The Kat’s Kpop Experience Presents: Open the Rolling Hall #1 (Onewe, W24 & D.Coy)

Lately, there have been a lot of different offerings when it comes to online concerts- free streaming concerts that are either official (like BTS’ Bang Bang Con) or fan created ones, past concerts that are available on VLive (usually paid in the VLive+ options), and upcoming paid concerts online (such as the Beyond Live concerts on VLive). With all these new choices of watching a concert online, I wasn’t sure which one I was going to choose. However, as soon as I saw that RBW Entertainment’s Onewe would be performing on Rollinghall’s VLive+ event, entitled “Open the Rollinghall #1”, on May 2, 2020 at 7PM, KST, I decided to check it out. Also, I know that Onewe has performed at Rollinghall before, and I really did want to watch any of their concerts if ever there were online versions.

Image Source: Rolling Hall Facebook Page

It’s no secret that I have a soft spot for bands, and Onewe is a band that has been on my radar since last year. Recently, I got more into them as I’m also getting more into their brother group, Oneus, as well, and I have been eagerly waiting for their full album since last year. In anticipation of that, I decided that it would be worth my money to purchase a ticket for this VLive+ event, and it was worth every cent. The entire show lasted for around three hours, with each band playing a set of more than thirty minutes each.

Image Source: Rolling Hall Facebook Page

D.Coy, a newly debuted band from Rolling Culture One performed first, followed by JARMY Entertainment’s W24 (they debuted in 2018), and the entire show was capped off by Onewe.

Image Source: Rolling Hall Facebook Page

I found it very interesting that Rollinghall, a theater venue, decided to hold online concerts like this, and ones that featured more indie artists, so to speak. I also decided to watch it as I thought it would be a nice change of pace from the usual Kpop fare I usually watch, and it was definitely one that I needed. In fact, this reminded me of those days when I was younger when indie Filipino bands would be invited to play at school fairs or in the gym of your village, and you’d just go and watch them for free, and just have a good time.

For this one, I decided to watch the concert n a room my family usually uses to watch movies on the big screen, projected it on a blank wall, and hooked up my laptop to a good bluetooth speaker so that I could get a great “concert-like” experience.

Image Source: Rolling Hall Facebook Page

The entire set-up was simple- they played music videos of the bands before their sets, and while the band members were tuning up their instruments, and then they played their sets on stage. Due to current circumstances, there were no audience members present, but I think that D.Coy and W24 also stayed on and acted as Onewe’s audience as they performed last. Also, the live chat was very active, and the bands also read and answered comments when they took short breaks in between songs, and some even wrote fanchants on the chat as well. It also became a good opportunity for others to learn about the other bands as well, and all the three fandoms were interacting in the chat. I personally decided to keep an eye out on D.Coy, and I think that I have started to become a fan of W24 as well.

The English subtitles were done simultaneously, although there were some sentences that weren’t translated, at least international fans were able to understand what the band members were saying.

D.Coy performing their set.

I was actually a little bit late to the show, as I was only able to start watching the concert a few minutes late, so I missed the first few bits of D.Coy’s performance. I think I missed the first three to four songs. Based on the set list on Rollinghall’s Facebook page, the group performed a mix of covers and their own newly release songs such as “Come to Light” and “Color Magic”. I wasn’t able to see them perform “Come to Light”, but I was happy to see them perform “Color Magic”.

They looked a little bit nervous at first during the talk portion and when they were replying to comments, but that’s normal, as they had just debuted and as they were the very first act to open up the entire series.

I did enjoy their performances very much, and I will definitely keep an eye out for them in the future.

W24 having fun performing their set.

Before W24 performed, they played some their music videos including “Solfamiredo”, which was released last year. Among the music videos of theirs that they played, this one caught my attention. Not only was it a cute and fun song, I really liked that the entire thing was being shot within the confines of a car with all of them in it.

I’m not sure what their surprise songs were, but I have a feeling that W24 only sang their own songs, instead of a mix of covers and their own songs. I really like their sound and their songs, and among those, I really enjoyed “Under the Tree”. The group had a very laid back and fun vibe to them, and I was blown away by Howon’s singing voice. I think that I’ll have a lot of fun getting to really know this group in the future!

Howon owning the stage with his awesome vocals.

I also loved how at ease they were during the talk portion, and at a certain point it seemed like they were just having fun doing their own little talk show, and even they mentioned that as well.

After W24’s set was over, they started to play Onewe’s music videos. They played “Reminiscence for All”, “Ring on My Ear”, and “Regulus”.

Onewe performing their set

I wasn’t surprised at all that they started their set of with their arrangement of the Chainsmokers’ “Closer”, as they usually perform it at concerts, and I never get tired of hearing their arrangement and watching them perform it. They mostly played their songs, including “Feeling Good”, “Ring on My Ear”, and their latest song, “Q”, among others. They also played “Actor”, another song that they play a lot during concerts but never had an official release. (Can it please be in the full album?) They also had two surprise songs, like the other bands. For them, I think that the first surprise song was their own arrangement of (G)-Idle’s “Oh My God” (please correct me if I’m wrong), and for their final song, they performed “Regulus”.

Aside from answering comments, Yonghoon and CyA talked about what inspired them to write songs such as “Ring on My Ear” and “Feeling Good”. They also mentioned the upcoming album, but unfortunately did not drop any spoilers, except that the album is very precious to them. They also kept on teasing Dongmyeong as he has apparently been working out recently, and he also got tanner. Yonghoon, in particular, kept on teasing him about it. Dongmyeong also showed off his new black keytar, which seems to be much more upgraded than his last one.

Talk time for Onewe!

As they were the last to perform, they did experience some minor technical difficulties, such as having to have the batteries in the microphones replaced, and Yonghoon also requested for a straighter mic stand as he was having a hard time with the mic stand that was a bit bent.

After everything, they decided to treat the fans with an encore performance- a band version of Oneus’ “Crazy & Crazy”, which was mostly produced by CyA. (Oneus’ RAVN and Leedo also helped with the lyrics).

Open the Rollinghall #1 was a surprising treat as it allowed me to see Onewe in concert, and got me to discover other Korean bands as well. I hope that there will more events like this in the future, in which we also get to watch performances from more indie groups; and I hope that this will also be the start of me getting to know more K-Indie bands!

Do you have any recommendations for other K-Indie bands I can get into? Let me know in the comments below!

Image Source/s: Rolling Hall Facebook Page, VLive


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