g I have almost the full discography of CNBlue up till Can’t Stop, but after that their music styles just weren’t my cup of tea anymore.

        And that brings me to the ‘donation’ part. 🙂 I found out I have 3 FT Island albums (Jump Up, Memory in FTIsland and DoubleDate), that I’m willing to part with. Could be that you already have them but if not, would you like to? They are just taking space and I would be happy to give them to a new home. 😉 I haven’t even played the last two and I’ve probably given Jump Up one spin, so all are more or less like new. The packaging is ok too, though the plastic wrappers are of course long gone.

      6. I actually Dont have them yet. Oh wow that would be amazing and Thank you so much, I Just have to figure out How we can Ship it from there to here. Is there anyway we can talk more privately so that we can figure this out? Does WordPress have a “private message” option? Hahahahah.

      7. There are definitely times I’ve wished that WP had private messaging. Perhaps the paid accounts have one. I actually have an email address for this kind of situations, so I’ll put it below. You can just delete it afterwards. 🙂

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