The Kat Cafe’s Unboxings: Stray Kids’ Lightstick

When the Stray Kids Unlock Tour in Manila was announced, I knew that I wanted to attend it as I knew that watching Stray Kids live would definitely be an awesome experience.

However, due to the circumstances that are happening now, the concert was moved to June 20, 2020, and is now postponed, with a later date to be announced by the organizers. To be honest, I don’t think anyone will be holding any physical concerts anytime soon, which is also why I’m glad that lately, companies have found an alternative way-online concerts.

In any case, because of the concert, I decided to get myself their lightstick or the nachimbong, and even though I won’t be able to use it yet at an actual concert, I’m very glad that it is part of my lightstick collection, and I’ll probably use it during their online events such as showcases.

‘Til the next unboxing!

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