The Kat’s Kpop Collection: November 2020 Haul

Haven’t done a monthly haul post  in a long while!

I’m so glad that I was able to have some time to piece all of this together! Grab your popcorn as this is a pretty long-ish video!

Until the next haul!

3 thoughts on “The Kat’s Kpop Collection: November 2020 Haul

  1. Gosh, you do collect a lot of stuff! 🙂

    Kpop albums are now too expencive for me to buy in any sort of numbers, so I only get those I really, really want. Not many of those either. Last month I finally received A.C.E’s latest, which I had pre-ordered in September, ha. I had to go through so many hoops to get it. In couple of weeks I’ll be able to get GOT7’s “Breath of love: Last Piece”, which I can actually buy here. Wonders never cease. 😀

    By the way, would you be interested in few photocards of groups you don’t necessarily collect? Maybe you could exhange them for some that you want. I don’t have any use for them and they’ll probably end in a bin at some point when I go on a cleaning spree, ha.

    1. I’m so sorry if I haven’t been so active in the comments, December was a REALLY busy month. I’d like to think that I don’t collect a lot yet, but I have downsized already! I just discovered ACE! I love their music, would love to collect them, but I do understand that some of their older ones are out of print? Yeah, shipping’s really not fun, I have to wait for AGES to get something if I get it via an online shop. I’m so glad you can buy GOT7’s album, and I’m writing this comment on the day they announced that they are leaving. (I spent yesterday in an emotional state as I just became an Ahgase last month.)
      Also, sure! I’d be interested in any photocards and I can definitely exchange it for groups I do collect. 😀 Shoot me an email at so we can talk about shipping and stuff. 😀

      1. Oh, no worres. December tends to be a busy month everywhere.

        A.C.E is great! They are all exellent dancers and great vocalists, even the rappers. You should check out their covers @ YT, wonderful renditions and harmonies to die for. 😀 They’ve only released one full album and 3 extended plays so far and I believe the first three are already out of print as they were limited editions. Their albums tend to be that way, so you more or less have to grab ’em as they come out.

        I’ll email you about the photocards at some point. 🙂

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