The Monthly Kpop Haul #12

Hello everyone! How have you all been doing? I know I’m VERY late for my May 2020 Haul post, but I promise you, it’ll be worth the wait.

This post is actually a pretty historic one for this site as this will mark the very first Kpop Haul post that I filmed, edited, and posted on YouTube!

Aside from the haul itself, I also talked about the May comebacks that I enjoyed, the June comebacks I’ve been looking forward to, and my collection plans and goals- basically the same stuff I write about in my haul posts. I got pretty chatty in the video, so I also added some handy dandy timestamps for easier navigation.

That being said, I’ll leave you to the video itself, and I really hope that you guys will enjoy these new haul posts, and my new channel as well, as much as you enjoyed reading the haul posts here.

‘Til the next haul post!

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