The Kat Cafe’s Unboxings: Stray Kids’ Lightstick

When the Stray Kids Unlock Tour in Manila was announced, I knew that I wanted to attend it as I knew that watching Stray Kids live would definitely be an awesome experience. However, due to the circumstances that are happening now, the concert was moved to June 20, 2020, and is now postponed, with a later date to be announced by the organizers. To be … Continue reading The Kat Cafe’s Unboxings: Stray Kids’ Lightstick

My Year in Review: 2018 Movie Edition

I normally watch more tv shows than movies, but I am very happy that I was able to watch a variety of different kinds of movies in 2018. I was able to watch movies that were released in 2018 and older, to Asian films. I also was able to watch more Filipino films than before, and was able to catch four of them during particular … Continue reading My Year in Review: 2018 Movie Edition

Movie Review: Searching (Spoilers!)

The found footage concept has been done over and over again in many different genres. Because of this, it was interesting to see how this concept was revitalized in “Searching”, a thriller by director Aneesh Chaganty that transfers the video cam found footage concept to the laptop screen, keeping viewers engaged and invested in this story all the way until the end. “Searching” was first screened at the … Continue reading Movie Review: Searching (Spoilers!)

TV Review: Suits (Korea) (Spoilers!)

Aside from original offerings and ideas, there have been a lot of remakes of American and British television shows hitting kdramaland as of late. Among those is the Korean version of the American television show “Suits”, which aired under the same title and ran for sixteen episodes on KBS. Now, many things can go wrong with a remake, and of course, they have to do … Continue reading TV Review: Suits (Korea) (Spoilers!)

Movie Review: Ready Player One (Spoilers!)

As soon as Ernest Cline’s novel, “Ready Player One”, was released in 2011, it flew off the shelves almost instantly, especially as it hit the sweet spot of ’80s nostalgia before “Stranger Things” came along. As soon as it was announced that there would be a movie adaptation of it, many waited in eager anticipation as there was so much that could be done with … Continue reading Movie Review: Ready Player One (Spoilers!)

EXCLUSIVE: 13th Annual Soompi Awards Now Open For Voting

Once again, it’s that time of year in which fans of Korean Pop Music (K-Pop) and Korean Dramas (K-Dramas) show their love and support for their favorite groups, idols, actors, actresses and dramas, as the 13th Annual Soompi Awards is now officially open for voting! Honoring the best in Korean television and music. The 13th Annual #SoompiAwards have officially begun! ▶ VOTE NOW: … Continue reading EXCLUSIVE: 13th Annual Soompi Awards Now Open For Voting