The Kpop Monthly Roundup: February 2021

February was chockfull of big comebacks from small to big groups. I think that the most anticipated comeback was SHINee’s comeback as a full group, and the album they released was a bop! For me, there was plenty to look forward to, and February 24, I think, was the busiest day of the month with the comebacks of WEi and ONF, alongside the release of The Boyz’s Japanese music video “Breaking Dawn”, and a surprise drop by Pentagon’s Yeoone! Other pleasant surprises this month included a special music video from Golden Child, and a wonderful music video from GOT7 which was done entirely by them.

February 2021 Comebacks

CIX’s 4th Mini Album “Hello Chapter 0: Hello, Strange Dream” (Title Track: Cinema)

I am literally OBSESSED with “Cinema”, and even as early as now, I know that this song is most definitely my song of the year. I mean, I’ve heard this song around fifty times and I’m not sick of it yet. It may even go on my list of favorite kpop tracks of all time. It’s just such a feel good, bright song! CIX has never disappointed and this song and album are no exception! The entire album is so good, and is probably the brightest and lightest of all of their albums to date, which just shows that they can pull of these kinds of songs as well. “Stairway to Heaven”, their first full on ballad, is nothing short of beautiful!

Infinite’s Kim Myung Soo’s  1st Solo Single Album “Memory” (Title Track: Memory)

Not going to lie, I miss Myung Soo so much already. I’m so glad that he was able to release a physical album before he enlisted on February 22. No words can describe how proud I am of this man. Myung Soo has always had a wonderful warm, soft voice, and this song highlights it so much! I hope you serve well and stay safe! We are waiting for you!

Seventeen Jun’s 1st Single Album “Silent Boarding Gate” (Title Track: Silent Boarding Gate)

Every member of Seventeen is a multi-talented artist, but I kind of love the fact that Jun’s offering were two beautifully crafted ballad songs, which show us a very different side from the powerful dancer that we normally see on stage. Both “Crow” and “Silent Boarding Gate” were soft and beautiful, and I absolutely LOVE it when we get to hear Jun’s soft emotional voice in a ballad.

LUCY’s Single Album “Inside”  (Title Track: Hero)

I’m absolutely in LOVE with the music that LUCY produces and “Hero” is no exception. At first it may not seem that that the song goes with the space theme, but to be honest, when you watch the entire mv, it feels very much like an anime opening! I thought that this song was a cute feel good song that definitely puts a bright smile on my face whenever I watch the music video or hear the song.

GOT7’s “Encore” MV  

Completely filmed and directed by Mark, written by Jinyoung, I love that GOT7 released this to reassure us that no matter what, GOT7 is GOT7 forever. It was a very unexpected gift, but its one that we Ahgases needed a lot. We are so proud of their decisions and so proud of them as they are finally starting to do the things that they’ve always wanted to do as well. It was particularly touching that they added the cheers of Ahgase at the end. We will always be there for you, boys, GOT7 forever!

SHINee’s 7th Album “Don’t Call Me” (Title Track: Don’t Call Me)

To be honest, I wasn’t a big fan of “Don’t Call Me” when it first released, and I was disappointed that this was their title track, because it felt like an NCT or SuperM song. However, it’s grown on me after several performances and listens. However, I feel that the rest of the album minus this track is more in sync with SHINee’s sound and flavor. Don’t get me wrong, I’m really happy that they are back, and it’s actually my first time to see them in music shows and stuff, so its pretty exciting. The entire album is an absolute bop, and my favorite songs are “CODE”, “Marry You”, “Attention” and “Kind”.

Pentagon Yeoone’s “Begin Again”

Now THIS was a complete surprise that no one expected, but we are so glad that we got it. Yeoone’s warm and wonderful voice is highlighted here while serving up boyfriend barista vibes!

The Boyz’s “Breaking Dawn” Japanese MV

This one completely caught me by surprise as I had forgotten that The Boyz was going to drop the music video way ahead of the actual Japanese album. At first the outfits and the moves at the end reminded me of “The Stealer”, but after subsequent listens, it grew on me more. I think my favorite parts are the bridge parts. Also, THE HAIR COLORS. And Jacob has been angry since “The Stealer”, me thinks.

