The Monthly Kpop Haul # 9

It feels as if it was just yesterday that we entered 2020, and now, we are entering the second month of the year!

February 2020 was pretty jampacked with Kpop releases and comebacks, and even more so for me as some of my favorites came back, and I was also able to attend my second major Kpop ever- Seventeen’s “Ode To You” World Tour, last February 8,2020, here in Manila.

I actually talked about some of the comebacks that I was looking forward to in early February 2020 in my last haul post as at the time of writing that, Gfriend, The Boyz, Everglow, Kim Jae Hwan, and Rocket Punch had already made their comebacks.

From all of those comebacks, I think my favorite would have to be The Boyz’s “Reveal” as that and the album was my first ever comeback as a fan (a Deobi) of theirs. (And right now I have gone down the slippery slope of stanning them in full, no regrets though!) Also, my bias list for that group has changed after watching their VLives and reality shows, so my current bias list from that group are Juyeon, Q, Younghoon, Sunwoo, and New.

Now, let’s talk about the rest of the February comebacks.

February Comebacks (Pt.2):

Cherry Bullet’s new MV “Hands Up”

I’m still on the fence with Cherry Bullet’s new concept as they weren’t kidding when they said that the concept change was drastic, which was a shame as a really loved the whole game concept that they had. However, the verdict is still out, and I’m going to wait to see what they have to offer next before making my final decision about them.

Pentagon’s 1st Full Album “Universe: The Black Hall

I consider Pentagon to be in the upper parts of my bias list even though I haven’t seen all their VLives or shows yet. I got drawn into them because of their music, and this didn’t disappoint at all, especially as the members themselves participated in creating the songs for this album. I really liked “Dr. Bebe”, and I think we should have known that they would do a darker concept as they themselves have stated that they were eager to try out an edgier, powerful concept next. I feel like this album hearkens back to the Demo era, and I discovered that end up falling in love with whatever Kino composes, so it’s no surprise that I loved “Die For You” as much as I loved some of the tracks on this album. I guess that’s why he is my bias! I am, however, very disappointed that Yan An isn’t included in this comeback, and I wish he’d be able to join them again soon. Also, I do want to help Pentagon get a music show win as they deserve it so much, and I’d like to think that even if they don’t get it in this round of promotions, that they’ll get a win sometime this year.

AB6IX’s Special Album 5NALLY

This was a digital album that contained the solo songs of each of the members, and if I’m not mistaken, I think each member is getting an MV. Woong, Dong Hyun’s and Dae Hwi’s have been released, and I can’t wait for Young Min’s and Woo Jin’s as well! I was surprised at how much sexy Woong was allowed to put in “Moondance” MV, but the song itself is good. Dong Hyun’s “More” was cute, and Dae Hwi’s “Rose,Scent, Kiss” was great. I think my favorites in the album were Young Min’s “Break Up” and Woo Jin’s “Color Eye”, followed by Dae Hwi’s song.

March Comebacks:

There aren’t any big comebacks that I’m waiting for in March. Stray Kids will be making their Japanese debut, but as I don’t buy Japanese albums, I won’t be getting that. I know that Suho is reportedly going to be finally have his solo debut, but there hasn’t been any date that was released yet.

Now, on to the haul!

1.FT Island’s Mini Albums “Jump Up”, “Memory in FT Island” and the reissue “Double Date”.

Last year, someone who commented on one of my haul posts and we ended up having a nice exchange decided to gift me three of her old FT Island albums that she didn’t really need anymore, and it finally arrived in early February. I was surprised at how fast it took since it came all the way from a country in Europe, and I’m glad that our local postal service handled the package with care. If you are reading this (you know who are are), Thank you for this gift, I will treasure these albums a lot!

The first one that I got was an FT Island Mini Album, “Jump Up”, which, interestingly had a cardboard 2009 calendar, and on the back side of that, it had a drawing of one of the members, I got Seung Hyun, and the CD itself.

FT Island Jump Up
FT Island Jump Up Calendar

The second one was the Mini Album “Memory in FT Island”.

Memory in FT Island

The last one was the reissue “Double Date”, which consists of two cds, one for the group itself, and the other for the sub-unit FT Triple.

FT Island Double Date Album

2.Golden Child’s 1st Full Album “Re-Boot” Normal and Deluxe Editions

To date, these albums are the biggest albums I own now. I absolutely loved every song on this album, and I’m so glad that we got some Golden Child material before 2019 ended.

Golden Child Normal Reboot

The normal version came with a 2020 calendar, a special huge photocard and a normal photocard. I got Jibeom (again) for the special photocard, and I was so happy to pull Jaehyun’s photocard for this.

GolCha Reboot Deluxe

It feels that in lieu of a Season’s Greetings for 2019, they gave us so many things in the deluxe version. I pulled Jaehyun’s special photocard, and it came with a large card 2020 calendar, a twenty one postcard set and a twenty photocard set. Yes, each of the members has two postcards and photocards each!

3.2PM GRHC 2020 Seasons Greetings

My first ever Season’s Greetings also came this month! I now finally have some 2PM things to put in my binder as I got their 2020 Season’s Greetings, even if it only featured Nickhun, Junho and Chansung. The entire thing was really cute and practical, and I’m currently using the planner and desk calendar.

It came with removable stickers, stickers that were designed by the three of them, a making dvd, a book pouch, a wall calendar, a desk calendar, a planner, three pencils, a postcard set, a daily planning sticky note set, and a photocard set.

4. EXO’s 6th Full Album Obsession-Obsession Ver.

With this, I am now complete with all the versions of EXO’s Obsession. For this one, I pulled Chen’s poster, Chen’s postcard, and Baekhyun’s photocard. I was so happy to pull Baekhyun as I haven’t pulled him yet.

And that was all for this haul post!

‘Till the next haul!

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