The Kpop Monthly Round Up-June 2021

Once again, I’m a bit late, but here’s all the Kpop releases I enjoyed in June 2021! Don’t worry, the July one will come soon! 😀

Monsta X’s 9th Mini Album: One of A Kind- “Gambler”

For some reason, I had to listen to “Gambler” a few more times before it started to grow on me, but now, I really do like it! I loved the range in this album, and I liked that there were a lot of softer songs as well. “Bebe”, which is dedicated to the fans is cute, the Korean version of “Livin’ It Up” was amazing, and I think my favorite tracks would have to be “Addicted” and “Secrets”. All in all another solid album from the Monstas! They never have disappointed me! Plus, they looked so good in their suits in the “Gambler” music video!

EXO’s Special Album: Don’t Fight the Feeling- “Don’t Fight the Feeling”

While my first album, and technically my first actual EXO comeback was “Obsession”, this was my first comeback with my main bias, Xiumin, back in the picture; and, come to think of it, the very first one of mine in which Lay was actually in it. I didn’t know that I needed this so badly from them until I watched the MV, saw Xiumin’s face, and had little tears of joy in my eyes. “Don’t Fight the Feeling” is a really fun and catchy song, I love how bright it is. The rest of the mini-album is really strong, with EXO showcasing their vocal centric songs. I absolutely loved “Runaway”, and I love how calming “Just As Usual” sounds.

N.Flying’s 1st Full Album: Man on the Moon-“Moonshot”

I have a very soft spot for N.Flying, and I’m really happy that Dongsung ended up joining them as well. I am also so happy that they FINALLY released a full album, it was about time! The entire album was really great, and I especially loved “Moonshot”, “Fate”, and “Flashback”. I’m so glad that I discovered N.Flying as they are very much a hidden gem that just keeps on giving!

EPEX Debut 1st Mini Album: BIPOLAR Pt. 1- “Lock Down”

Okay, so I didn’t know much about Epex going in except for the fact that they are the younger brother group of CIX. I didn’t know what to expect regarding their sound, but I can see that this bunch of boys are very talented. They are good dancers, and I like that their sound and concept is very different from CIX. This groups sounds more hard-hitting, and reminds me of P1Harmony but not. I don’t know if their sound is going to evolve and change in the next album, but I’ve definitely got my eye on them!

WEi’s 3rd Mini Album: Identity: “Bye Bye Bye”

I’ve been keeping an eye out on this group, and while I wasn’t fond of their last title track, “All or Nothing”, I’ve been loving their music. “Bye Bye Bye” blew my expectations away as I really, really loved it, even more than their first title track to the point that the song has gotten stuck in my head. The rest of the mini is solid, and I especially loved “White Light” and “Ocean”. I think this group has a lot of potential and is a group I consider myself a fan of as of this era.

HOYA’s Digital Single Album: 1AM- “Stay With Me”

A lot of us Holys and Inspirits were waiting for this, and Hoya did not disappoint! I love the minimalistic “Stay With Me” that showcased Hoya’s awesome vocals. I also found it very interesting that he decided to showcase more of his vocals more than performance, this time around. “I Don’t Give A” was great as well, and would love to see him perform it. I can’t wait for more offerings from Hoya in the future!

GOT7 Yugyeom’s 1st Mini Album: Point of View: U- “I Want U Around (feat. DeVita)” & “All Your Fault (feat. Gray)

With this album and the promotions he had on music shows, all I can say is that I’m proud of Yugyeom. This album really reflects his style, and his voice is really suited for R&B! I really loved the song “All Your Fault” and I loved the cinematography in the MV as well. I also really loved “Falling in Love”, “Running Through the Rain”, and “When You Fall”! I can’t wait to see what more Yugyeom comes up with in the future.

GOT7 BamBam’s 1st Mini Album: riBBon- “riBBon”

Just like Yugyeom, I’m very proud of Bambam! I really loved his debut solo album and the fact that we got to see many sides of him through this album. “riBBon” is really catchy, light and fun! I also really liked “Look so Fine”, and I was pleasantly surprised with “Under the Sky”, as I didn’t expect Bambam to be giving us a ballad song at all, which he pulled off so well!

