The Monthly Kpop Haul 1.7

First off, Merry Christmas everyone! I hope that you all spent a great Christmas with your friends and loved ones. Also, advanced Happy New Year to everyone as well! I hope that 2020 will be a great year for all of you, and a better year for Kpop, especially as soo many unfortunate things happened in Kpop in 2019. 

For this post, I’ll be combining both my November and December hauls, especially as December was sparse for me collection-wise, as everything I ordered in November and December will be arriving sometime either in January or February. Also, I’ve decided to change my posting schedule for my monthly hauls and put them up every end of the month, starting from January 2020. 

Now, let’s talk about everything that happened in November. The comeback I was most excited for was Golden Child’s comeback last November 18, especially as having a whole full album (with solos and unit songs!) was worth the wait since they did go on a hiatus for almost more than a year. I absolutely loved “Re-Boot”, and I loved all the songs on the album, including their title track, “Wannabe”. I got both the normal and deluxe versions, and I’m still waiting for them to arrive, although I’m so excited to get them as it comes with calendars and the deluxe version comes with a postcard set and a photocard set with all two versions for all the members, so it feels like you got a seasons greetings from them as well. Just seeing all ten of them perform on stage felt just so good and right!  I am so proud of all of them, and in particular, I am very proud of Jaehyun. I think he’s improved a lot vocally, and it shows. (Plus, this comeback made me decide to collect his cards.) I did notice that Bomin didn’t get lines except for that part in the middle, but I also think that it’s because he is a bit tired as he has been busy with a web drama, drama and hosting a music show, but it’s okay for me as he does have a unit song as well.

Coming off of “Stray Kids'” Double Knot, I really didn’t expect the sound that we were given in “Astronaut” as it sounds like a light summer-y track instead of what we are used to with Stray Kids songs. However, I think that it was a good breather, and the music video made me quite intrigued as to what “Cle:Levantar” would bring at that time.

As a very new EXO-L, I was excited for EXO’s comeback, despite the fact that they are missing three. I thought that the music video was interesting and once again adds to EXO’s ongoing storyline, and after a while, “Obsession”  got stuck in my head. I also really liked the rest of the album, which isn’t a surprise as I tend to like most of their B-sides as well. And yes, I did order all three versions. I must say, though, that I preferred Love Shot and Tempo over “Obsession”, but I still enjoyed it, nonetheless. I also finalized my biases in EXO. Xiumin is my main bias in EXO, but I’ll also collect my other biases as well- Kai, Baekhyun and Chanyeol. 

I also very much enjoyed The Boyz’s “Tattoo” and their Japanese album, although I did find it weird that most of their songs were still in Korean, I believe. I also really liked the song “Espionage”. For CIX, I still have to get super into them, but I enjoyed “Numb” and “Rewind”. 

For December, the biggest release I was anticipating was Stray Kids’ mini album “Cle: Levanter”. As a new STAY though, it was kind of a bittersweet thing as Woojin left the group a few months before this comeback, and also because I think that this song would have suited him a lot as well. I really loved the title track “Levantar”, and its music video. I love how it feels like we’ve come a little bit full circle since the the “Hellevator” MV, and I can’t wait to see what a new song cycle from them would bring, and how it would continue the story that they are telling. Also, I love the fact that “Road Not Taken” in “Cle 2: Yellow Wood” directly gets continued in “STOP”, the first track of the new mini album. Now, I cannot listen to those two tracks separately. And if that wasn’t enough, they went and dropped an mv as well for “You Can STAY”, which basically featured footage of them in their “District 9: Unlock Tour” in Seoul, and of course, seeing that, hearing the song, and seeing their new lightstick made me tear up a bit. Then, they also decided to gift us a new mixtape single, “Gone Days”, the day right after Christmas, which I really did enjoy. For Stray Kids, my main bias is Lee Know (Minho), followed by Han and Bang Chan, all of whom I do plan to collect in the future. 

Some of the biggest Kpop related news that made an impact on me was the fact that FT Island’s Song Seung Hyun decided not to renew his contract with FNC and is leaving FT Island, while the rest of the three members renewed their contracts and will probably still promote as a group after their military hiatus. This makes me sad as this means that I’ll never see them in concert as four members, but I’m also going to support Seung Hyun in whatever he does and I’m glad that the members are very supportive of it as well. I’m also kind of glad that I got their last mini album with all their signatures on it. And to add to that, Jae Jin announced that he’ll be enlisting on January 21, 2020. I knew it was coming, but that news just came one after the other. 

On the other hand, Golden Child FINALLY got their first music show win on MCountdown on December 26, 2020, and they’ll be having their first solo concert in Seoul in January! 

Oneus also decided to drop music videos of some sort of their B-sides in their albums, although I have yet to watch them. 

ONF also just held their first mini concert on December 24 and 25, and it seemed like it went well! Aside from this, I also heard that they are currently preparing for a new album, and I hope it’s a full album this time around instead of just a mini album, although, to be honest, I’d still get it either way. 

Aside from that, I’m looking forward to Verivery’s comeback and L’s fanmeeting in January, and of course, finally getting to see Seventeen in concert this February. I’m also very much looking forward to SF9’s comeback, which will, interestingly, happen on the same day Verivery makes their comeback. They are finally releasing a full album, and this comeback will really seal the deal for me as to whether I’ll really start stanning them & collecting them,  especially as I do like their music already. 