ONF’s 1st Full Album “MY: NAME” (Pre-Release Track: My Name Is; Title Track: Beautiful Beautiful)

ONF basically just went up and decided to make their own official helpful guide to ONF as a pre-release track, complete with official inside jokes, and that showcase each member’s unique charms and personalities. Hopefully, this MV will be the gateway for people to get to know more about them! E-tion’s lines are the most fun to sing out loud because it just rhymes together so well; but my personal favorite is MK’s because you can see his duality in his verses- from his unique singing tone, to his high tone rapping!

I am so proud of how far my boys have come, especially since after “Road to Kingdom”. I’m so happy that they were finally given their FIRST FULL ALBUM! Title track “Beautiful Beautiful”  is such a wonderfully unique and very ONF song that shows off their ON charms so well! I love that we also got to see a more futuristic city this time around, as we are so used to seeing more post-apocalyptic scenes in their music videos. The message of the song is great as well! “ByuByu” is another song I don’t mind listening to over and over again! Also, they finally won their very first music show win!

I like that they were able to give both the ON and OFF teams their own songs in the album. Each song is unique but still has a very ONF flavor. I think aside from “My Name Is” and “ByuByu”, my favorite songs are the dreamy “The Realist”, “Feedback”, and the ballad song “I.T.I.L.U.”

WEi’s 2nd Mini Album “Identity: Challenge” (Title Track: All or Nothing)

To be honest, when I first heard the title track,  I thought that “All or Nothing”  was too noisy for my taste. It has grown on me since then, but it isn’t my favorite track on the album. However, I do liked the fact that we got to see them dance powerfully on stage, especially Kim Dong Han!

“Diffuser” is more of my style though, and the rest of the album made for pretty solid listening too! I really like “Breathing”, though, and I hope that we can get a performance of that someday!

Golden Child’s “Breathe” MV

Golden Child decided to give us fans a very special gift by deciding to drop the volleyball themed music video for “Breathe” which of course gave us all “Haikyuu!” anime feels! Love the little drama set up that they gave us here, and kudos to the boys once again for their acting skills, especially Daeyeol, Y and Joochan! (I ended up learning something new because of this whole volleyball set up- Seungmin here is a libero, I never knew this term until now!)

Wonho’s 1st Mini Album Part 2 “Love Synonym: Right For Us” (Title Track: Lose)

As this was the second part to the first release I felt that the songs and the title tracks really meshed together and I’m happy with everything in the long run. I really did like the entire “Love Synonym” album as it was pretty easy listening for me. “Lose” is definitely darker than “Open Mind”, but it’s still really good! Also, this album does have a fan song- “WENEED”, and I love the play on words here as well.

Monsta X’s I.M.’s 1st Digital Mini Album “Duality” (Title Track: God Damn)

I wasn’t sure what to expect from I.M.’s solo digital mini album, but listening to all of the tracks, it is VERY VERY much him. This album is something that I can put on in the background when I’m doing chores, etc. However, “God Damn” is very raw, powerful, and full of emotion; and for some reason, it left me with a lingering feeling of sadness. However, I am very proud of I.M.!  I think my favorite track, however, would be “flower-ed”.

I also realized that I never got to check out NCT 127’s Loveholic, so I’ll be adding that for my March post as well.

It’s already the middle of March when I’m posting this, so I decided not to make a list for now the way I did with the January post. However, the ones I am anticipating are the comebacks of Verivery, ATEEZ, Drippin, Baekhyun, Ghost9, and Pentagon. I’m also looking forward to The Boyz’s 1st Japanese Full Album and Monsta X’s upcoming Japanese album.

What songs did you enjoy in February? What songs are you enjoying now in March and what are you still looking forward to?

2 thoughts on “The Kpop Monthly Roundup: February 2021

  1. ONF’s comeback was definitely my favorite. I’ve been pushing for a first win for a while now, so seeing them hold the trophy felt was a great feeling. And they’ve been doing super well digitally, which is a welcome surprise.

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