Onewe’s 1st Mini Album: Planet Nine: Alter Ego- “Rain to Be”

Onewe never disappoints when it comes to their material and this album was no exception. “Rain to Be” was nothing short of awesome, and it highlighted everyone well! I loved that we finally got to have “Logo” and “Aurora” as actual tracks on an album especially as fans have known these two songs for quite a while now. I also love how they do have a distinct sound that separates them from other Kbands, but at the same time, they are able to experiment a lot and have a lot of range in the tracks that they put out. Definitely a must listen for June!

LUCY’s 4th Single Album: Gatcha!- “I Got U”

As you can already probably tell, I have a soft spot for Kbands and Lucy is no exception. Also, Lucy never disappoints when it comes to their music, and while they do have a signature sound that you can tell its from them, the most Lucy-esque souding song, I think, in the album, was “Wonder”. “I Got You” was a fun song paired with a cute music video. “One by One” took me by surprise and is my clear fave in the album!

Seventeen’s 8th Mini Album: Your Choice- “Ready to Love”

“Ready to Love” is a catchy, fun, light and summer-ish bop and the music video was stunning. The entire album was fun with the performance unit having the song “Wave”, vocal unit had “Same Dream, Same Mind, Same Night”, and the hip hop unit had “GAM3 BO1”. I really really enjoyed “Heaven’s Cloud”, which I thought was just a beautiful song; and I absolutely loved “Anyone”, which the boys also performed recently. I was surprised at how much I loved “Wave”, but maybe its also because I do love the deep house genre, and “Wave” kind of reminded me of it. All in all, a must listen for everyone, and all fans of Seventeen.

Also, just for the fun of it, here’s Seventeen’s reaction to the music video!

A.C.E.’s 5th Mini Album: Siren: Dawn- “Higher”

Okay, at this point, it’s safe to say that this is the era that I’m truly going to say that A.C.E. is one of the groups that I listen to now. I love their discography, none of their songs has ever disappointed me and “Higher” was nothing short of a masterpiece! Pentagon’s Kino also helped out in this album as he helped compose “Atlantis”, which, after listening to it, is a very Kino track indeed! This mini album was so good!

Loona’s 4th Mini Album: [&]- “Paint the Town”

I’m only a casual listener of Loona, but I really do enjoy their music. I really liked “Paint the Town”, and liked that they experimented a lot with this song. This was a very fierce song, and I loved watching them perform this on music shows. The rest of the album was an interesting surprise as I didn’t expect it to veer straight away from the “PTT” vibe, but it was refreshing. I loved the Broadway-like “WOW”, was pleasantly surprised with the all English track “Dance on My Own”, and absolutely got emotional (even though I’m not an Orbit) with the ballad-like “A Different Night”. So far, Loona hasn’t disappointed me with their discography yet!

2PM’s 7th Mini Album: MUST- “Make It”

It’s been around three years now since I’ve been a Hottest, and I am very very excited to be witnessing my very first full group 2PM comeback. I really liked “Make It”! It didn’t exactly feel like “My House”, but an upgrade of it? I have no idea if that makes any sense. I also really liked the songs “On My Way” and “The Cafe”. I love how this album feels more grown up and it also feels like a natural progression from their last album and the success that came from “My House”. I also loved that although these were all new songs, it felt like 2PM and it did feel like it still had some 2nd Gen Kpop vibes without the songs feeling outdated at all! I’m so happy to be a Hottest!

NCT Dream’s 1st Album Repackage: Hello Future”

From the colorful MV to the song itself, I fell in love with “Hello Future”! The song sounds so hopeful, and the pre-chorus and chorus just gave me goosebumps and just sucked me into it right away! The other two songs that they added were “Bungee” and “Life Is Still Going On”. All these three new tracks, I really loved! I must admit I felt a little bit overwhelmed with them dropping a repack right after the “Hot Sauce” promotions, but with me now being less pressured to buy their stuff right away, I was able to fully appreciate and have fun with these new additions and the “Hello Future” promotional cycle!

Drippin’s 1st Single Album: Free Pass- “Free Pass”

“Free Pass” was such a cute yet refreshing song that’s perfect for summer. “Wish” is also another track that’s perfect for summer, but when I heard it, I immediately thought about road trips and going to the beach, which I sorely miss! “Stay” was another track on the single, but it was a little bit more sentimental, and it was nice that they put this song in the middle of the two brighter songs. Definitely a fun listen!

And that’s everything I enjoyed in June! What were your favorite tracks and releases for May 2021? Let me know in the comments below!

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