The Kpop Monthly Round Up- March 2021

March is already ending, and I am very late on posting this one, as I have been quite busy with both work and big personal things that came up. However, I’m finally caught up with all the March releases that I was looking forward to, so even though its late, here are all the Kpop releases I enjoyed this March 2021!

Ateez- “Zero.Fever: Part 2” Fireworks (I’m the One)

To be honest, out of all the participants in Kingdom, I was very eager to get to know Ateez, as they have been on my radar since early this year, and I am enjoying getting to know them a little bit through this competition. This album is a strong one! I loved the title track, “Fireworks”, but I loved “Take Me Home” even more! That song sounded very dreamy, and did remind me a lot of ONF’s “The Realist”.

Verivery: Series ‘O’ Round 1: Hall “Get Away

I’m not going to lie, I do have a soft spot for Verivery, but their last comeback wasn’t so much my cup of tea. However, “Get Away” is a much different story, and I really liked it! So for Verivery, I think their tracks might be hit or miss for me, but more often than not, its a hit. I also liked how this music video continues to expand on their existing storyline as well.

GOT7’s Jackson & Rain: “Magnetic”

Jackson Wang has been very busy what with his own song dropping in March and several great collabs as well. This one was an interesting collab, but it’s one that’s great, and made possible by the fact that they are both in Sublime Artist Agency! If you are in the mood for a smooth R&B track, this one will be right up your alley!

Pentagon’s 11the Mini Album: Love or Take “Do or Not”

This was the comeback I was the most looking forward to in March, but was pleasantly surprised to see that not only was Hui able to be featured in this music video before he enlisted, his voice is everywhere on the album, and he also gifted us with a solo song as well! However, as expected, only the seven remaining members performed and did the show guestings, and they did great! The album itself was really great and strong and I can’t wait for more music from them this year!

DRIPPIN’s 2nd Mini Album: A Better Tomorrow “Young Blood”

This comeback of Drippin’s solidified that this is definitely a rookie group that I am stan, and that despite everything, Woollim’s boy groups really are my main type, if that makes any sense. Basically whatever boy group Woollim comes up with, I will end up stanning. I think that Drippin are great performers and dancers, and this song and their stages show that! I also really like that their style of songs, at least for main title tracks, are quite different from the usual, and it looks like this might work as part of their signature sound.

The Boyz’s 1st Japanese Album: Breaking Dawn “Breaking Dawn”

I’m not going to lie, there were portions of this song that really reminded me of their other song, “The Stealer”; but there’s a lot that’s different as well, especially on subsequent listens. This was a good, strong performance song for The Boyz, who are consistently putting out content despite their busy schedule as Kingdom is currently airing. The album was great as well, and my favorite tracks would have to be “Prism”, “FLAG”, and “Closer”.

Jackson Wang: “Leave Me Loving You”

Jackson’s Leave Me Leaving You was something I didn’t know that I needed this March! I loved how hands on he was with the production of this music video! The cinematography is just gorgeous, and I love how it wonderfully blended with this retro type of song!

Kim Sunggyu’s 1st Single Album: Won’t Forget You “Hush”

I absolutely love Sunggyu’s music, and I love that his last collaboration with Woollim sounded like his earlier songs that I absolutely loved such as “The Answer”, “Kontrol”, etc. This felt like a warm hug from Infinite’s leader, and a slight assurance that he will always be there for Inspirits and Infinite. I cannot wait to hear news from him regarding his new agency and for more new music! I love Infinite so much and its members, I can’t wait to hear any news about any of them!

Baekhyun’s 3rd Mini Album: Bambi “Bambi”

Baekhyun’s albums are just wonderful and smooth, but “Bambi” is just full of R&B goodness, and its just so smooth! I think my favorite song on this album though, is “All I Got”, as I think that it really does a great job of highlighting his vocals. I know he’s supposed to enlist on May 6, so this will behis last solo release until he gets discharged. However, I think that this was a perfect “goodbye for now” album until he gets back! Serve well, Baekhyun, and stay safe!

Park Bom’s Single Album: Do re mi fa sol “Do re mi fa sol”

The solo releases of any 2NE1 member is always on my radar, and Park Bom is no exception. This track was a cute, nice, relaxing song that is definitely perfect for the springtime! Her vocals never fail to impress me, and I loved the music video with the different age ranges of the couples, from the children, to the elderly couple. I’m very very glad that Park Bom is very much active in the music industry.

And that’s everything that I had my eye on this March! What were your favorite Kpop releases in March 2021? Let me know in the comments below!

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