The Monthly Kpop Haul #11

Technically speaking, this is the first haul post for me during this lockdown period, as the previous haul post was done just as the quarantine started. I’m not sure how things will be during my next haul post, but we’ll see when June comes along. In my last haul post, I asked whether you guys would rather wait until the lockdown is over to buy things, but I ended up caving, and I did order some things.

Some of them will be shipped to me once the lockdown Is lifted and couriers are able to move around again, and others will come months later, depending on the ETAs of the local online shops I order and pre-order albums from. I’ll talk about those a bit later.

I decided to do some organizing and refining of my photocard collection, and decided that for the groups I do collect, the maximum number of members I’ll be collecting is three, except for Infinite, as I already planned on collecting all of the members since last year.

I also set up some trades over the weekend, and got a head start on buying some Seventeen concert related cards. I managed to find Ode To You polaroid sets for Joshua, DK and Wonwoo, and Set A of Joshua’s Like Seventeen Shining Diamond photocards.

Another thing I did was to rank the twenty plus groups I follow according to how much I like them. This helped me in figuring out who my prioroties were in terms of collecting them. Of course, some of the rankings are bound to change but so far, my top five hasn’t changed- Infinite, FT Island, Gfriend, Seventeen, and Pentagon. These are the groups I’ll be collecting more thoroughly, especially Infinite, Gfriend and Seventeen. This also means that I’m also collecting concert photocards, DVDs and the like.

I also ended up figuring out my biases for some groups as well.

I still haven’t picked my main ultimate bias in NCT but my biases in NCT Dream are Haechan, Jisung and Jaemin, while my WayV biases are Lucas, Kun and Xiaojun. I’ve been watching the pre-debut reality shows of Oneus and Onewe (“I Shall Debut” & “Power Up! Flower Snack Bar”), and Onewe is definitely my bias group between the two, although I do like Oneus very much. My Oneus biases are still Seoho and Keonhee, and Leedo got added to the picture. For Onewe, its Dongmyeong and Yonghoon, but my ultimate bias in the two groups Is Dongmyeong. For KNK, my biases are Seoham and Dongwon; for AB6IX its Youngmin, Donghyun then Woojin; and for CIX its Yonghee, Hyunsuk and Bae Jinyoung.

April Comebacks:

Oh My Girl’s 7th Mini-Album “Non-Stop”

I was really excited about this one as this is my very first comeback with Oh My Girl. I still have to get super into them, but at this moment, I do consider myself as a fan. The title track, “Non-Stop” was fun and great! I love that even though the album and this song sounds a bit more Western, it didn’t lose the essence of what and who Oh My Girl is. Plus, I know that the girls have been wanting to do a more girl crush concept, and while this isn’t totally girl crush, I like the change in their music because the essence of the group is still there. I also liked “Flower Tea” and “Dolphin”. Also, I previously mentioned that Seunghee and Binnie are my biases, but after this comeback, YooA has been added to that list. I ordered the Quest ver. and will get the chance version later on. 

NCT Dream’s Mini-Album “Reload”

I was really excited about this comeback as well as this was my first ever comeback with NCT Dream. Among all the Korean based units, I think that Dream’s discography appeals to me the best, so under the new system, I do hope that they’ll give us exciting comebacks from time to time. As a whole, I liked the entire album, but especially the title track “Ridin'”, and really enjoyed “7 Days” and “Puzzle Piece”. Also, Renjun and Chenle really looked great this comeback!

TOO’s 1st Mini-Album “Reason for Being: Benevolence”

As “Road to Kingdom” has officially started, I decided to also get to know TOO as well as I already know the rest of the groups on the show, and I wasn’t disappointed at all. This mini album was really good, and I was pleasantly surprised by it. I really enjoyed “Magnolia” and “Don’t Fear Now”.  I am looking forward to getting to know them a little bit more in the future as well. 

