The Monthly Kpop Haul #10

The past few weeks and the past month has been a roller-coaster ride, from some things that happened in my own personal life, to the Enhanced Community Quarantine that’s being enforced now where I live. I’m pretty sure that most of you are also practicing social distancing, and have been home bound if you are self-quarantining.

Over here, the enhanced community quarantine also means that couriers are mostly for essentials and take out food only, which means that I won’t be receiving any new packages in the near future. And all hopes of me really working on my photocard collection are on hold as well.

Before I move on, I would like to ask you guys a quick question-as Kpop comebacks aren’t slowing down either, are you still ordering and just waiting for shipping to normalize to get your package or will you be waiting until there are less cases worldwide to start ordering albums again? Just curious as I’m still undecided about this, especially if it’s a group that I really like. I’d still like to support them by buying physicals, but if that’s not recommended, I just might buy things digitally. However, I do think I’ll end up caving and getting a physical copy if it’s a group I really like. What do you think?

Until I receive new packages again, this section of the blog will be a little different. I’m planning on still talking about the Kpop comebacks I’m looking forward to and what I’ve checked out, and I’m also thinking of buying some concerts on VLive like Sunggyu’s “Shine” concert, which I’ll also mention here. I really regret not buying concert DVDs before the quarantine, so I’d like to start working on that as well when this is all over.

I also downsized my photocard collection recently, and decided that for Gfriend, for the non-photocard items, I’ll also just collect Yuju and SinB. For Verivery, I decided to only collect my main three biases, Hoyoung, Yeonho and Yongseung. However, this will mean a lot of trading as I tend to pull Minchan and Kangmin more often.

March Comebacks:

NCT 127’s 2nd Album “Neo Zone”

Last month, I kind of got into NCT 127, and I really loved their comeback album Neo Zone. I especially really liked “Elevator”, “Boom”, “Pandora’s Box”, “Love Me Now”, “Dreams Come True” . My biases in the group are Jaehyun, Haechan and Jungwoo. When I get fully into NCT 127 though, I’m pretty sure that it won’t be long for me to start really liking the other units of NCT as well.

Oneus’ 1st Single Album “In Its Time”

I really loved their comeback song “A Song Written Easily”, which dropped on March 24! Plus, the visuals were gorgeous as they shot it in New Zealand. I still have to get fully into Oneus as well, but at the moment, my biases are Keonhee and Seoho. Hoping that they’ll get an opportunity to put out another physical soon!

Stray Kids Mixtape: On Track

Just in time for their 2nd Anniversary on March 25, Stray Kids released a great song, which, I believe was written by Changbin. That fact surprised me as the song was a bit sentimental. I loved that the MV played out like a kdrama as it gave the boys an opportunity to act.

Golden Child’s 1st Concert: Future & Past Livestream

Aside from the fact that I’m eagerly awaiting Woollim Superstar to drop, Woollim decided to give everyone a treat by putting up Golden Child’s first ever concert from last January on YouTube for a live stream on March 25! They also dropped other content on VLive and YouTube such as a behind the scenes video and snippets of the concert itself afterwards. This was such a treat and I’ll be writing about it in a future post.

EXO’s Suho’s 1st Mini Album “Self-Portrait”

I absolutely LOVED Suho’s mini-album! So far, I’ve listened to Baekhyun’s and the S/C releases (still have to listen to Chen’s and Lay’s), and this one seems to be my favorite one so far. Every song is just beautiful and I love that he also collaborated with Younha, an artist that I’ve respected ever since I got into Kpop more than ten years ago.

April Comebacks:

Seventeen’s Japanese Single Album “Fallin’ Flower”

The music video for this was released before the album, and I absolutely loved it. The aesthetics and visuals were nothing short of stunning, and the song itself was great as well!

Onewe’s Single 3/4Q feat. Hwasa

I really liked the fact that they had a collaboration with one of their labelmates, and I do like the fact that they can go from having shades of rock to a funkier jazzier feel to their music. However, I think based on their three releases so far, my favorite has been last year’s Regulus. I can’t wait though for them to actually have a physical album, and I’m definitely going to cave and buy a physical when that day comes.

Oh My Girl’s Comeback

I still have to really get into Oh My Girl, but I do listen to them as I love their music. My biases here are Seunghee and Binnie. I’m very much looking forward to what they’ll be releasing, even though there is no release date for this. I know that they will be celebrating their 5th anniversary this month, so maybe they’ll release it then.

Road to Kingdom

Yes, I know this isn’t a comeback, but I’m really looking forward to this show which will air at the end of April. My multifandom heart is excited as I like six out of seven of the groups that will be participating in it, but stressed as well because I want all of them to do well and get good PR from this stint. I think though, that out of all the groups participating, I’m rooting for Pentagon the most and I do hope that they get their first music show win soon (at least before Jinho enlists), because they’ve been around for a long time now and they deserve that win. The second group I’m supporting the most after Pentagon is ONF as they also haven’t had a win yet, and I feel that they are also very much underrated. I’ll be watching Queendom to prepare myself for this show, and I think now is the time to also finally get into Oneus and Onewe more!

Another thing that I just got excited about is the fact that Woolim Entertainment has decided to spoil us all with Sunggyu stuff, and is releasing a short series called DOKYUMENTARY, which basically covers his recent 3 day concert, “Shine Encore”. I’m pretty sure I’ll end up missing Infinite even more when I do start watching it, but I’ll watch it anyway as I’ve missed Sunggyu a lot!

Also, KNK, a group whose music I do love very much, is currently holding a Makestar campaign for their upcoming album. Check out these boys, they are severely underrated (and are hilarious), and if you can, please do support them! 

Now, on to the haul!

1.Golden Child’s 1st Repackage Album Without You

This repackaged album came with two new songs, “Without You”, which they promoted right after their concert; and “I Love You Crazy”. I liked both songs, and I like that they kept with the tradition of having a repack to celebrate a music show win.

Also, the design of the album was really pretty!

I pull Jibeom a lot for a reason, and I pulled his solo poster here. However, I was so happy to see that I also pulled Joochan’s photocard and Jaehyun’s special film!

2.VeriVery 3rd Mini Album “Face Me” Official & DIY Versions

The album was the same size as their previous two mini albums, with the only difference being that this one had a cardboard slip case as well. The photobook was nice and glossy, and looked like a magazine, also similar to the previous two albums.

For this one, I pulled Minchan’s lenticular card and Yeonho’s photocard.

The DIY version was called Verrerdise, and I believe Yongseung was the one who came up with the version name and the design of how it looked like, which I really did like.

What I liked about this version is that each member had some pages that they personalized, and each one did something different.


I got annoyed though, as it seems that I have bad luck with their DIY versions. I noticed a dent on the slip cover and when I reached the last few pages of the photobook, I noticed that there was a stain of some sorts, which is weird as the album was sealed. So I’ll be getting myself another copy when everything is better.

For this one, I pulled Minchan’s photocard and Kangmin’s polaroid.

My one copy of Gfriend’s “Labyrinth” also did arrive, but as I currently don’t have access to it now, you’ll see it in the next haul post.

‘Til the next haul, and let me know how you are collecting Kpop or supporting your favorite groups during this time in the comments below! 


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