The Kat’s Kpop Experience Presents:2020 Kim Myung Soo Come With Me Fan Meeting in Manila

To be honest, I couldn’t quite believe it when they announced last year that Infinite’s L or Kim Myung Soo would be having a fan meeting in Manila on January 12, 2020, at the New Frontier Theater (the same venue where I watched Gfriend last year). At that point in time, I was very much back into Kpop, and Infinite had already stolen my heart to become one of my ultimate groups. Aside from that, Myung Soo managed to worm his way into becoming my third all time ultimate Kpop male idol, after 2PM’s Lee Junho and FT Island’s Lee Hong Gi. So, when I heard that he was coming, I immediately knew that I was going to attend the fan meeting. I also thought that it would be a very interesting experience as I had never been to a fan meeting before, and had only vicariously experienced that kind of thing via VLive or fan cams on YouTube. To top it all off, as soon as the perks were announced, I decided that I would also make an adventure of it and go alone as all ticket tiers included the Hi Touch opportunity as well.


Image Source: CDM Entertainment Facebook Page

Prior to the event, I did try my best to get my hands on the Yeobong (Infinite’s Lightstick) version 2, but I wasn’t able to find anyone who was selling either that one or version 1 at all. The Infinite fanbase here in the Philippines had several fan projects going on which was coordinated with the entertainment company that made the event possible. However, I didn’t participate in it, and I sort of regret it in a way. I would have liked to have written a letter to him, but I really wanted to try to do that sort of thing when I could write basic sentences a little bit better in Korean (I am still studying the language). Maybe for the next fan meeting experience I attend, I’ll do it and try my best at it even though I’m not yet that confident with my Korean writing skills.

The event started at 6PM, but I got there early after looking at the schedule that the entertainment company gave for ticket reprinting and line queuing. The ques were a bit confusing, and later on, I realized that I actually did not need to wait and line up as they let people in and showed them to their seats even after we were all ushered in.

Inspirits & Elements waiting eagerly for the event to start.

The event was hosted by MYX VJ Sunny Kim, who, I think, was perfect as the host for this kind of event. This is because having lived in the Philippines and being Korean, she was able to related to the Filipino audience in an engaging manner while also being able to translate what Myung Soo was saying in a way that we would best understand.

The event kicked off with Myung Soo singing “It’s Okay Even If It’s Not Me”, an OST song that he recorded for a past drama of his, “Ruler: Master of the Mask”. Afterwards, Sunny came on stage and explained that the fanmeeting would be divided into three parts, based on the title of the fan meeting-Come With Me.

During the “Come” portion, Myung Soo answered some questions and granted some wishes that were on post-it notes that that were on a board that was outside the theater’s lobby entrance. He sang happy birthday in English to a fan whose birthday it was that day, took a picture and a selfie with another fan, and gave us a run down of his day prior to the event when asked to give some TMI (too much information). He also expressed his excitement and his shock at the fact that the audience gave such great reactions and also hyped up the crowd as well.

The fanmade lightstick I got for the event.

The second part, the “With” portion, centered around Myung Soo’s dramas. Here, they also revealed that fans had voted on their favorite Myung Soo drama character, and it turns out that Kim Dan, his character in his last drama, “Angel’s Last Mission: Love”, was the fan favorite by a landslide. He was also asked as to which character he felt was closest to his real personality, and I guessed right- Im Ba Reun from “Miss Hammurabi”. He also talked about his approach to picking his projects and talked about how he’s working hard on his upcoming drama, “Welcome”, in which he plays a cat who can also transform into a human being.

The last portion, the “Me” portion, was more interactive and engaging, as we played games and won prizes. In the first game, the entire audience played a human bingo to see who would win a chance on getting a selfie with him. His gentlemanly side came out as he also hugged the other contestants who didn’t win that prize before they walked off the stage. Then he designed a tumbler and the winner was chosen by him drawing out a row and seat number. However, he went the extra mile as he decided to give out another one; and in the last bit, where the prize was selfies with him again, he decided to pick more winners than what was planned.

Myung Soo posing for the summer background

There was also a photo time portion in which he posed with the backgrounds depicting the four seasons. Sunny also taught him how to say Happy New Year and I Love You in Filipino, which he gamely did for the audience.

He also sang other songs from different OSTs he recorded, such as “Love U, Like U” from “Shut Up Flower Boy Band”, and as an extra bonus, “In Your Light” from “Angel’s Last Mission”. He also sang a snippet of Infinite’s winter song, “Lately”. Personally, I would have loved for him to have performed “Reminiscence”, his solo song in Infinite’s last album “Top Seed”, but I was really happy with his performances.

Myung Soo performing for an eager audience.

Another thing that fans were happy about was the fact that he also responded when the audience started chanting “Infinite!”. To this, he said that he would like to come back to Manila again someday, and maybe, even with the other Infinite members.

They also showed a VCR that the Philippine fanbase had made, which touched him a lot, as he looked like he was about to cry but didn’t. Afterwards, he thanked us for sticking with him and hoped that we would wait for him in the future, which also reminded me that he does have to enlist for his mandatory military service sometime this year.

Afterwards, we were given a free poster and a nice thick photocard which had a message from him in English for us, his Filipino fans.

The special event photocard which featured the winning fanart submission from a Filipino fan!

The Hi Touch also went pretty fast, and I gathered my courage and actually said ” 사랑해 (saranghae)!” really quickly as I high fived him.

I loved every moment that I had in the 2020 Kim Myung Soo Fan Meeting in Manila “Come With Me”, and I am so grateful for the fact that I was able to meet one of my top three ultimate Kpop male idols in person. I was also shocked to see that he had a lot of fans here, and that there are a lot of Philippine Inspirits as well.

I also kind of regret the fact that I still do have to catch up in his other dramas, as the only one I’ve seen so far was “Miss Hammurabi”, but its something that I can work on this year.

The experience was great as the MC was great; the event was well organized;  Myung Soo was warm, funny, and engaging; and the fans themselves were warm, engaging and respectful.

It was truly a night to remember, and I hope that I’ll also get to experience other fan meetings as well in the future!

Image Source/s: CDM Entertainment Facebook Page



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