Cravity’s 1st  Mini-Album “Hideout: Remember Who We Are-Season 1”

I wasn’t really going to check Cravity, but decided to check them out after it was suggested to me. And I have to say that this debut album is just amazing! I don’t know the members yet, and I haven’t seen any of their live performances yet, so I’m judging the album based on the music, and I loved every single song on the album, to the point that I’m very close to actually ordering it for myself. I thought that the songs gave them a very distinct flavor, and were just in general, my type. I’m really looking forward to getting to know them more and to see what they’ll come up with next. This is actually my first time listening to anything from Starship Entertainment, and I’m wondering how different this group is from Monsta X. Does anyone know? (Let me know in the comments below!)

May Comebacks:

Day 6’s 6th Mini Album: The Book of Us: The Demon

I really have a soft spot for bands. Aside from Day 6, some other bands I follow include FT Island, Onewe and N.Flying. I’ve been a fan of Day 6’s for quite some time now, and was just waiting for the right time to get into them. Now that they are making a comeback, I’m planning on getting to know them more, and I’m most definitely going to be buying their upcoming album at some point.

Onewe’s upcoming album “One”

There is no date yet for Onewe’s upcoming album, but I am just so excited for them to be dropping an actual physical album, since they’ve only been giving us digital albums ever since they officially re-debuted last year. I cannot wait to see what music they put in their album, and I know that it won’t disappoint. I’m definitely going to be pre-ordering their album as well.

NCT 127’s 2nd Album Repack “Neo Zone: The Final Round”

I’m definitely going to be getting this one as well. At this point, I have pretty much fallen into the rabbit hole that is NCT, and I don’t mind it one bit. “Kick It” was a fun song, although not my favorite from them, and I can’t wait to see what the news songs on the repack will be like. 

Baekhyun’s Upcoming Album 

I know that EXO’s Baekhyun will be releasing an album in May as well. I’m excited to hear new music from him, but I’m not sure yet if I’ll be ordering his album. I did, however, enjoy “UN Village” a lot. 

Now, on to the haul!

1.Gfriend’s 8th Mini-Album “Labyrinth”

Gfriend’s latest album, “Labyrinth”, came out last February 3, 2020. I’ve actually had this album since March, but was only able to post in this haul. The version that I got was the “Crossroads” version, but I’m planning on getting the “Room” and “Twisted” versions sometime this year. 

From start to finish, this was a solid album. As it’s more of a winter album, it did sound more sentimental than Fever Season, but I felt that there was a certain maturity in the songs as compared to “Time for the Moon Night”. This was also a milestone album as it was their first release since Source Music was acquired by Big Hit. 

Over time I ended up loving all the songs, but at first listen, I think my favorites were “Labyrinth”, “Here We Are”, “Crossroads” and “Dreamcatcher”. 

As you can see, I was lucky enough to pull two SinB cards from the album I got (she’s my second bias), and I think that these are my favorite SinB photocards to date.

For some reason, when it comes to pop up album inserts, I usually end up getting Eunha. I really don’t mind, but I’ll be trading this for a Yuju or SinB counterpart in the future. 

I love outdoor concepts, which is why I bought this version first, at it didn’t disappoint at all! The girls looked great, and it seemed as if they were conveying emotions of being pensive and reflective. It also came with a marchen, a mini book which basically had a little story in it with illustrations. The story in it mirrored the prologue narration that was released before the “Crossroads” music video came out, meaning that we kind of have our official explanation now of the premise behind the storyline of all of their music videos now. 

Before we end, here’s a list of things that I have incoming, and the items I’ve pre-ordered/ordered, as well.

Waiting to be Shipped: 

1. Stray Kids Lightstick

2. Infinite ver. 2 Lightstick

3. The Boyz’s 1st Album “Reveal” Boy ver.

4. Pentagon’s 1st Album “Universe: The Black Hall” Upside ver.

Pre-Ordered/Ordered/To Be Shipped:

1.Infinite’s 5th Mini Album “Reality” normal ver.

2.NCT 127’s 2nd Album “NeoZone” T ver.

3.Stray Kids’ “Mixtape” Pre-Debut Album

4.Oh My Girl’s 7th Mini-Album “Non-Stop” Quest ver.

5. NCT Dream Mini Album “Reload” Ridin’ & Rollin’ ver.  

6. The Boyz Europe Tour 2019 Photobook [All Area Access]

‘Till the next haul!

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