For next year, I’d really like to be able to keep up with all the comebacks of all the groups that I follow, and to work more on the 2019 discographies of these groups as well. I would lso like to be up to date with the albums of the rookies (Verivery,Golden Child, AB6IX, Everglow, CIX, ONF, Oneus, Stray Kids) that I follow so I don’t need to back buy those things when they have comebacks in the future. As for older groups, I would like to focus first on the 2019 comebacks, then work my way back. Big priorities for me group-wise include EXO, Infinite and Sunggyu’s and L’s solo stuff, Gfriend, Pentagon and Seventeen (I’m also working on FT Island, but that’s less of a priority as it’s harder to buy them if it’s not in Korea or from YesAsia. Other groups that I probably will be collecting will include Oh My Girl, Lovelyz, Day6,N.Flying,The Boyz, and maybe SF9). For photocards, I will really hold off trading or buying until I’ve copleted an entire set of album versions for that era or comeback. I would also like to get a copy of Hong Gi’s DonDo mini album, and Junho’s Canvas album, and one of his Japanese releases. I would love to collect Junho’s photocards more than the actual albums, but it’s pretty hard to find where I am. 

Now, without further ado, let’s move into my November and December haul.

1.Infinite- Sunggyu’s New Challenge Postcard 

In November, I wanted to concentrate a little bit more on working on my Infinite collection, and this postcard was one of the first few things I got in order to do so. 

2. Infinite-Dong Woo New Challenge Postcard 

Getting this allowed me to complete having the New Challenge postcards of the three oldest members of the group, as I already had Woo Hyun’s post card from when I bought my copy of New Challenge earlier that year. 

3. Infinite-Sunggyu Paradise Photocard 

Admittedly, this was an impulse buy, especially as I don’t have this album yet, but I did want to start filling up my very empty 9 pocket sleeve that housed my Infinite cards, so I got this. No regrets, though! 

4. Infinite-Woo Hyun Paradise Photocard 

Since I got Sunggyu’s, I decided to get Woo Hyun’s card as well. Once again, another impulse buy that I didn’t regret at all! 

5. Infinite-Sung Jong Paradise Photocard

I actually am having a harder time looking for L’s Paradise card, but this was readily available, so I decided to get it as well. This also meant that I now have an entire row of a 9 pocket page sleeve filled as well. 

6. Infinite-Dong Woo’s Destiny Big Postcard 

Another impulse buy that I also don’t regret, especially as I’m slightly having a harder time looking for their older bigger random stuff.  I also have no idea why Woolim liked giving Infinite these big sized photo cards. back then. 

7. FT Island’s 7th Mini Album “Zapping” All Member Signed 

Based on the fact that Seung Hyun just left the group, I’m glad that I was able to get this album with his signature on it as well.

For this version, I pulled Seung Hyun’s photocard, Jae Jin’s Clear Concept Card and his Folding Poster. I seem to pull Seung Hyun a lot, so I wasn’t surprised when I pulled his photocard, but I was over the moon as I got Jae Jin’s random things as well, as he is my second bias. 

8. FT Island’s 7th Mini Album “Zapping”

Since I got an all member signed version, of course I had to get an unsigned version as well.

I am a bit sad though, because even if I did pull Jae Jin’s photocard, it came out a scratched, which is odd as it was in a sealed album. (You can’t see it through the picture, but if you look at it closely, it is scratched.) I also pulled Minwhan’s Clear Concept photocard, and was so happy to actually pull Hong Gi’s Folding Poster, as he is my main bias in the group. 

9.  Seventeen’s 3rd Full Album “An Ode” (Real Version)

I’m a little bit sad over this version that I got as the shipping courier didn’t really handle it with a lot of care. So, when it got to me, it was a little banged up, which only means that I’ll try and get another copy and hope that it doesn’t get as banged up as this. 

For this, I was SO happy as I pulled Joshua’s mini photobook and one of his photocards as well, as he is my main bias in Seventeen. I also pulled Wonwoo’s circle sticker, Seungkwan’s Black Back Photocard, both the White and black back photocards of Vernon, and Seungkwan’s small folding poster.

Actually, as Seungkwan and Vernon are my fourth and fifth ranked members in Seventeen, getting their things made me toy with the idea of collecting them as well, but in the end, I decided to stick with my top 3-Joshua, DK and Wonwoo.

10. Seventeen Carat Bong Version 2

One of my goals was to get myself a Carat Bong before Seventeen has their concert here in Manila in February. I was a little bit scared that I wouldn’t be able to get myself one, but thankfully, I was able to get one from a seller who was kind enough as well to go all the way to a place near where I work so I could meet her in person to get it. It’s now my second light stick, and I’m glad I have this, and an Ode To You t-shirt as well. Now, all I need are the tickets! 

11. Verivery Veri-Able Official + DIY Version 

I actually got my copies of Veri-able a few months ago, but when I was transferring my albums to an actual shelf, I discovered that the front of my copy of the DIY version got bent, so I decided to get myself another copy of the DIY version. 

In any case, from the Official version, I pulled Gyehyeon’s clear cards, the red post card set, and Kang Min’s photocard. I got extremely lucky in my first copy of the DIY version as I pulled both the photocard and the 9 photo square card of one of my main biases in the group, Hoyoung. For my second copy, I pulled the leader-maknae combo, as I got Dongheon’s photocard and Kang Min’s 9 photo square card. 

As of the moment, I seem to collecting the entire group for Verivery, which is fine, because they don’t have a lot of photocards per album, and as its harder to find trades for them where I live as of the moment. 

And that’s all I have for my final haul post of the year! See you again for another haul post at the end of January 2020! 

‘Till the next haul! 





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