The Kat’s Kpop Experience Presents: Golden Child 1st Concert: Future & Past (YouTube Livestream)

After getting into Infinite last year, I knew that I was definitely going to end up checking out other Woolim artists as well. I do like Lovelyz and Rocket Punch, but the other Woolim group I ended up falling for pretty hard was Golden Child.

I was curious in them especially as Daeyol is quite literally Sungyeol’s younger brother, but after listening to their songs, and watching their reality shows and V Lives, I ended up falling for each and every single member. I do have my biases though, although I ended up with five biases in total- Jangjun, Joochan, TAG, Donghyun and Jaehyun.

So, when I heard that they were going to FINALLY have their first ever concert, I was ecstatic, even though I knew that I wouldn’t be able to actually attend it physically, and decided that I would definitely get the concert DVD if they drop one later this year. However, Woolim decided to spoil us Goldeness, especially the international ones, by livestreaming the whole thing on their official YouTube channel last March 25, 2020, 8:28 PM KST. Aside from that, the members themselves were in the live chat during the concert, and Woolim also dropped a behind the scenes video, and dropped performance clips of all of the songs as well. Of course, I ended up watching it from the safety of my room and laptop, but I did have a lot of fun, as if I was at the venue myself, minus the actual energy of the crowd and the boys themselves.

Image Source: Golden Child Official Facebook Page

I also did join a group order for this concert’s goods in December of last year. I wasn’t able to get myself a runebong, as that was the first item that got sold out fast, but I was able to get myself the ticket book which contains photocards of all the members and two tickets. Mine was supposed to get to me sometime in March, but due to everything happening, its currently sitting somewhere in customs. Actually, I was a bit nervous about ordering my very first concert photocards because I know that this will open up a new can of worms for my collection-so yes, from here on out, I’ll be collecting concert photocards, all members, of the groups I stan that have them. (Good luck to me, right?)

The concert started promptly at 8PM KST, but in my time it was an hour earlier. So before that, I already had my laptop ready and I was already on the video itself. The only thing that was missing was my runebong! (I also ended up taking some pictures of the concert on my phone while watching just because I was so excited!)

I also loved the Future & Past theme, which they fully explored in the concert and the VCR, and as the boys are definitely in a new chapter of their careers. They went on hiatus for around a year due to Joochan’s injury, but they came back last year with “Wannabe” stronger than ever, and with the support of us, Goldeness, the boys were able to get their first win, and I’m pretty sure that they’ll continue to get bigger and bigger from here on out. Having them on “Road to Kingdom” is great as well as they’ll also get more buzz from that. But anyway, back to the concert!

Wearing personalized baseball jerseys, they aptly kicked off the concert by looking at their past and by starting things off with their debut song, “Damdadi”, followed by “With Me”. Afterwards, they gave their opening spiel, in which they welcomed everyone to their first ever concert. The boys looked excited and energetic, without any trace of nervousness, although I’m pretty sure that they were very nervous. I also think that what was livestreamed was the concert during the second and final day of the two day run. Also, I loved being able to hear their songs being performed by a live band! It sounded nothing short of phenomenal!

Golden Child performing “I’m Falling”

Afterwards, they performed “I’m Falling”, a song that I was really excited to see being performed on stage. “SEA” was next, which brought back memories of their very first guerilla concert during Wollimpick (their first reality show), where they first performed this. They then took a short break and talked about their Golden Day Fanmeeting in 2018 which was held in Korea and in Japan. TAG also mentioned being able to perform alongside Infinite’s Nam Woo Hyun last year, when Woo Hyun was promoting his “A New Journey” album with the title track “Hold On Me”. TAG often performed the rap part of the song for Woo Hyun’s performances.

After this, they performed “I Love You So”, and then, one of my favorites, “It’s U”.

A VCR was then shown, which was also continued during another part of the concert. The VCR showed the boys, with Joochan as a special MC, debating over various topics in Golden Child’s past and future, including whether they were confident in themselves as idols when they first debuted, challenging acting for the web comedy “Crash! Insignificant Roommates/Crazy Petty Housemates”, and their new mature concept for their “Wannabe” promotions.

