The Monthly Kpop Haul 1.8

I know I’m posting this in February, but welcome to the very first Kpop Haul Post of the year! I was really planning on posting this a few days earlier, but deliveries have been a bit sparse as the ports are quite clogged up with boxes and shipments, and I know that this will probably stretch up to February and even maybe a bit into March. In any case, I just decided to go ahead with what I currently have.

But before we delve into the actual haul, let’s take a look at all the January comebacks I was excited for, and the Februrary comebacks I am looking forward to!

January Comebacks:

Verivery’s 3rd Mini-Album “Face Me” 

I ordered both versions last year, but it will take some time before it gets to me. I was quite surprised by this comeback as I didn’t think they would change direction from their new jack swing sound, but to be honest, I’m okay with it as I think they are going to try and tackle different genres. I was really intrigued by the music video, and potential story line that they are going for, as I know that this is a sequel to “Tag Tag Tag”, and as this will be a trilogy. I enjoyed all the songs on the album, PHOTO has surprisingly gotten stuck in my head from time to time, and I really liked the fan song “Paradise”, which is what they’ll be using the their usual DIY music video.

SF9’s 1st Full Album- “First Collection” 

I actually do like SF9’s music, and I was waiting for their comeback so I could start stanning them, and I am so happy that “Good Guy” and this entire album did the trick. I’m still in the early stages of stanning them, but my biases are Inseong, Rowoon and Chani. I thought that this was a solid first album for them, and I enjoyed all of their tracks, in particular “Good Guy”, “Dance With Us”, “Beautiful Light” and “Like the Hands Held Tight”. Also, I’m very happy that they’ve been winning in music shows! It’s about time!

I’ll be ordering their album one of these days.

Stray Kids English Single-“Step Out of Cle”

I wasn’t expecting for Stray Kids to give us English versions of Levantar and Double Knot, but they gave it to us, and it was amazing. I loved that the translations were good (probably thanks to Bang Chan and Felix), that it fit the song, and that it didn’t lose the spirit of the song at all. Also, the other members did really well with their English pronunciations, especially for those who had to rap in English.

Golden Child’s 1st Repackaged Album-“Without You”

Because Infinite got repackaged albums when they won on music shows, I should’ve known that Woolim was going to make a repackaged album for Golden Child to celebrate their first music show win, which, of course, I immediately ordered. I liked “Without You”, as it reminded me of Infinite’s older songs,ad as it served as s nice sequel to “Wannabe”. I believe that they will make this a trilogy, so we have one more song left in this storyline. I also liked that they actually included Goldenness in their fanchant for this song.

I absolutely loved the b-side, “I Love You Crazy!”, as it was fun, upbeat, and as TAG and Jangjun helped in writing the lyrics for it. I honestly do think that this is a fan song though.

I’m really proud of Golden Child and I hope that 2020 will be a great year for them especially as they are riding on the high of their first music show win, and their first ever solo concert.

Feburary Comebacks I’m Looking Forward To:

Kim Jae Hwan single- “Goodbye”

Jae Hwan is one of the few soloists I actually follow, aside from Jeong Sewoon. I enjoyed his material so far, and his vocal prowess here does not disappoint. This was a wonderful yet sad ballad that’s quite perfect for winter.

Gfriend’s Mini-Album “Labyrinth”

I look forward to every comeback that Gfriend has, but this one is a little bit of a landmark one as it is their first one with Source Music being a sub-label of Big Hit. I thought that this was a solid mini, and I liked all of the songs. “Crossroads” also reminded me of “Time for the Moon Night” and a bit of “Sunrise” mixed together. I loved the music video especially as it continues the story, and they are finally starting to explain the storyline of all of the Gfriend MVs. I really loved “Labyrinth” as it is an energetic dance track, and I’d love to see this performed live. Other songs I absolutely loved in this album include “Here We Are” and “Dreamcatcher”.

Everglow’s 1st Mini Album “Reminiscence” “Dun Dun”

I can count on Everglow to give me fun girl crush songs that are fun to all out dance to or add to my workout playlist and this is no exception to that. I thought that “Dun Dun” was a fun song and I really liked it, but not as much as I loved “Bon Bon Chocolat”. Other tracks I liked in this mini included “Salute” and “No Lie”.

The Boyz’s 1st Full Album “Reveal”

I was really excited for this one as it was my very first comeback as a fan of theirs. Just like Golden Child, I didn’t mind them going dark as I knew that they could pull of such a concept and it was still very much them. I really liked “Reveal”, as it grew on me pretty easily. I thought that this was a solid album, with a good mix of songs. Not only did they give us darker songs, but they also gave us some brighter fare in the latter half, and two wonderful ballads at the end. My other favorites are “Shake Down”, “Salty”, “Break Your Rules”, and “Wings”. Oh, and my biases from this group are Juyeon, Q, Juhaknyeon and New.

