The Kpop Monthly Round Up- April 2021

Once again, this is a very very late post (I really need a better system for these posts), but finally my April 2021 round up is finally here! Here’s everything I enjoyed last April!

EXO’s Chanyeol: “Tomorrow

As of the moment of writing this, both Chanyeol and Baekhyun have enlisted, leaving only Kai and Sehun left to enlist for the group. This melancholic yet hopeful sounding song was definitely a bittersweet one, but it did nicely let us hear Chanyeol singing one last time before he enlisted.

Seventeen’s Hoshi- Spider

Hoshi is one of my favorite dancers in the Kpop scene. Not only is he the main dancer of Seventeen, and that he contributes a lot when it comes to their choreography, but him dancing along is just a force to be reckoned with. I absolutely loved everything about “Spider”. I thought the song suited him well, and I loved how they made good use of a simple prop to give that illusion of being caught up in a spider’s web. However, the dance practice version really showcases Hoshi’s dancing and choreography more!

StayC’s 2nd Mini Album: Staydom: ASAP

StayC is becoming a rookie girl group whose music I’m enjoying a lot! I loved their debut song and album, and I really liked “ASAP” as well. This single only had four songs, but I loved each one of them. I especially liked how “Love Fool” had a completely different vibe from “ASAP” and “So What”, and I would love to see them perform the remix version of “So Bad” one day. So far, StayC has been slaying it with their small discography, but I expect nothing less as their producers are Black Eyed Pilsung.

SHINee Repack Album: “Atlantis”

SHINee’s “Atlantis” definitely feels more like their older songs, and I love the harmonies that boys have. This was such a fun music video and song! I also absolutely loved the aesthetic of this music video, and Key’s vocals were just amazing! This repack album’s new songs included “Atlantis”, “Area”, and “Days & Years”. All these three tracks are just very SHINee! I love that “Area” is mostly sung in a very high octave for men, but they pull it off seamlessly; and “Days & Years” is a fun chill track to listen to!

Davichi: “Just Hug Me”

When I first started getting into Kpop around twelve years ago, Davichi was one of the groups that I absolutely loved because of their stellar vocals, and they still shine in that regard until today! This is why I chose to post the live clip version instead of the music video. They are absolute queens and I absolutely love their songs until today because aside from their songs being great, their power ballad style makes me just want to sing out loud! “Just Hug Me” is another great power ballad from them!

Seventeen’s The8: “Side by Side”

I really love that the Seventeen members are getting little individual projects like this to showcase their talents. “Side by Side” got to show a cuter, romantic yet smooth side of The 8, and I love that they also had a special video for it that was more of a performance video for the music video. The song suited The 8 well and I loved that little dance break he had that sounded more jazz like! I also loved that Jun, DK and Dino also popped up in the music video as special guests!

CIX’s 2nd Japanese Album: All For You “All For You”

CIX can do no wrong for me, and this Japanese release is no exception. I love the retro vibe and how their unique vocals sound so good in this style! It also feels like this concept is a natural extension from their “Cinema” era, with them taking on a cute and more youthful concept again. This single album was accompanied by the Japanese version of “Cinema”, as well as the wonderful “With You”, which sounded very healing. I’d really love to hear them sing this at a fanmeeting or at a concert!

Monsta X’s Flavors of Love

The Japanese releases from Kpop artists this month really became my happy pill at some point, and Monsta X’s “Flavors of Love” is no exception! I love how bright, poppy and cute this entire song and music video is. I love how warm it feels, and in a way, it was kind of healing and refreshing in a way. I also loved the part where they were reading notes from Japanese Monbebe. This music video was released way ahead of the actual album.

Day 6 7th Mini Album: The Book of Us: Negentropy- “You Make Me”

I love the whole Kdrama-esque feels of the music video! Once again, Day6 gives us another song and another great album! What I love about Day6 is that it feels like kpop and sometimes it doesn’t, but their songs always make me feel warm inside, and this album gives me exactly that!

P1Harmony’s 2nd Mini Album: Disharmony: Break Out “Scared”

P1Harmony is definitely a rookie group that I am definitely looking at, ever since they debuted last year. “Scared” was a good title track, but it doesn’t hit me the same way as their debut song “Siren”, but it’s still really good. However, the b-sides to this album are nothing short but stellar, as it has very strong hip hop and R&B vibes to it, which I love. For some odd reason, even though “End It” is also very hard hitting, I prefer that one over “Scared”. However, I do love that “Scared” has some old school hip hop instrumentation in it. Once again, another solid album from this rookie group.

Seventeen’s 3rd Japanese Single: “Hitori Jannai” (Not Alone)

I absolutely love how much Seventeen content this blog post has! I’ve always loved Seventeen’s Japanese releases and Hitori Janai is no exception! I also loved how this song’s concept was very close to home, as the concept was more about social distancing and quarantining. I liked how the song reminded us that yes, even though we are stuck at home, we are never alone, all we need to do is reach out to our friends and family. It’s such a wonderful warm and hopeful song. Also, I low key now want to go camping in my room like S.Coups did!

AB6IX’s 4th Mini Album: Mo’Complete: Have A Dream – “Close”

I’ve actually been following AB6IX’s music since they debuted, and they have never let me down, music wise, yet, and I don’t think they ever will. Mo’Complete feels like a redebut in a way but not, especially as “Close” had some parts in it that was clearly from their debut song “Breathe”. “Close” once again showed us that AB6IX owns the genre of deep house, and I loved all the visuals in the music video! The mini album was a good one, and I especially loved “A Long Winter”!

ONF’s 1st Repackage Album: City of ONF- “Ugly Dance”

I am so proud of my boys! They actually got themselves an album repack, and added three new songs- the title track “Ugly Dance”, My Genesis (Ubermensch), and The Dreamer. First off, ONF has never disappointed me in terms of their songs and title tracks and this was no exception! I love that Ugly Dance is connected to Beautiful Beautiful, and the fact that even though the entire MV was just them dancing in a room, I’ve never gotten bored, no matter how many times I’ve watched it! I know that the genre of this was funk and hip hop (I think), and it was just so good! There were moments in which it kind of sounded nostalgic in a way (I don’t know why though), and I love that it felt like they were celebrating their win from “Beautiful Beautiful”. Also, if you noticed, Ugly Dance was teased in the Beautiful Beautiful MV as it was on of the boys’ watches. It was also interesting as this mv was filmed by a robotic arm, which meant that the boys only had group dances and they had to wait for the robotic arm to save it before doing it again with a different outfit. I also loved that The Dreamer connects to The Realist, and My Genesis blended rock and jazz well together!

And that’s everything that I had my eye on last April! What were your favorite Kpop releases in April 2021? Let me know in the comments below!

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