The Kpop Monthly Round Up-July 2021

As August is finally here, let’s take a moment to take a look at the Kpop releases I enjoyed last month. There wasn’t too much for me in July, which was fine, because money-wise, it helped me save a little bit as everything is dropping now (in August). However, I very much enjoyed releases by SF9, Ateez & EXO’s D.O. in July!

SF9’s 9th Mini Album : Turn Over- “Tear Drop”

As their first comeback after Kingdom, it was a great one! It reminded me of “Good Guy” but they definitely showed a different side to them. This comeback felt like they took the lessons they got from Kingdom-that they can experiment and showcase something interesting and new but with their own color, like what they did with their rendition of Taemin’s “Move”. “Believer”, which was their finale song on Kingdom was also here, and was a very strong one as well. “Love Again” was a slower paced song that allowed their vocals to shine, while the other songs are solid SF9 songs. I’m also so proud of how far they’ve come!

Minzy’s 3rd Single Album: Man on the Moon-“Te Amo”

As a Blackjack, I was super happy to hear that Minzy was releasing a new song, and she actually really promoted it on music shows! It was so good to see her performing on stage again! The song is definitely catchy, and I loved hearing her vocals here! Can’t wait for the moment she releases a full physical album!

EXO D.O.’s Solo Debut 1st Mini Album: – “Empathy”

D.O.’s Rose MV is just so cute, I can’t help but smile. I’ve always known that D.O. has a great voice, but unlike Baekhyun’s, D.O.’s vocals are warm and soothing. All of the songs are warm, and I love that his voice is perfect for the acoustic guitar! These are definitely songs that I’d want to sing to as well. I was surprised at how good his English was in the English version of “Rose”, and his Spanish in “Si Fueras Mia” was amazing. A solid album from one of the greatest vocalists in Kpop today.

ATEEZ’s 1st Japanese Single Album: Dreamers: “Dreamers”

I’ve been stanning Ateez because of their music since late last year, and I got to know them a little bit more (minus Mingi) during their stint on Kingdom, and I’m proud to say that I do stan this group now (music wise). They consistently release great music and this one is no exception. This single is nothing but stunning, throughout all the three tracks!

These are the releases I had my eye on in July! What were your favorite releases in July, and what are you looking forward to in August? Let me know in the comments below!

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