The Kpop Monthly Round Up- May 2021

Once again, I’m a bit late, but here’s all the Kpop releases I enjoyed in May 2021!

Monsta X’s 3rd Japanese Album: Flavors of Love- “Flavors of Love”

You guys already know how I feel about “Flavors of Love”, so let’s talk about the other songs. Hearing songs such as “Follow”, “Fantasia” and “Love Killa” definitely hits differently in Japanese, so it was fun to hear them in a different way. I loved the b-sides even more- “RE:VERSE Day”, “Secret”, “Diamond Heart”- as it really had that Monsta X flavor. However, these harder tracks were nicely balanced out by “Neo Universe”, “Wish Upon the Same Sky” and “Flavors of Love”. Another great album from Monsta X!

Oneus’ 5th Mini Album :Binary Code- “Black Mirror”

I can’t believe that at this point, Oneus has actually released FIVE mini albums already. We need a win for this group soon! That aside, “Black Mirror” was a great addition to Oneus’ title tracks! I love how this group manages to pull off different concepts and different musical styles while still sounding very Oneus at the same time! I absolutely loved “Polarity”, “Connect with Us”, and especially that “Happy Birthday” song! However, the cherry on top of the cake for this album was definitely “Valkyrie (Rock Version). I’ve actually been stanning this group since their debut because “Valkyrie” was just such a great debut song, and the rock version just elevated it ten times more! Would LOVE to see that performed live on stage!

NCT Dream’s 1st Full Album:Hot Sauce- “Hot Sauce”

Confession, I thought that the title track “Hot Sauce” was fun, but I can’t listen to it that much, although it has grown on me quite a bit. However, I am over the moon that Dream has a full album out, and I really enjoyed the album. Most of these tracks really made me smile as it reminded me why this NCT unit is my favorite one. My favorite songs on this album include “Rocket”, “My Youth”, “Irreplaceable”, “ANL”, “Dive Into You”, and “Rainbow”! Can’t wait to see what Dream has in store for us in their upcoming repack album!

Oh My Girl’s 8th Mini Album: Dear OhMyGirl- Dun Dun Dance

Oh My Girl constantly produces music that I love, and whatever genre they tackle, it always still sounds very much like Oh My Girl. Same with this album! I absolutely loved “Dun Dun Dance”! It’s not the hit that “Nonstop” was, but its a fun retro-ish danceable summer song that makes you want to go to the beach with them! The rest of the album was amazing, and I absolutely loved “My Doll”, as it doesn’t really sound so much like a Kpop song.

Seventeen’s Jun’s- “Fall in Love” Lyric Video

This one was a complete surprise! I didn’t expect this to drop at all, but I don’t mind at all! As much as I love seeing Jun perform on stage, I also love it when his beautiful voice gets highlighted like this. Plus, the lyric video’s animation’s were really cute.

GOT7 Jay B’s: “Switch It Up”

It’s just so wonderful that we are getting lots of GOT7 content all the time! JayB’s single release “Switch It Up” really marks the start of a new chapter in his career, and we are definitely here for it! JayB’s single is definitely his style, more R&B, and it’s definitely a more mature song than he used to do. I’m just so happy that he’s now able to do the kind of music he wants to do!

Rocket Punch’s 1st Single Album: Ring Ring- “Ring Ring”

As Rocket Punch is from Woollim, I pay attention to all their groups’ new releases, including Rocket Punch. “Ring Ring” was definitely a very fun retro song, but somehow, I’ve been liking Rocket Punch’s b-sides more than the title tracks. “Ride” and “I Want U Bad” are definite bops!

fromis_9’s 2nd Single Album: 9 Way Ticket- “We Go”

I absolutely loved this MV! I thought it was really creative of them to do everything from the point of view of screens and photoshop. The single album includes three songs, namely “Airplane Mode”, “We Go”, and “Promise”. While “Promise” is a slower song, both “Airplane Mode” and “We Go” give fun, feel good summer vibes! fromis_9 has never disappointed me yet in terms of music, and this was no exception!

T01’s 1st Mini Album: Re:Born- “Son of Beast”

I am so happy that these boys finally released another album, especially what with the craziness that happened to them in terms of management and their most recent rebranding from TOO to TO1. What I love about this album is that it feels like an upgraded redebut- it’s still them, and the songs are still very much them, but with a more mature vibe than the vibe they had before. All the same, I’m always ready for new music from this group! I think my favorite songs from this album were “Son of Beast”, “With You”, “Surf” and “Hello Goodbye”.

Everglow’s Single Album: Last Melody- “First”

One thing that I love about Everglow is that their sound is so consistent and so them, and every single time they drop a new song, it’s always an awesome empowering bop, and yet, it hasn’t gotten old yet. I feel that not many people talk about Everglow that much although it is very much known that these girls are digital monsters. “First” is such a fun and powerful song, and they definitely did not skimp on the budget with that music video. So glad that the girls got a win for this song as well. Both b-sides on the album balance out “First” really well, while showcasing other sides of the girls.

Seventeen’s Wonwoo & Mingyu- “Bittersweet”

I didn’t expect that Mingyu and Wonwoo would be doing a unit song together, and I didn’t expect either that they would be getting the amazing LeeHi to feature in it as well! This combo is definitely a welcome one, and I’m very happy that they chose a song like this, and not a hiphop song. We know that they are both good rappers already, but this got to showcase their vocals as well. Also, I loved the way this whole mv was shot, and the story in this video really does leave you with very bittersweet feelings. Perfect to listen to on a gloomy, rainy day! I can’t wait to see the next project song that Seventeen will have!

Also, just for the fun of it, here’s Seventeen’s reaction to the music video!

And that’s everything I enjoyed in May! What were your favorite tracks and releases for May 2021? Let me know in the comments below!

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