After the first part of the VCR, they performed “Let Me”, where Donghyun stepped up and actively got audience participation right before the last chorus of the song. This was followed by them taking a break, and talking about Seungmin’s abs, as he has been working out lately. Jangjun, of course, did not hesitate to show his. Bomin was reluctant (which is fine, because he is still a child in my eyes), but he said that he’d work out more in the future.

Golden Child talking to the fans.

After this, they sang “Would You Be My”, followed by “Listen”, they then took another short break, and talked more to the fans.

They then came back in full force with several of my favorite Golden Child songs- “Lady”, “I See You”, “Crush”, and “Genie”. At this point, we knew that we were going to get songs from their latest album soon.

After they played the second part of the VCR, they started performing the solo and unit performances. Joochan went first with his solo, “A Song For Me”; followed by Jibeom, Bomin, and Jaehyun’s “Go Together”; followed by Daeyol, Seungmin, and Donghyun’s “Our Heaven”; followed by Y’s solo, “Fantasia”; and finally, Jangjun, TAG and Joochan’s “No Matter What”. I loved every single stage and performance, but I was the most excited for “No Matter What”, and its dance break portion. I was not disappointed at all! I was also excited for “Go Together”, which was amazing and emotional at the same time.

Afterwards, the boys talked about the solo stages, with the “No Matter What” team coming in a little bit later as they had to change costumes as well.

They then delved into the “Re-Boot” album by performing “Lately” and “Don’t Run Away”. I absolutely loved “Lately” as it felt like a very Japanese anime-ish song, so I was happy to see it performed on stage. They then began doing their closing remarks and thanked their live band at length.

They then closed things up by performing “Wannabe”, and revealed that they would be coming back on Janauary 29, 2020 with “Without You”, which was another great song as well. They then performed “Compass” as their encore song, and then each of the boys began to say their thank yous.

This part is usually pretty emotional, and I did end up crying a lot. It started out with Jaehyun crying;then Joochan got emotional when he mentioned that Woolim’s vice president is always worried about his leg, and how they were able to make a comeback and a concert as well;then Daeyeol teared up as he admitted that last year was hard for them and for him as well and his realization that in the end, the members and the company were there for him, and that he was going to try to be a better and more mature leader in the future. Jangjun didn’t cry, but talked about some of his regrets and thanked Goldenness a lot. Bomin talked about the fact that he turned twenty in 2019 and how he experienced a lot of things alone, such as filming dramas and other schedules without relying on his older brothers like he did in the past. Jibeom was next, and he managed to keep a straight face unlike the first day  of the show. Donghyun thanked the members for following his lead well when they dance and practice, and thanked Goldenness for waiting for them. Y gave the longest speech. He first talked about he received a compliment from their CEO for the first time, and talked about the fact that their “hiatus”, a word which they all don’t like was hard for them. He then talked about each member, and in particular, he gave advice to Joochan, and talked about how he felt that he wasn’t really able to be a good older brother to Bomin last year as he didn’t know how to help him with everything. TAG then talked about how he tried developing himself better, although he was also sad that they were on hiatus, and then teared up as he thanked Y for being so dedicated to the group (Y once again proves that he’s the group’s unofficial mom.) He cried even more as he talked about his mom and cried even harder when he thanked Goldenness for waiting for them. Last but not least, Seungmin finally had his turn. He started tearing up when he mentioned the members as they are the only ones who never leave him, and talked about how he had a hard time last year but didn’t show it so it wouldn’t affect the others.

They then sang “Thank You” and “All Day”, and then took their bows.

After doing so, Y started crying, and then both Seungmin and Dognhyun started bawling their eyes out (especially Donghyun).

The venue looked like it was packed and full of energy!

Overall, the concert was a great first concert for the boys, and pretty emotional given all that they’ve been through last year during their hiatus. I’m so proud of each and every one of them, and you can see how hard they worked for this, and how much they’ve improved individually and as a group. I can’t wait for more Golden Child comebacks, and maybe, in the future, I will be able to see them in real life in concert.

Watching the concert livestream was an interesting experience, and makes me wonder if Woolim and other agencies will do this more often, especially during these times. In any case, I do hope to buy some concerts on V Live, which I’ll review also; and maybe I’ll do the same with other concerts I watch only on DVD!

Image Source/s: The Kat’s Cafe & Golden Child Official Facebook Page

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