The Kat’s Cafe’s Unboxings: Pentagon’s WE:TH (Seen & Unseen Ver.)

Finally, but just in time for the November 29 concert, here’s my unboxing of both versions of Pentagon’s latest album-WE:TH. This is a very special album as its title song, Daisy, helped them get their very first music show win since they debuted four years ago! I got these from Makestar & MyMusicTaste, as I was trying to get into a fansign video call, but unfortunately, didn’t get in. However, there’ll always be a next time!

I’m also quite grateful that, as a new Universe, I was able to experience them promoting before Hui enlists. I know that it’ll feel different experiencing all nine members promoting at the same time, but I’ll patiently wait until all of their enlistments are over!

Hope you enjoy the video!

‘Til the next unboxing!


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