Update: The Kat’s Cafe’s YouTube Channel-Now Open!

Hello everyone! Kitin a.k.a. The Kat here, and today, I have some interesting news to share with you guys.

As the title already says, I have officially opened The Kat’s Cafe’s YouTube today, and I kicked it off with a little teaser trailer of the things that you can expect to see here.

I have been working on this little project of mine for quite some time, so I’m really happy, excited and nervous to share this news with you guys.

That being said, there will be a few changes here, especially with regards to my Monthly Kpop Haul Posts.

The main reason I decided to open up my channel is because I wanted to share my Haul Posts with all of you in a better way. I do love writing about them, but I think that it would be better in video format. Also, this will give me the opportunity to make other fun content such as unboxings and collection videos.

I will be promoting all of those videos here as well, and I’ll be putting up my May 2020 Kpop Haul Post this Friday as well, but you will also see it here as well.

I hope that you guys will enjoy these video haul posts, and the upcoming videos I’ll be posting here as much as you enjoyed my written monthly Kpop Hauls here.

See you all on Friday as I’ll be posting two new videos then!

-Kitin a.k.a. The Kat

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