The Kat’s Kpop Experience Presents: 2021 Kim Myung Soo Ontact Fanmeeting-Remember Us

As many fans of male Kpop groups and male actors can attest to, there is one thing that we dread the most, although we do know that it’s something that must be done by every Korean male citizen- mandatory military enlistment. It is pretty hard to say goodbye to those we are so accustomed to seeing almost daily, especially as they will be gone for around one to two years. In Kpop group Infinite’s case, us Inspirits only had one more person to say goodbye to, but in a sense, mixed in with sadness was also a little bit of happiness, because as this was the last person to enlist, once he’s done, fans can start hoping for a full group comeback again, if it is possible. In this case, Infinite’s L or Kim Myung Soo managed to give his fans two sweet gifts before he enlisted in the marines on February 22, 2021, a digital single which came with it’s own physical album and music video, and an online fanmeeting that happened thanks to My Music Taste on February 20, 2021.

This was actually the second time I’ve attended a fanmeeting of his, as I did attend his fanmeeting in Manila last January 12, 2021. While the experience of the first fanmeeting was a very interactive and intimate one; this fanmeeting was also more intimate in the sense that it felt like we were reviewing, as he said, the first chapter of his career, and celebrating it with him. Aside from this, it felt more intimate as us fans got to learn more new things about him as well.

Image Source: My Music Taste Facebook Page

The entire fanmeeting had more talking portions than performance portions, and that was fine, as his first fanmeeting went the same way as well.

Before the entire thing, Myung Soo explained the meaning of the title “Remember Us”. He said that he wanted to make good memories and that the US actually stands for you and the s stands for his name, in particular, the “Soo” in Myung Soo.

The first segment of the fanmeeting was entitle Myung Soo’s archive, and it saw us and him reviewing fan favorite characters of his. The MC tried to make his guess what the fans’ top three favorite characters were, but he just kept on insisting on Im Ba Reun from “Miss Hammurabi”. That character did come out as fans’ number one pick, with the third favorite being Sung Yi Gyeom from “Secret Royal Inspector”, and the second being Kim Dan from “Angel’s Last Misson: Love”. He also mentioned that the character of Im Ba Reun is the most similar to himself at the moment, and they even got him to recreate the famous drunk scene and his love confession scene from “Miss Hammurabi”.

The second segment was entitled Myung Soo’s Favorites Awards, where we were shown pictures that he took of his favorite things. These included his favorite pajamas to wear at home, a pair of slippers that he’s been wearing for years now, his favorite seat when he rides the car, his favorite food, etc.

Afterwards came the segment called Myung Soo’s Fitness Test, especially given that it was no joke at all for him to have actually passed all the requirements to enlist in the marines (he also did so voluntarily). First up was a finger strength test using a mini arcade finger punch machine, then he had to use a toy bow and arrow set to knock down some stuffed animals, and he had to blow on this blow pipe toy to try to keep the ball up for twenty seconds. Later on, he insisted that it was actually really hard to keep it up for that long.

There was also a little bit of an intermission in which we were shown a video of him doing a tarot card reading for fun. He first asked about how us Inspirits would be without him, and then later on asked for a reading for his cat, Byul. He then ended up making a video message for Byul in the same video.

After a little bit of a costume change, he read and answered some comments and questions. After this was the segment that every Inspirit loved- Myung Soo’s Wishpoly. Here, he basically granted fans’ wishes, such as making a morning call for us, singing a few bars of a song, acting cute, singing Happy Birthday, and even doing a boyfriend role play scene. In a sense, all these little wishes that he granted, hopefully, can stay with us Inspirits and remind us of him throughout the duration of his service.

Image Source: My Music Taste Facebook Page

He then created a Time Capsule which contained three of his favorite pictures from the Myung Soo Favorites Awards; a letter in which he told fans his three main wishes for us to do while he’s away- to do our best in our current profession, to not get sick and stay healthy, and to watch dramas and videos of him when we miss him; and took some other pictures of the event using an Instax. While that went on, the staff played a surprise video that the fans made for him- a compilation of fans telling him that they’ll wait for him. He was very much surprised, and got a little teary eyed. He also took a picture of the wall of fans that submitted entries using an Instax. He put all of these into a mailbox on the set, with the hopes that he’ll open his “time capsule” again when he returns in August. He also mentioned that he filmed a lot of extra content as well that will be uploaded to his YouTube channel soon.

Aside from these segments he also performed a few songs. He performed “The Nights That I Miss You” from “Angel’s Last Mission: Love”, “Love You Like You” from “Shut Up Flower Boy Band”, and finally, as a grand finale, he performed his digital single, “Memory”.

All in all, Myung Soo’s fanmeeting was a very intimate gathering, and was a great way to send him off to do his mandatory military service, and I only wish him nothing but the best and I wish him luck as he proudly does his duty, even though we’ll have to wait for quite some time to see him again.

In the meantime, I purposely decided not to watch his other dramas yet, so that I can still see him on my screen as I wait for August 2022 to come.

Image Source: My Music Taste Facebook Page

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