Updates: Goodbye 2020, Hello 2021!



Hello everyone and welcome to a brand new year! 2020 was a strange year to be living in, and I hope that everyone has been staying healthy and safe. However, despite everything, I’m grateful for 2020 as it challenged me in a lot of ways, and there were a lot of changes that happened on this blog as well. However, as we are starting a brand new year, I’m very hopeful about things, and I do have a lot of things planned that I hope you’ll all be excited about as well.

Also, I’d like to say thank you for helping me reach more than two hundred followers, and I would like to apologize for not being so responsive in the comments section. Life, work, chores and starting my YouTube channel kept me very busy, but I do hope that I’ll be having a more balanced life in 2021, and I’ll be able to be more responsive in the comments section as well.

My biggest goal for this year is to be able to still give you guys Kpop offerings, while going back to reviewing movies, TV shows & dramas. I did a couple of Kdrama reviews in 2020, but I really didn’t know what to do about movies since no one can actually watch in movie theaters. I also ended up watching a lot of stuff with my family for enjoyment, which, I also think, did me a lot of good. I never actually took a break from reviewing things for that long before, and I’m ready to get back into it!

So, without further ado, here are the things that you all can look forward to from The Kat’s Cafe in 2021!

The Kat’s Cafe’s Unboxings- Most of my content this year, ever since I opened my YouTube channel has been this. I’ll still continue to post these unboxings, and you can expect at least two new unboxings every week. I’ve been having a lot of fun doing this, and I’m also constantly looking for ways on how I can improve as a YouTuber and an unboxer, so always feel free to leave comments on how I can improve!

The Kat’s Kpop Collections- These video posts will be less frequent as compared to the unboxings, as these will focus more on the bigger picture of my collections. Videos of these sort will include Photocard Collection videos and Shelf Tours.

The Monthly Kpop Round-Up- I really enjoyed writing my Kpop Haul posts before I started my YouTube, especially as I talked about the comebacks I liked the previous month and what I was looking forward to in the coming month. So, I have decided to turn these posts into Monthly Kpop Round Up posts, but it’ll be more focused on talking about the comebacks and debuts I enjoyed and am looking forward to.

The Kat’s Kpop Experience- I’m not going to lie, I did attend a whole bunch of online fanmeetings and concerts last year, but wasn’t sure how to translate it into a blog post as your really not supposed to take screenshots of the actual event. So, what I’m going to do is that I will try to supplement my narrative with official photos if I can find them, but I still want to be able to share my Kpop experiences with you.

The Kat Reads- I have not really been able to read at all or hit any of my reading goals for a couple of years now to the point that its downright embarrassing. So, this year, I decided to have a more modest reading goal- 10 fiction books, and 5 non-fiction books. I’ve decided to start with all the unread books on my book shelf, and there are a couple of Star Wars books coming our way this year that I’m very interested in as well! As soon as I’m done with a book, regardless of whether it be fiction or non-fiction, I’ll be posting a review of it here!

The Kat’s Cosplay Chronicles- Going to cons are currently out of the question, and I know that there are some online cons, but I’m going to do this cosplaying project just purely for myself. It’s been my biggest goal to cosplay as one of my favorite Star Wars characters of all time, Ahsoka Tano, and I’m hoping to be able to actually accomplish building this costume this year. I know that it’s going to take months, but I’m excited to have it as one of my biggest creative projects this year, as I really did miss cosplaying a lot!

TV Reviews- One of the things that I missed doing was actually reviewing TV shows, and most especially, Kdramas! Also, I can’t believe that I missed out on almost a whole year of Kdramas because I got too busy watching Kpop content! However, I am really excited to check out some 2020 Kdramas I’ve heard about, and I can’t wait to watch older Kdramas that have been on my watch list for a long time as well. I’ll also try to review some Western Shows once in a while as well.

Movie Reviews- This one will be a bit tricky, as most of the newly released movies I have access to are the ones released by Netflix. However, I do plan to watch older movies that I haven’t seen yet and review them, instead of waiting for new releases all the time.

Spotlight On…..- This is something I’ve been wanting to do for quite some time, especially with Korean actors and actresses. The plan for this was to watch the filmography of a particular actor or actress I like, review their movies and dramas, and come up with a special feature article that traces their evolution as an actor. One actor that I’d like to do this for is Lee Jong Suk, but feel free to leave suggestions in the comments section below!

My Year in Review-I’d like to continue doing this one. In 2019, I think, I did a 2018 in review, and listed down all the shows and movies I watched that year. While I can’t do a TV Show/Movie edition of it, I’ll be making a Kpop version of it, and I’ll be posting my 2020 version of it very very soon! Next year though, I do hope to be able to do a Kpop version and a Movie/TV Show edition of this!

So, for 2021, I’ll be definitely making my own full comeback as a blogger, and I’m so excited to be delivering more diverse content to you this year and I’m really excited about it!

If you have any suggestions for Kdramas, Western Shows, Movies, actors and actresses I should be writing about this year, let me know in the comments below! I promise I’ll be more active in the comments section this year!

Cheers to 2021!



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