Rocket Punch’s 2nd Mini Album “Red Punch”

“Bouncy” was an interesting follow up to “Bim Bam Bum”, but wasn’t my favorite track on the mini album. However, I did like this mini better than their first one. I do like that they set themselves apart from Lovelyz as the quirkier and more fun Woolim girl group. I really liked “Fireworks”, “Girl Friend”, and the stand out for me was “Lilac”, which shouldn’t come as a big surprise as that was composed by Iggy & Youngbae, the composers who were mostly responsible for me getting into Gfriend.

Others I’m keeping an eye out for but are too early for me to form opinions to put here include Cherry Bullet’s newest song, “Hands Up”, Pentagon’s first full album “Universe: The Black Hall”; and AB6IX’s special album. More on those in my February haul post!

Now, let’s finally get to my January haul post!

1. EXO’s 6th  Album “Obsession” EXO & X-EXO versions

I was really excited to unbox this one as it would be my first EXO unboxing since I got into them late last year. As of the moment my main bias is Xiumin, followed by Kai, Chanyeol and Baekhyun. (Yes, I really couldn’t choose my top three). What was funny though was that I pulled Chanyeol a lot, which I didn’t mind at all!

I got both the EXO & X-EXO versions, and I have the Obsession version coming on the way as well. These came with two posters, and I got a huge Chanyeol EXO version and the the X-EXO group version of the six members who participated in this comeback.

For the EXO version, I pulled Chanyeol’s folded poster, Suho’s photocard and Kai’s photo slide.

For the X-EXO version, I pulled Chanyeol’s folded poster (so now I actually am complete with Chanyeol’s folded posters),   Kai’s photocard and Chanyeol’s photo slide. From all of this, I’m only putting Suho’s up for trade.

I really liked the box packaging of the album and how the concept of the individual photobooks seemed like case dockets of a scientific that the X-EXO individual photobooks had each of their powers as concepts as well.

I wasn’t so fond of the title track, but it grew on me eventually. My favorite songs from this album include “Butterfly Effect”, “Non-Stop”, and  “Baby You Are”.

However, overall I was very happy with what I got in this comeback, although it does feel weird not seeing Xiumin, D.O., and Lay in it.

2. Stray Kids Cle: Levanter- Cle and Limited Edition versions

Just like EXO, I was excited to unbox these as these are my very first Stray Kids albums. Pior to the album, they did release “Double Knot” and “Astronaut”, but between the two, “Double Knot” grew on me more than “Astronaut” did. I really liked this album, and I thought that the title track, “Levanter” was haunting and a great way to put a cap on the Cle series. Other songs that I loved included “Booster”, and most especially, the fan song, “You Can STAY”.

Also, its amazing that the intro song, “STOP” is a direct continuation to “Cle: Yellow Road’s” “The Road Not Taken”.

Cle Levanter Limited Edition

For the Limited Edition version, I pulled a Miroh bookmark with the calendar poster, Felix for my random first page, IN’s Lenticular card, a 3Racha Unit Poster, Changbin’s photocard with his name in blue, Seungmin’s close-up card, and and Han’s close-up photocard.

Cle Levanter LE Felix First Page

Cle Levanter LE Photocards & Lenticular

I’m so glad that I got 3Racha’s poster as Han and Bang Chan are my biases; and I’m so glad that I got one of Han’s photocards, as he is my second bias.

3Racha Poster

For the Cle version,  I got Bang Chan’s random first page, a Miroh bookmark,  Hyunjin’s and Seungmin’s half body shot photo cards and IN’s blue border photocard.

Bang Chan First Page

I seem to be pulling Seungmin and IN a lot, but I’m glad that I got Bang Chan’s random first page as he is my third bias.

Cle Photocards

I still have to order the “Levanter” version, so I’m hoping that I’ll have more luck with that and at least pull my first bias Lee Know/Minho, either for the first page or photocard.

Also, one of my calendar posters is up on my wall in my bedroom as of the moment, and I have no regrets at all putting it up there.

3. Kim Myung Soo Come With Me in Manila Fanmeeting Goods (Official & Fanmade) 

I went to the 2020 Kim Myung Soo Come With Me in Manila Fan Meeting last Jan. 12, and I was able to get some fan made goods and official goods for the event.

I managed to buy myself a yellow but cute fan made light stick, as I still have yet to get myself a Yeobong (Infinite’s lightstick name), and a pack that had a laminated A4 posters of Myung Soo (one of his torso, and the other a huge boarding pass with the event name and details), and two laminated photo cards.

We were also given a banner to put up during certain parts of the fanmeeting.

2020 Come With Me Banner

We were also given a glittery photo card with a special message from Myung Soo and a poster as well.

I know that this was a bit late, but I’m hoping to be more on time with my February one!

‘Till the next haul!



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