Welcome to The Kat’s Cafe-  an entertainment cafe that serves you fresh reviews of movies, pop-culture, tv shows, books and more!

This blog was started years ago , as I wanted to write review about my favorite Asian Dramas. Since then, it has undergone several changes, and is a place where I not only review dramas, movies, and books; but where I fangirl as well.

Here’s  what you can find on this site:

Movie Reviews: I love watching movies, whether it be a new release, an old favorite, or a an old must see movie that I have never seen before. Western Movies contain reviews of movies from the west that are animated and live action; and Asian Movies contain reviews of movies originating in Asia, both live action and animated.

TV Show Reviews: Once again, this is divided into Western and Asian TV Shows, and both contain live action and animated shows. As with my movie reviews, any tv show, animated or not that originated in the west falls under Western TV Shows, and the same goes for Asian TV Shows. So, for example, “RWBY” and “Avatar: The Last Airbender” will fall under Western TV Shows, while “Fullmetal Alchemist” will be under Asian TV Shows. These also include TV Specials of particular shows.

Book Reviews: These contain reviews of everything that has to do with the written word. These include manga/webtoons/manhwa, comic books and books. I also put in audio books in this category, along with audio dramas and plays.

Fandom: This section contains everything that has to do with fandom. Here, you will find my quick guides to particular fandoms; character guides involving characters from a particular tv show or book series; my attempts at cosplay; and my experiences attending various conventions and fan events during the year.

Features & Editorials: Over the years, I have written many different kinds of articles for this blog and for other online publications. Here, you will find The Kat’s Cafe Exclusives, which are news or interviews that I am exclusively giving out; critical analysis and reaction articles; the occasional top 10 list; a mid-year and end of the year round-up articles; and a new section called “Spotlight On….” in which I focus on the works of a particular director, creator or artist.

The Archive: The Archive is your one stop shop to go to in order to see a more organized list of everything I have reviewed so far, the challenges I am taking part in for the year, and a list of things that I do want to review in the future.

About the Caffeinated Kat

The Caffeinated Kat is a freelance writer & social media manager who loves to watch movies, tv shows, and is a very avid reader of anything she can get her hands on that she ends up liking. She loves fantasy, science fiction, the superhero genre, anything that allows you tell a story from movies to web series, anime, manga, and Asian Dramas and Film. She is an aspiring film and tv critic, and hopes to come up with stories of her own that she can share to the world one day.

She has an eclectic taste in music, ranging from jazz to atmospheric rock, loves collecting soundtracks of movies and tv shows, and listens to a variety of Asian music.

She also is a beginner in cosplaying, and hopes to be able to cosplay more as the years go by, while improving in it all the time.

5 thoughts on “About

  1. wow, I read your reviews,more interesting and want to see more of your blog, can you review these drama also
    City Hunter
    My Id is Gangnam Beauty
    Dream High
    crash Landing
    Hotel Del Luna

    1. My apologies for the late reply! Thank you for the kind words! I’ve been figuring out what drama to watch next, I’ll definitely be doing MY ID is Gangnam Beauty and Hotel del Luna soon! Feel free to request drama reviews from me in the future too! Thank you!

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